View Full Version : UFO over DFW changing direction at high speeds.

28th July 2011, 17:13
This was captured last night on the DFW cams. Here is the youtube video and msnbc link. Check out the trajectory of this object and how fast it is going... amazing!



28th July 2011, 17:23
So this is actual live footage? Well, looks like somebody missed a turn-off. Very nice catch.


28th July 2011, 17:28
Looks like a fly darting down then up.

13th Warrior
28th July 2011, 17:33
This is most likely footage of two separate meteorites.

28th July 2011, 21:22
The slowed down video is indicating that it is the same single object. It goes down, nearly disappears...move to our right, near the horizon....then back up again, and off to our right top of image.

Fly in the foreground or actual distant object? Who knows. We'd have to go and see what is in front of that camera. To see the lighting and if a foreground object, like a bug... may have flown in said foreground and been highlighted.

Even though I've seen a dumbbell sprayer from up close, a few thousand feet over my head and seen the chemtrail(ish) hanging spray stay in the air for hours..and had the '747ish' fliers (chemtrail sprayers) ALSO be in the area at the same time..I still use caution in all analysis.

I saw BOTH versions that you see here in this page.


I saw the 747'ish' planes that emit a chemtrail pattern, that does not look lie contrails at all, and I saw a 'decloaked' dumbbell sprayer, UP CLOSE. no more than a 3000-4000 feet above me. Those things are huge.

So it is not a matter of them existing or not, for me... it is whether it was a real sighting or not.