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3rd August 2011, 03:27
With all the talk of recent events all around the world, I would like to hear where you all get your news from? I seldom, if ever, watch any local news on TV. I am ever cautious in trusting any of the major news organizations and do my best to stay away from all their negative energy. I do tend to get most from the internet, but again one needs to exercise restraint in doing so. I tend to go with instinct as much as possible. So how about you? Your thoughts?

3rd August 2011, 03:35
I'm addicted to this blog http://thecomingcrisis.blogspot.com/

3rd August 2011, 03:51
searches are where a majority of my stories are found, you very seldom see me quote the same source twice, I find more new stuff here at Avalon than anywhere else...

3rd August 2011, 05:50
I am connected to a network of very aware people. We stay in touch through email, SKYPE, and telepathy. Because all of us are extremely aware, we all attract information and are able to filter it for truth. There is lots of info, but filtering out the lies from the truth takes focused awareness. My consciousness network keeps me informed, and I do the same for them.

3rd August 2011, 07:10
The important thing is to read as many different perspectives of the same issue as possible. Yes, this takes an awful lot of time but it is the only way you get the whole picture. So I tend to focus on those subjects that interest me most which means a lot of topics get only a cursory glance. I do read some mainstream media and watch Newsnight on the BBC which is quite hard hitting. All this is heavily supplemented by internet sites such as Truthout, Project Censored, SOTT and of course Avalon. One has to be very discerning. It is necessary to be informed but you don't want to be inundated with bad news as it can really pull you down.

3rd August 2011, 07:48
Forgot to mention another excellent site - if you have the time to watch videos - which is well worth signing up for: brasschecktv.com and its partners forbiddenknowledgetv.com and realecontv.com


3rd August 2011, 08:13
KTlight brings me news every day keep up the good work KTLight.


3rd August 2011, 09:01
This forum is a fantastic source for news and an important filter. If you find a news story that interests you but are unsure about it, post it here and you will soon find out if it holds water. There are people from all walks of life. Our friends here will also force us to look at the information from a different point of veiw.

Lord Sidious
3rd August 2011, 09:08