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5th August 2011, 03:48
Not trying to start a ****storm by any means.....let us discuss this electronic stomping grounds we sit around based off of the rules provided to us.

Section A - General


Membership is subject to pre-registration and no one can post without first registering. By registering, the member’s IP address is viewable by the moderators. This way, we prevent the forum from being exploited for commercial or other purposes not related to our guidelines and can take steps to ensure our members’ privacy if exploited.
Access to the Project Avalon Forum is currently free, however this does not mean this is a public forum. Project Avalon is a private forum with public access. As such all material contained within the site including posts by members are the sole property of Project Avalon & Project Camelot. Membership is a privilege not a right and the administration reserves the right to deny or remove access to whom it sees fit in order to preserve the security and integrity of the community.


Disagreeing with various points or topics is natural, however we do require that our members be treated with respect. If a member’s conduct is seen to hurt the community spirit of the group and persist even after warnings to desist, they will be unsubscribed. Generally individual posts will be moderated first, and thus not appear on the forum, before the member is unsubscribed.


All members are expected to contribute to the positive energy and attitude of the forum. While healthy debate is a traditional and integral part of all critical inquiry, members are expected to be open-minded, committed to learning, and responsive to well-intentioned feedback.
Anyone who does not appear to be in alignment with the purpose and energy of the forum may be asked to leave.


Everyone joined this forum to discuss our material, not to hear others showcase theirs. Members who insist on promoting / showcasing themselves, their own websites, philosophies, products, services or other unrelated teachings will be unsubscribed.
Links in your signature that point to any website which offers products or services for purchasing are not permitted, If you want to promote a product or service that relates to the mission of Project Avalon feel free to post in Networking Products and Services


Always feel free to contact the moderators with questions and concerns.

Section B - Posting


Posts that promote or showcase illegal drugs and other substances, pornography including nude art, foul language, racial / sexual / national intolerance, hate speech, politically subversive acts or planning, will not be tolerated. See "Trolling" in the Infractions/Suspensions section below.
Threads relating to suicide are prohibited due to legal liability. If you are feeling suicidal - please immediately call your local suicide hot-line or some TRAINED PROFESSIONAL for help.

Personal conversations should be conducted privately. Although the majority of our members are “lurkers” who do not regularly post, do remember that your posts are going out to hundreds of people who may not find private jokes or topics beneficial. Try to keep posts on topic at all times.
Private messages are not be posted in public without the authors permission. If you have a problem with private messages you may "Report" them using the link at the bottom of the message. A copy of the message is then sent to the moderators for action.


“Dead text” wastes bandwidth as well as disk space and reading time. When replying to a post, please quote only the previous text that is essential to the reply. This does slightly slow down the speed with which you may respond to a post, but is in consideration of the other members.
Every time you respond to a post, your dead-text cleanup job should include all the advertising material at the end of the post which sometimes accumulates. The moderation team may edit or reject posts that violate this guideline. It only takes a few extra seconds but it makes a world of difference in the quality of our presentation.


Individual posts may be subject to modifications by the moderation team. In our effort to uphold these guidelines and preserve the community spirit of the forum, posts may be editied moved or deleted with or without explanation.
All posts become property of Project Camelot/Avalon.


The forum uses a mindless word censor. Its the way the forum owners and administrators have decided to run the forum. It aims to eliminate rude words such as **** and ****. Please do not use methods to subvert the word censor that allow excessive profanity or vulgarity to bleed through on to the forums.


When sharing outside material with the forum, please do it in the form of links with summary paragraphs. Posting long passages (i.e. more than a few short paragraphs) of outside text, regardless of relevance, is prohibited.
The summary of the content of the link should be a paragraph of your own words and / or with a single-paragraph excerpt from the text itself.
“Naked” links, i.e. links without summary text, should be avoided, as most members do not have the time to blindly research such links.


Posting live links [rapidshare, torrents etc.] to download 'copyrighted' material in the forum is prohibited. Any such post's will be removed/edited. Persistent posting of such links may result in the member concerned losing posting rights.


We consider posts to this forum too important for members to come back at a later date and remove them without good reason. Therefore this forum considers posts made to it become the property of the forum. Members who remove posts or by editing obscure or otherwise grossly change posts may have them restored again by the Moderators if it is considered it would affect the readability and flow of the threads they appear in.


Excessive use of over the top attention grabbing formats such as ALL CAPS, large text, alarmist and panicky URGENT headlines are not permitted and may be edited by moderators

Section C - Personal Behavior


Posts should not be directed to any specific individuals such as Bill Ryan, Kerry Cassidy or any specific witness unless a discussion has already opened. We advise you to direct your comments, questions and concerns to the group, so anyone may answer you. This promotes community discussion rather than individual confrontation.
This also includes the family of Avalon members. If you have an issue with a member, please look for the REPORT button found below a members avatar next to their post.
Avatars that are offensive or in violation of the guidelines will be removed by the moderators.
Personal attacks on threads, where singling out a member(s) for purposes of negative or derogatory remarks is not permitted and will get your post/thread deleted and an infraction given to you which may deny you access to the forum.

Section D - Infractions/Suspensions

In most cases a member who breaks the guidelines will not lose their membership but receive Infractions. Infractions can be given to any member who steps outside the guidelines put forth here. Points are issued with infractions and can amount to you being denied access from anywhere to 1-7 days or permanent depending on the severity of the infraction. Points may also be issued without losing access but they are cumulative, example: 2 points issued wont restrict your access but a second 2 point infraction will prevent you from posting for 7 days. The following topics are reasons for giving infractions.


Making threats is not permitted on this forum. Any threats made on this forum toward moderators or other forum members can earn the perpetrator an instant and permanent ban. The posts in which the threats are made and most likely any quoted reference to the threat may be removed by the moderators without explanation. For the avoidance of doubt, this does not mean just physical threats, but also threats of a spiritual/metaphysical nature. Don't even do it as a joke, the joke will be on you if you get denied access.


An internet troll, or simply troll in Internet slang, is someone who posts controversial and irrelevant or off-topic messages in an online community, such as an online discussion forum, with the intention of provoking other users into an emotional response or to generally disrupt normal on-topic discussion. Members who engage in trolling risk losing their membership and posting rights. SEE: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_troll


Any member who creates multiple accounts will be unsubscribed.


Spamming is strictly forbidden, and members who abuse the trust of the forum by spamming will be immediately banned, and their Internet Service Provider contacted regarding the nature of the abuse.
Using email addresses acquired on the forum to spam members privately is also forbidden.
Any discussion of a product or service for sale, or of a website designed to sell products or services, is forbidden, even if you do not directly profit from such a discussion.
Links in your signature should not point to any website which offers products or services for purchasing.


Any member found to be impersonating a Project Camelot witness or member of the Project Avalon admin/moderator team will be unsubscribed immediately.


If a member’s conduct is seen to hurt the community spirit of the group, they will be unsubscribed. Generally individual posts will be moderated first, and thus not appear on the forum for very long before the member is unsubscribed

7. NEGATIVITY [changed title from Positivity]

Anyone who does not appear to be in alignment with the purpose and/or positive energy of the forum may be asked to leave.


Members who promote / showcase themselves, their own websites, philosophies, products, services or other unrelated teachings will be unsubscribed.

9. Violation of the Registration Agreement

"By registering at this site you are deemed to be agreeing to these rules, you warrant that you will not post any messages that are obscene, vulgar, sexually-oriented, hateful, threatening, or otherwise make any posts that are in violation of any laws."

Let us discuss the law of the land shall we. Cause I highly doubt many people read the fine print.

¤=[Post Update]=¤

We also have to consider concepts regarding privacy and the internet......Which absolutely does not exist, unless you yourself are a programmer/hacker and even then that isn't full-proof. Secondly, the concept of Defamation. Thirdly, the idea of free speech. Fourthly, Bill and or the admins and mods helping to pay the bill, no pun intended, in order to keep this place running. Fifthly, the concept of private property. Sixthly, the concept of ownership.

5th August 2011, 03:54
"Everyone joined this forum to discuss our material, not to hear others showcase theirs. Members who insist on promoting / showcasing themselves, their own websites, philosophies, products, services or other unrelated teachings will be unsubscribed."

I think this is why people keep talking about what they keep talking about. This place must be getting really boring or something. Sigh.......

Personally, I understand what the statement means. But the whole point of this place is to showcase and discuss people's own philosophy and frame of mind. Therefore, I demand every person from this forum be deleted. HAHAHAHAHAHA
This statement is kiiiiiinda ****ed up to a certain extent and should probably be revised, but I am just a person with little importance in terms of caring about this sort of stuff or changing anything other than people's perspectives so.......Meh......
Anyways, I digress. Take care errrrrbody.