View Full Version : The People I Thought I Knew

5th June 2010, 20:38
I have several long term relationships, like 30 years or more, but the people I see today are so different than what I thought they were. For example my ex-friend Vicki, I just hung up on her because she said ugly, filthy things to me and that friendship is done. That was the last straw for me. I really thought she was on a higher vibe.

It seems to me that people who are on a high vibe spiritually are becoming nicer and the people who are not are getting uglier, more extreme. Has anyone else had this experience?

6th June 2010, 00:54
I have found that I'm drifting on a course between the old aquaintances who won't seem to move on and grow and the people who have "growth" tattood on their foreheads like a trophy and new age right of passage.

I'm actually more wary of the later type but much more interested in their opinions than I am of the others.

Regretably, I'm still capable of engaging in futile arguements about the big issues in life but I'm slowly learning that the fascistic tendency is present even in so-called spiritual consciousness.

I have an old friend who lives in another part of the country. We used to be quite close probably because of our sharing a love and interest in music. I've move several hundred miles away and our contact has reach zero. He seems to think I've "lost it" and I seem to think he's styck in a deeper hole than ever.

Truth is, we're both following our own paths and I still love him really, even though I don't know what on earth I can actually talk about with him now.

7th June 2010, 00:51
That has happened to me again and again in the past 10 years. I finally figured out that I was just vibrationally incompatible with these people. But still, it has been very painful.

7th June 2010, 01:46
I guess I needed to see the truth of her. I'm in the process of shedding parasites and I realize she was one.

Sometimes I feel like going for a huge seperation and go live like a hermit up in the hills! I might just do that.