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1st August 2011, 22:40
I am a little late with this but I only just heard that Brian O'Leary passed away (on July 28th). I was lucky enough to meet him at the Zurich Conference a few years ago and he impressed me with his presentation on great research which I'm sure most of you are familiar with and also his musical skills on piano. He made a great contribution during his time on this planet so I wanted to make a thread in memory of him.

RIP Brian O'Leary


etheric underground
2nd August 2011, 02:05
Good effort IndigoStar. I honour your decision to post this..
His contributions wont be in vain and Im sure he will be instrumental
in pursuing the same passion on the other side... We can only hope.
Thankyou Brian and my light and commiserations to the O'leary family.

2nd August 2011, 02:42
I am sad to hear the news! God bless you Brian and may he give your friends and family peace. I never met Brian but I emailed him this spring concerning some items he mentioned around Intention and meditation. I was amazed when he took the time to personally email me back. Maybe, we just struck a chord. But, I was so pleased he took the time to write me. Someone he never met! I put his retreat on my to do list and now I will have to share words with him on another plain. Brian, take care until we meet!



Richard S.
2nd August 2011, 14:37
I saw a conference with Dr. Brian O'Leary once, I was impressed by this great person, his calm, his demeanor. He showed me that unconditionnal love exists, and how to apply it. Thank you Dr. O'Leary for your presence and your ways, you will be missed by all.

2nd August 2011, 14:50
sorry it happened :( tragedy for some.. but how did it happen and was there any deathbed information passed along?