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The One
4th August 2011, 20:13

Thanks to the drought, which is causing lakes to dry up in Texas, authorities in Nacogdoches have uncovered what may be a part of the space shuttle Columbia in Lake Nacogdoches.

"The lower water level has exposed a larger than normal area on the northern side of the lake," said NPD Sgt. Greg Sowell. "A large round object became visible, and it is very possible that it is part of Columbia."

Officials with the Nacogdoches police took pictures of the object, described as being 4-feet in diameter and full of mud, and sent them off to NASA.

Columbia broke-up on re-entry over North Texas in February 2003, killing seven astronauts and leaving a trail of debris from North Texas to Louisiana.

"We want to remind everyone that the rules are the same as they were back in 2003. If this object is indeed a part of the shuttle, it is government property, and it is a criminal offense to tamper with it," Sowell said.

Nacogdoches authorities are awaiting instructions from NASA on recovery of the item


4th August 2011, 20:23
All right...part of Columbia...Ok....IŽll pretend I believe.

4th August 2011, 22:24

Maybe something like this?

5th August 2011, 11:43
Back to the OP, we need to keep track of this, anyone got any ideas how? anyone local to the Nacogdoches area?

5th August 2011, 13:09
looks like an egg, alien egg:confused:

The One
5th August 2011, 14:37
looks like an egg, alien egg:confused:

Can you be more specific have you seen these before if so can you share what you know ,

5th August 2011, 14:54
Am trying to think of what part of a space shuttle would have the same shape?..... also what man made object would retain its circular shape after hitting a lake at 9.81 m/s2 on impact ....

5th August 2011, 15:10
sounds like nasa doe,nt know what it is.
hence keep off.
thenwhen they figure out what it is ,do you actually believe they are going to tell us.

looks like weather ballons to me;)

5th August 2011, 15:17
I just wonder how some people can be so stupid! If I had found an object like this, I would just take it to my garage and study it. I would never call the police or any other governmental institution....

5th August 2011, 16:12
There may be something very important involving this situation.

I had a fully blown precognition of this Columbia crash event as a 'witness' to it back in....1990.

5th August 2011, 16:20
Did the video also say they have found similar objects in Russia?

5th August 2011, 16:38
It appears that this may be a cryogenic hydrogen (H2) tank from Columbia's Power Reactant Storage and Distribution (PRSD) system.

Here's a photo of the tanks that were recovered as of one year after the accident as photographed inside the Vehicle Assembly Building archive.


love & light :peace:

26th February 2014, 17:53
Thank you rosie.

NASA Kennedy Space Center video release

26th February 2014, 18:32
Thank you rosie.

NASA Kennedy Space Center video release

Hi Buares- I am curious why you are resurrecting ALL of these old threads that contain the exact same topic?? This one is #5. I am assuming all of them will eventually be merged into one.

26th February 2014, 18:46
Hi Sidney.

A recent thread (Fake Snow?) made me wonder what was really falling from the sky and I found this thread: Blue spheres fall from the sky (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?39493-Blue-spheres-fall-from-the-sky&p=413262&viewfull=1#post413262) and also many other threads talking about mysterious spheres falling from the sky and I found out these were parts of satellites (space debris) so I'm letting the posters who may not be aware of the true nature of these strange falling spheres. Who knows, maybe one of them is actually a real UFO !

I too hope a number of threads will be merged into one.

26th February 2014, 20:09
Is it just me or does it look like the ball with the hole in it has been pushed from inside to out....