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28th July 2011, 08:58
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I think this video says it all. The Inuits know more about the sun and stars than anybody because they use them everyday for navigation, hunting etc. If anybody would notice something different then they would!

Watch this video. I have noticed in Florida that the sun seems to be setting much too far North right now. This exactly matches up with the Eskimos are saying. They are saying the sun is higher in the sky for them and that's why it's staying up longer. This should NOT be happening unless something is happening to the tilt of the Earth to make the Sun appear in a different spot.

I'm seeing reports from all over about the Sun and Moon being in the wrong place both based on people's observations and when compared to computer program models.




28th July 2011, 09:37
This has been posted before, most of the replies by people here stated they did not believe the sun had moved, and that it rises and sets at the same spot as it did last year. I'll take the inuit opinion over that though, after the Japanese earthquake the earth is spinning faster, so off course throwing one thing out of tune, will affect another.

It's a strange thing for sure.

28th July 2011, 13:25
Thanks Viking..........I would not have a clue on the suns settings other than rising in the east and setting in the west ....These people are far more connected to their enviroment...If they are saying something is not right I would tend to follow there instincts...Cheers Steve.

28th July 2011, 16:29
This does not look like a hoax video. That means the Eskimos may well be right. They are the first ones to observe the pole shift.

Times have changed, we can't trust the governments, the institutions, the professionals, because they are not telling the truth. Now is the time we must trust our instincts, the farmers, the indigenous people, our own eyes... because they don't lie.

28th July 2011, 16:33
there is at minimum 2 other threads with the same topic, same videos

28th July 2011, 17:18
there is at minimum 2 other threads with the same topic, same videos

Perhaps it may be because it's really important and relevant, and it needs to get people's attention and into mass conciousness, The time is NOW!!!

28th July 2011, 17:55
Last summer, I had the feeling the sun was setting further north in Minneapolis, Minnesota. From my kitchen window, I noticed the sun had never passed to one side of the panel before. I talked to my wife and kids about it but they didn't notice that. Maybe old age is finally setting in. :(

28th July 2011, 18:04
The subtitles say that the sun rises in the same spot but sets in a different spot. If the sun's arc remained constant (ie distance travelled is the same) and the earth's axis changed then both the sunrise and the sunset would be altered by an equal amount, surely?

I can't explain this but I have a feeling that the subtitles on that video have been changed and the people are talking about something else entirely. Just a feeling.

28th July 2011, 22:31
I have seen no changes here, however the lighting at night is very different now. The background lighting will occasionally become brighter with no moon in sight, very curious. So reporting from the 39th parallel in Nevada, no changes in sun position, E --> W same general setting spots. It seems to me that the setting positions are more exaggerated in near the poles however, so I am not discounting the Inuit fishermen.

28th July 2011, 22:35
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