View Full Version : The Dissonance of Right Wing Xtians

25th July 2011, 21:59
I was just watching a guy from the EDL on Newsnight talking about the recent unpleasantness in Norway. Once again I was reminded of the cognitive dissonance you find in these types of people.

Their argument is that Islam is a dangerous force from overseas that wants to take us over. These people claim Christianity as their main religion.

If you went back in time to a few hundred years before old Mo was born you'd find the original Brettons/Celts/Scandinavians saying the exact same thing about Christianity. It was a foreign religion brought here with the threat of death and torture for those who didn't convert.

Why can they not see the irony of what they're saying?

Is anyone up for starting the Bretton Defence League and taking us back to a Panthiest way of life following Celtic law?

The monotheistic Abrahamic religions are the anti-christ in my opinion. I would be happy to see all three removed from our shores, in both the old and new worlds.

25th July 2011, 23:38
I watched the interview as well. I found it strange. Most of what Paxman had to say was based on supposition and rumour. I'm quite suspicious about the whole Norway shooting incident and how it is reported. Sympathy to the families of the lost ones of course. I just can't understand why it is that someone that hates muslims would choose to shoot mostly non-muslims.

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