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Astar Of David
8th June 2010, 20:56
The Lie is the Illusion of "Hell on Earth" - "Heaven on Earth" comes from Truth.

The lie is the illusion that we are in hell on earth.
The truth is heaven on earth.
Once we face truths we will find that we have heaven on earth again.

There are MANY lies these are just a few examples:

* Examples of the lie: "Plastics with chemicals are Safe" "Cell phones are safe"
These things bring "hell on earth" with cancers and illnesses ect.
The Truth is they are not safe and there is an example where the truth sets you free from living in hell.
Another example of the lie is that you have to work 9-5 this is an illusion because if you realize that you work you life away to earn a house that in the time it takes you to earn on 9-5 the truth is that in far less time you could have learned how to build a house and purchased your supplies by helping others and they in return pay you or donate materials to you. Eventually building and completing a home for yourself. You also now have skills that come in handy when something breaks or needs replacing there for eliminating the need for special jobs like plumbers or carpenters. You can become all of these people it just takes a little time and effort and patience.
You don't really need to work if you help one another and learn.
When work becomes a favor for someone we are free from slavery of the career.
For example I need some seeds for my garden and I know my neighbor has many seeds in storage, so I offer to mow the neighbors lawn in exchange for the seeds.
Or for example say I needed help raising a wall in my house that I am building, I go to my big strong neighbor and offer to fix his computer if he helps me lift my wall.
It's like trading or Barter.

Negative thinking creates and entire industry of supports & business (jobs careers) to make a negative person happy you reward them (such as with a pay check or object like car or boat or with a movie) and tell them they are doing good being a negative person because they get the job done after all.
Now you've really confused them because they think they are doing a good job here on earth by acting negative and selfish and by judging others negatively and based on their past and or what they wear or how they speak or color of skin. And since they are rewarded for doing "wrong/bad" they continue to believe that is the way to live.
The true reward system is supposed to come as reward of favor: The idea that : I need seeds, I do work for them, favor returned,I obtain seeds those seeds now turn into a crop of food that I can share and trade for more seeds or other items such as lumbar and with that lumbar I now build furniture for people I trade furniture for the material to build a small shed I build the shed and start to sell sheds, now I trade sheds for a small home.... you see how a small idea can turn into a large one? And make you "rich"
People need to learn just like training dogs wrong causes them to become negative or violent "training" humans in this manner works the same way. What TRULY needs to be done is :
"Reward good deeds done. Do not punish when wrong deeds done."
We all know when we are "wrong" we don't need people to point it out (Unless we are oblivious)
Most people don't know when they are "right" and do not get outside encouragement to help them judge what is right or wrong from others points of view to help them see their own point of view another way.
We need to give people a reason to do good. We need to reward the people who do what is "right" to show others the reason to do good.
Like how the powers that be (TPTB) reward doing "wrong" with a pay check or bribe to stay quiet.

If I have made any mistakes please correct me that is why I have posted for feedback.

Take Care all.

8th June 2010, 21:08
Nice post again Astar...I see that Gods stormtroopers are having a fun time today!


8th June 2010, 21:36
Yes Astar

N.L.P. taught me a lot.

Children learn quickly that in some families they get more attention when they are bad.
Cuddling a child can be counterproductive if it happens when they are upset. "If I cry I get a cuddle."
Kids arrive without an instruction manual.
A story
Twin children one very positive one negative.
Birthday came Ed was taken to a room full of lovely toys and left.
Fred taken to a room full of manure and a shovel.
Parents came back to see how Ed was getting on.
He sat in the corner crying. Asked why. The answer. "I was frightened I might break the battery one and the shinny ones I would get finger prints on and and"
The list of fears long.

Parents visited Fred.
He was shoveling the manure, great stuff as happy as you like.
Asked why -- the answer was.
"With all this manure there is bound to be pony some where."

What I am saying is its down to attitude what we perceive.
That and the attractor field we set up with our magnetic spiritual vibration.
Simply that which we give returns to us.
We give love appreciation all positive things then sooner or later it comes back.
The enlightened see this world completely differently.
We live in an illusion caused by Maya -- duality.

frank samuel
8th June 2010, 22:18
Astar of David your thread is very insightful and it shows the attitudes of those that live under the illusion but don't even realize it. Every perceive problem has many solutions. Money, transportation, food, relationships, the list of solutions are endless, most people get stuck in the problem and they want you to know how bad things are. All of the perceive problems are not new there are thousands of years old, however the solutions to come out of the illusion into finally beginning to solve our problems it takes focus creativity and the inner drive to focus on creative things instead of destructive. By listening to CNN or the BBC news the only thing I am going to get from that is angry and negative, not many positive or hopeful news through these outlets. We forget that they are not in the business of waking you out from the illusion of fear despair and injustice , the more stress fear and anxiety you feel the easier you are to control. A couple of years ago I walk out of my stressful job, I am living the life as happy as can be. I have the time to help others and make a positive contribution I have not spend one single second listening to CNN and for some reason I am not angry or stressful anymore, I wonder why !!!:sarcastic: Thank you for this thread great stuff.:thumb:

Many many blessings to all...:wub:

Astar Of David
9th June 2010, 00:32
Who's to say what you see on the news really happened in the world if you are not there to witness it yourself?
Who's to say that news is not just filmed outside live with a "real" set and with "real people" as the actors who don't know they are actors?
Then you have the ones who make the news the ones in control The Power That Be (TPTB) and they sit in office and say "how can I become a hero? I will use the news. And I will stage a bombing I will pay a terrorist to threaten a school. Then I will come on the news and with my words and I will talk the terrorist out of bombing the school and now everyone elects me as president."
It's a tool and That is how it works.