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26th July 2011, 16:08
Anyone ever make any correlations with the Harry Potter movies and some of your personal conspiracy information?
How's this for you.

Harry Potter is part of a secret society divided into two main school's of thought.
1. That the secret society should use mankind as a resource and dispense with them in whatever whimsical manner is deemed appropriate.
2. That mankind, though inferior, should be allowed to live mostly unmolested, but ignorant of the truth that a methodologically superior race exists, subtly ruling them.

The aspect of this society that cruelly wants to use mankind as a resource is represented by Slithering house, the snake.
The aspect of this society that wants to allow mankind to live mostly unmolested and ignorant is represented by the order of the phoenix which is based in the house of Sirius Black.

I find it exceedingly curious that this slithering house would be the Orion galactic empire of Robert Morning Sky's Terra Papers (http://www.thelivingmoon.com/47john_lear/08PDF_Files/The_Terra_Papers_Parts_1_and_2.pdf)(liked to free PDF). Further more Orion is represented by the pyramid complex at Giza. Robert Morning Sky who received this information via an actual living breathing 3d alien that talked to his grandfather after being rescued and hidden from the government by a southwestern native American Indian tribe.

Via this communication it is stated that a vast race of reptilians who constitute the ruling caste of the Orion empire sent their foot soldiers to procure and defend this solar system and base their operation on earth. This group of foot soldiers was said to be a humanoid mammal much like our self, but descended from a wolf like ancestor.

The Sirians.
The Sirians infused some of their own genetics into the earth primate and created human beings.
In the movie the character who's house the order of the Phoenix are based in his name isn't just Sirius but Sirius Black, indicating which star of the binary star system these beings are from, Sirius B.

Sirius even has the ability to turn into a wolf like dog at will.
I'll stop with that for now. If anyone responds and decides to inter into a dialogue about this subject I'm more than willing to entertain other observations and or expand upon this one.

26th July 2011, 16:38
Pretty cool observations - would like to hear more.

Darla Ken Pearce
26th July 2011, 16:49
One of the great things about Harry Potter is that so much of the story mirrors our own world and lives today. Yes, it's wrapped in some magic but teaches many things. For instance compare the light of Dumbeldore with the extreme darkness of the "One who can't be named." So like the Powers that Were. There is the same intolerance of "Muggles" and plain folks by others gifted with "Magical" abilities. There is great hope here, however, in the large ways it veers off from the oldest duality colors; black vs. white, dark vs. light and offers up a rich array of multi-colors into the mix. Such as magical folks who love muggles and assist them in receiving knowledge of magic, so they can be magical too. There are so many aspects and shades of the rainbow to see and absorb in this tapestry. It's hard to know where to start.

Thanks for this thread DNA and the attachment which I haven't had a chance to read yet. There are many whole worlds within this one to discuss ~ as we enlarge our world and comprehend it better. xoxox

26th July 2011, 16:59
The Harry Potter series are entirely from the point of view of those who resist such insidious and draconian tendencies. In the second book, when Harry realises he has so much in common with the enemy he has good reason to hate so much, Dumbledore says to him "It is our choices, not our abilities, that show who we truly are." I could never imagine that the Harry Potter books are anything less than the demonstration of the ultimate triumph of good over evil and of love over hatred.

26th July 2011, 17:42
Slytherin aren't the 'darkside' the Death Eaters are. The founder of Slytherin House is pretty much their prophet and their house within Hogwarts is kind of like a politically acceptable front. I suppose it's a bit like Sinn Fein and the IRA.
The death eaters themselves seem to be based on the Kermetic Order of Aset Ka. They also have the dark mark on their wrist that identifies them although only other members can see it. They're based in Portugal where J K Rowling worked as a teacher. Perhaps she heard about them while she was there.

The books themselves are full of symbolism and references to real magic and mythical beings. What I find really strange is the way she depicts Elves. In other books like LOTR you see them as 'above' human but in HP they're more akin to trolls.

Have you ever worked out how many pupils are in each year group? It's a remarkably small number.

I think worlds like Harry Potter, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings are chosen because they contain all of the legends and elements of 'the others' or 'tptb/tptw' so they can be read to their own children but given a different interpretation.

26th July 2011, 20:51
I personally think that magic and higher technology are indistinguishable to those who are ignorant of their applications and existence.

That being said I wouldn't find it hard to believe that a race of half breed aliens, left as caretakers of a sort would have such technology.

Technology to walk through walls, read minds, cause physical paralysis to name just a few.
I always try to think of galactic empires in the same way as described in Frank Herbert's Dune books.
Which is saying I would think of them pretty much the same way they operated in Medieval times.
Different houses of power rule over varying areas of land and answer to a single monarchy.
I find it interesting that the Potter books have four houses listed in the school, and that these four houses engage in tactical competitiveness with one another that begins with sporting events and point tallies but extends beyond the school in terms of loyalty and allegiance when those students are grown.

I personally believe this planet has been visited and ruled by varying extraterrestrial cultures ever since before we we're created via the infusion of DNA into our primate for fathers.
Anyone ever read William Bramley's "Eden of the Gods"?
In it, Bramley states that UFO's and aliens have caused many of the wars and calamities of mankind. Further he states that many of the really huge epidemics could probably be laid at the feet of extraterrestrials.

Bramley states that in the times of the Black Plague that swept Europe in the middle ages, folks reported seeing hooded figures with a large mist spewing instrument, and that these mists would become fogs of death. Bramely states these figures always hid their face in large black cloaks, and that the mist spewing instrument resembled a scythe, and that these sightings were the basis for what we now call the grim reaper.
Fogs of death were often reported before the onset of an epidemic in these times according to Bramley.

I see the correlation here with Harry Potter's death eaters. Who always cloak themselves in black hooded robes and obscure their faces. These death eaters of slithering house if emissaries of the Orion empire may have found it necessary to occasionally trim the human population in order to keep it manageable for their small numbers.

I also see the correlation with how the death eaters travel in the form of a black noxious smoke.
In the Lacerta interview a conversation with a reptilian, the being states that although she is a terrestrial reptilian, not of the Orion empire, but an evolved species here on earth. She states that her kind have reported seven genocides upon humans by the aliens who created us, this is done each time they introduce a genetically altered version of us they don’t want corrupted by prior stock.

The Truth Is In There
27th July 2011, 09:06
i believe authors are getting inspiration and knowledge from the collective unconscious (besides "normal" means like research). no reason to think they're in contact with or part of the illuminati just because certain things in their books fit what we believe to know about the true history of humanity. just take all the dystopian literature that popped up during the last decade. no doubt it's because the nwo is in the minds of many people these days and we slowly see many of these dystopian ideas being implemented.

27th July 2011, 09:38
Oh I just love Harry Potter. The Grandkids and I are going to the latest one this Saturday.

27th July 2011, 09:41
The epic struggle between good and evil. Does it exist? Should it exist? Does it need to exist? However one answers those questions for himself will reflect upon the similiarities that he feels able to recognize in any fiction ... as long as it is decent enough written anyway. To take something that feels so "basic" as the ongoing battle of "good vs evil" and port it in a semi-realistic theme combined with literally a glimmer of magic is basically the cornerstone of all fantasy themed writings.

Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Babylon 5, Star Wars etc. are basically all about the same thing and it seems that many feel drawn to that kind of "legends". Myself included.


27th July 2011, 16:52
Again, I’m not the first one to think that the earth is a owned commodity in an extraterrestrial owned farm so to speak. Charles Forte in his 1919 “book of the damned” agreed very much with what Robert Morning Star states.

In the below excerpt Charles Forte says that not only is the earth owned, but the only reason that academics, politicians and institutions could be so complicit in the cover up, is if indeed there are agents of the aliens, provocateurs so to speak, on earth doing the alien’s bidding.

I suspect that, after all, we're useful—that among
contesting claimants, adjustment has occurred, or that
something now has a legal right to us, by force, or by
having paid out analogues of beads for us to former,
more primitive, owners of us—that all of this has been
known, perhaps for ages, to certain ones upon this
earth, a cult or order, members of which function like
bellwethers to the rest of us, or as superior slaves or
overseers, directing us in accordance with instructions
received—from Somewhere else—in our mysterious

This is the main analogy with the Harry Potter movies, that these agents are symbolized by secret societies and their use of superior abilities.

This is most evidenced when I look back on the Smithsonian and how it traveled to and fro covering up well documented finds of giant skeletons and links to prior high culture traces, like the Grand Canyon cave of artifacts found in 1909.

Time and time again, the Smithsonian swooped in, absorbed the artifacts covered up the dig site and then claimed to have no knowledge of the dig site and or to have lost all of the artifacts.

27th July 2011, 16:55
i believe authors are getting inspiration and knowledge from the collective unconscious (besides "normal" means like research). no reason to think they're in contact with or part of the illuminati just because certain things in their books fit what we believe to know about the true history of humanity. just take all the dystopian literature that popped up during the last decade. no doubt it's because the nwo is in the minds of many people these days and we slowly see many of these dystopian ideas being implemented.

I absolutely agree that this kind of information could be streaming through the collective unconscious, no doubt.
Funny though, JK Rowling has stated that after she is done writing sometimes she will go back and read what she has written and it has scared her.