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Poly Hedra
2nd June 2010, 12:44
Just watched the news.
A man is walking around the West Country Cumbria shooting people. At least 3 people dead and more injured.
People are told to stay indoors as he is still at large.

I hope they find him soon

Whenever I hear about anything like this I just think of Duncan O Finioan.

Poly Hedra
2nd June 2010, 13:36
They have found the gunman. He shot himself. 11 people dead.

2nd June 2010, 13:46
Jeeeeze...just found this...

Officers said the corpse, believed to be that of self-employed taxi driver Derrick Bird, 52, was found in a wood in Boot, in Eskdale, Cumbria.

A force spokesman said: "Police have seized a gun from the scene and are now working to formally confirm the identity of the deceased and the number of people injured or dead."

At least four people are believed to have been shot dead.

Deputy Chief Constable Stuart Hyde, speaking in Duke Street, Whitehaven, where a victim's body was found, said: "I can confirm that we've found a body in a wooded area near Boot which we believe to be Mr Bird, together with a firearm.


3rd June 2010, 12:41
Were all starting to witness outragious acts of violence, from the stabbings of children in china, to this incident, to the inhumane treatment of animals . It is really up to us to hold this together as we are going to go thru many changes emotionally as the earth changes/ magnetics are taking place. A real important helpful suggestion is when you feel a great deal of anxiety building , stay away from the news all together. Concentrate on some simple things to do til you feel more at a calm. Just some suggestions as there are many people on the edge and don't understand anything about the shift at all thus they have no idea why they are feeling the way they are. Just my take and yes focus on light from within to project to others.

3rd June 2010, 12:52
My heart goes out to the people in Cumbria and all of the UK. This type of violence is unusual and I think Pyrangello's words are wise. People are "losing it" because they didn't know the energy shift was coming, or they don't know how to deal with it even if they do know. In general the news is so disheartening. Maybe turn off the telly and rest for a while, or go outdoors and take a walk. We need to support each other as we each have our "meltdown." Again, my thoughts are with you all in your shock and grief, and I am sorry to hear that this type of terrorism had to surface again in your country. Peace.

3rd June 2010, 14:44
May peace find its way to all souls affected by this recent horror.

yes...many "odd" killings lately..

in canada a couple years ago..on a bus traveling across the country... a guy , cut off a stragers head, and started eating the toungue etc...

IMHO , i believe ..the level of insanity, in the clinicaly insane, rises ..when the level of anxiety in society goes up

3rd June 2010, 15:41
This really tragic:(

Praying for all invovled.



Humble Janitor
4th June 2010, 04:43
It's important to keep your cool in times such as these.

There will always be times where people lose all control over their urges and commit ghastly crimes. The good news is that not everyone will.