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1st June 2010, 17:23
I remember reading about these 2 monks when they started their journey, and at the time, I could not understand why they would have to do this. Now, I do.

I feel some people are trying to hard to become enlightened, when in fact, they do not quite even understand what enlightened means. If they understood, they would not require others to teach them how.

This is a very enlightening story, which has reminded me of the very basic ideals. What you put out to others, you shall receive, and these guys are a true example of that.

"Forget the harvest. As much as you seek, that's how much you'll be obstructed. Don't seek Enlightenment. Just bow.

Three steps and a bow. That's how they walked it. Two monks on a pilgrimage of peace that took them through a series of wide-ranging encounters and extraordinary experiences -- within and without.

In May of 1977 Heng Sure and Heng Ch'au started their unique journey from downtown L.A. to the City of Ten Thousand Buddhas in Talamage near Ukiah.
A journey of more than 800 miles that took two years and nine months to complete. They bowed in peace, and for peace. Touching their foreheads to the ground, opening their hearts with one wish for the world. Peace. For everyone, everyday, everywhere.

Three steps ... and a bow.

More than 20 years later, they sit in a living room amidst a small gathering. And for the first time since that journey ended, they speak of it together, sharing the stories and the wisdom, the joys and the frustrations. What shines through is a compassion and humility beyond words."


in love & light

1st June 2010, 17:35
Hmm nice story at that link..but not the one from the monks

1st June 2010, 17:44
Hi Celine, thanks for the tip, I was bookmarking both stories, the link has been fixed. :o

1st June 2010, 17:48
There is another one that is from Alan Watts, he says that life is like a musical piece, if we were meant to rush to the end composers will only write endings

Here is the clip http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?2478-Allan-Watts-Who-Am-I-and-other-enlightening-works&p=22458&viewfull=1#post22458

1st June 2010, 18:03
The desire for enlightenment and Ascension for that matter must be surrendered.
All that is left is the prayer "How may I serve you beloved God?"
Im trying not to try smiling.


1st June 2010, 19:02
Great thread title, so true.

Thanks Rosie:peace:

Said also by Eckhart Tolle




1st June 2010, 21:23
There are so many paradoxes in spirituality.
In essence we already are pure pristine untouched by the vicissitudes of life.
How ever we live in Maya and have fallen under the spell of illusion.
When all ignorance is removed that which we are shines forth.

There is, in a personal life, not everyone has it yet, an intention to be enlightened there is a subtle difference between desire and intention.
The soul hears of enlightenment and is attracted to it because that is the souls destiny in this life time or the next.

The search begins, Higher self brings into the life of the aspirant, teachers and events to burn of past karma and remove ignorance.
To begin with the spiritual ego thinks it is going to be enlightened, bit by bit this falls away, all belief systems, all positionality, must go, all ignorance surrendered, all desires, including the desire for enlightenment is surrendered.

There is no personal prayer left, Only "Beloved God how my I serve you" remains.
Humility and devotion to Truth which is God is essential.

The intention is to die the death of the ego for the benefit of your fellow man.
Only by the grace of God can enlightenment occur but the commitment of the aspirant is essential.
There is the realization that no person, no me is enlightened, it is an entirely different state, the me is replaced, self is replaced by Self.
When enlightenment occurs the Cosmos rejoices, the energy flowing through the enlightened state raises the consciousness of millions of people.
The caterpillar becomes the butterfly free of all restraints and bondage.

The teaching of Eckhart is simple and true in that the illusionary ego cant stand the NOW, it needs time to exist.
That teaching is slightly miss-leading giving an impression that nothing need be done to some of the readers.
If it was that easy we would all be enlightened.
Try staying in the present moment for any length of time.

Enlightenment is becoming easier though because of the change of energy.
One other way is to make a commitment to be kind to all life including your own no matter what.
There are levels of enlightenment and the state can mature after initial happening.
Enlightenment leads one to higher celestial realms when one leaves this earth to continue the journey home.

Hope this is helpful
Enlightenment is not yet the path of many though.

Love Chris

2nd June 2010, 07:56
Ramana said.

"You use a thorn to remove a thorn then both are thrown away."
Similarly the mind is used to remove the mind. (Advaita) then oneness - non-duality is what you are.
There is a lot of evidence of this way of being, anecdotal may be,l but I believe those who say they are permanently in that state. Similarly I believe there are U.F.O.s though I have never seen one.
I believe Eckhart Tolle and was fortunate enough to have a personal conversation with him over breakfast when he was at Findhorn.

We have freedom of choice to believe or disbelieve.
My world is the better for believing in a God of Love as expressed in the earliest spiritual writings the Vedas and Upanisheds right through Krishna, the Buddha, Jesus and present day spiritual teachers. Are they right? Are they speaking with integrity? I believe so.

2nd June 2010, 11:46
It is my understanding that there are different levels of enlightenment.

It is my belief that Eckhart speaks from a lower level than Hawkins.
He, Eckhart, presents in a very user friendly way and his path does not require the devotion and frankly hard work that the higher path of Hawkins requires.
That does not take from Eckhart's work which leads to a level of enlightenment that I believe is available to many in this life time.

This is a Caveat from the front of Dr David Hawkins book "The Eye of the I"

The traditional religionist or the spiritually timid are forewarned that the material herein presented may be disturbing
and are therefore better bypassed.
The teachings are presented for the seriously committed spiritual student who is seeking God as Enlightenment
the path to enlightenment via radical truth is demanding and requires surrender of belief system. Only then does the ultimate reality reveal itself as the sought after I of the Supreme.
the material presented herein is from the perspective of the Eye of the I.

I think when you have read the Caveat it points to the different levels that both valid teachings are at.