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Astar Of David
8th June 2010, 21:01
"Proof" of God.

There is one thing in the universe more important than anything, that is the Truth.
The truth or "god" "must be" among the chaos otherwise nothing would have a logical "reason" to "exist"
Truth is the nail that holds all light all matter all dimensions together in one space-time.
The truth must be the definition or term that defines all.
The rules, reasons, parameters, for existence including the laws of the universe must be stored in a singular truth to define them otherwise what would make them possible to exist without this "reason of truth" to define and set and place them.
We all see the universe/world existing that means it must have a definition to the chaos as life follows a set path/pattern among the chaos. Set by? Well that means it must have a "god" or "singular truth setter" or "programmer" or "creator" who/that sets the terms and reasons for life.
A "singular - truth" in a "dualistic - logic" is the reason for a logically perfect universe to take form. As the singular once inserted into the dualistic would tear apart into millions of parts of itself.
Just like a program on a computer it starts as a singular exe but once released into a logical universe of the computer that singular has a "Big Bang" and takes form in it's logical universe it must now un pack and expand from it's singular point of entry.
It then runs it's course and cycle on it's own according to the rules set within itself.
Without the truth to define "what is" or "what it's purpose is" there would simply be chaos. And no logical order or patterns to anything at all.
Thus there is no life without truth. As Truth is the reason.

A Universe at rest is a perfect logical existence there for there MUST be a reason why logic has taken form. Defined as a "program(er) or "truth setter" or "God" (The user running the simulation)

God is pure Truth and the reason we are here,to deny truth or pass it by is to welcome heartache, pain, suffering, sickness, and even Death.

*It's important to note a baby becomes a child a child becomes a teen a teen becomes a man a man becomes an angel and an angel becomes a god.There for we all can become God's or programmers much like "The Matrix" implies about Neo "The One" able to manipulate reality with intent and thought.*

If I have made any mistakes please correct me that is why I have posted for feedback.

8th June 2010, 21:06
Nice post Astar...it's all a question of faith though isn't it? and interpretations therein...I'll keep an eye out for you in the future.


8th June 2010, 21:14
Astar of David
This is a thought provoking post.
My intial reaction is that you have it right in essence and thats what matters for me rather than the fine print.
Its all energy atoms in movement. So much energy in centimeter cube of space.
Quantum Mechanics is proving the existence of God.
Henry P Stapp has written a book that might interest you.
"MINDFUL UNIVERSE" Quantum Mechanics and the Participating Observer.
Its a bit beyond me but im getting there.

Thanks Chris

8th June 2010, 21:25
if you want proof of God,watch this...the complexity and beautiful unity of it all proves there is a benevolent,intelligent energy that all things exist within...God


9th June 2010, 04:11
I'm on a quest for the meaning of life myself and as far as I can see, we may never find out the whole story, because God the creator is a concept we mortals aren't wired to understand.

It has to do with fractal infinity's, singularity and multidimensional realms.

For me its like playing a game of walking around blind folded and my intuition tells me when I'm warm and when I'm cold but never reveils the answer I'm looking for.

I feel the work done by Stan Tenen, Nassim Haramien, and lectures by Amit Goswami and Manly P.Hall to be on the right path, but this can change as more data comes along.

Stan Tenen's Meru foundation : www.meru.org/ (http://www.meru.org/)

Nassim Haramien's Resonance Project : http://www.theresonanceproject.org/

Amit Goswami's site : http://www.amitgoswami.org/

Manly P. Halls Memorial site : http://www.manlyphall.org/

There's two movies called Pi and The Quantum Activist that are great for this kind of journey, check em out if you can.


The mathematician Maximillian Cohen is tormented by a severe migraine since he was a kid, and he uses many pills to reduce his painful headaches. He is a lonely man, and his only friend is his former professor Sol Robeson. Max has the following assumptions, which rules his life: (1) Mathematics is the language of nature; (2) Everything around us can be represented and understood from numbers; (3) If you graph the numbers in any systems, patterns emerge. Therefore there are patterns everywhere in nature. Based on these principles, Max is trying to figure out a system to predict the behavior of the stock market. Due to his research, Max is chased by a Wall Street company with obvious interest in the results of his studies, and by an orthodox Jew follower of the Torah, who believes that this long string of numbers is a code sent from God


The Quantum Activist
There is a revolution going on in science. A genuine paradigm shift. While mainstream science remains materialist, a substantial number of scientists are supporting and developing a paradigm based on the primacy of consciousness.

Dr. Amit Goswami, Ph.D, a pioneer of this revolutionary new perspective within science shares with us his vision of the unlimited potential of consciousness as the ground of all being, and how this revelation can actually help us to live better.

The Quantum Activist tells the story of a man who challenges us to rethink our very notions of existence and reality, with a force and scope not felt since Einstein.

This film bridges the gap between God and Science. The work of Goswami, with stunning precision and without straying from the rigors of quantum mechanics, reveals the overarching unity inherent in the worlds major religions and mystical traditions.

Meet the man behind the message as Dr. Goswami tells how he moved away from the religious teachings of his childhood, to seek his path in nuclear and theoretical quantum physics, and how he has come full circle, through quantum insight, back to the very religious axioms offered as a youth.

With a poignant relevance to the problems of our day this film follows Dr. Goswami as he demonstrates how our mistaken views of reality have led to our current environmental, social, economic and spiritual crisis; as well as the means of correcting these errors. At stake is nothing less than our survival upon the planet. The Quantum Activist is a film for our time. It is a film for all time. It is a film whose very subject transcends time.

Witty, profoundly insightful and colored with humor, the Quantum Activist brings you Amit Goswamis vision of the universe. Steeped in the verifiable facts of Quantum Mechanics, Dr. Goswami dares to pose the question, What are you doing to participate in the creation of the reality we all share?

Have a good journey and may the force be with you as Oby Wan used to say.

9th June 2010, 04:37
Thank you Grizzom for the links, much appreciated.
I find Nassim Haramein work very interesting and well presented. He's a good guy. :)
I'm not familiar with the others much, except by hearing their names before. Got to check 'em out.

Love and blessings,


Victoria Tintagel
9th June 2010, 09:13
Hi again, Astar of David, the truth is such a subjective thing, here on Earth, like my childhood experience, telling people what I perceived around them and shocked by their anger. I was quite naive in understanding human nature. My reasoning was "I am telling the truth, why are people angry?" I was really honestly asking myself this question. Much later, I learned, by stumbling and falling, accepting that emotions and feelings are different things and that being a human is being in a duality world. Recently I was touched by Eckhart Tolle, in an audio interview, saying "You early awakened people, are the oldest most qualified souls. Before entering earth life, you knew that you would be awake amidst sleeping souls, don't complain now, when you find yourself frustrated by this. It is you that matters, shining your light amidst the darkness. Accept that and contribute your part, simply that is enough. Find a place in nature and meditate on what matters really for you. This is enlightenment within the global humanity, first find your own light"
Is'nt that great?

Astar Of David
9th June 2010, 09:23
Actually the reason why you get anger back when you tell someone truth is because the ego is programed to think it knows the truth and it knows better than you.
Thus when you try to tell people with Ego's about 2012/new age/truths you get a fight.
Because the nieve are the ones who The Devil has tricked so the nieve are technically the Devils souls (at least to The Devil they are)... thus you get a fight when you try to wake these people to the light. It is like taking a soul from Satan of course they will fight you.

To teach a person with an ego about truths you need to make your points out of questions they ask.
I find for example I can sit for days at a time before someone with an ego starts to talk about a topic on their own will that happens to relate to a new age/2012 type topic. And that is when I step in. Because they already have the concept in mind. I just bring a new way of looking at it in. And this way I am not intruding I am simply building on what they started. And then don't tend to get mad. Unless they tell you... you know what maybe your right? Don't push them too much by continuing with more info this might cause them to get angry take it slow. Introduce ideas slowly by relating them to other like concepts they already understand.

And thank you for your post.
Great words.

10th June 2010, 02:09
Our attempts to define God is limited by our vibrational evolution. It makes good discourse but falls well short of the mark in terms of definition and experience. How many have died because they have fallen into this trap of defining. Definition is limited by the very language that interpreted the definition. You can not prove the existence of God. You can only experience God. Through that experience you share the energy that is God which is the energy that is us. How can you describe to someone the feeling you get when you see a beautiful sunset? Language will not do it. The connection is on another vibrational level. God is on another vibrational level. Our goal is to experience that other vibrational level and then there is no need for proof.

Hello to all. I am new to this forum and I am very impressed by the intelligence and energy of all of you. I hope to continue to share and to learn...
Thank you

10th June 2010, 03:17
Welcome Friamin. :wave: Great post, thank you! :)

Below is an excerpt from the book Cosmic Explorers (http://www.courtneybrown.com/publications/explorers.html) by Courtney Brown

My remote-viewing experiences have also led me to understand God differently.
I no longer look to some distant Heaven to find my Father. I now understand the meaning of the words once told by a wise sage: "God is within".

I once had a remote-viewing experience where I perceived what I believe to be the essential beginning of the universe. There was a shape of light that somewhat resembled a spinning cloud or vortex. In the middle of the session, I questioned what to do next once I had perceived this enigma. I cued on the idea of a suggestion, inviting my subspace mind to offer a hint as to the meaning of this experience. The response was immediate. I sensed that I was to cue on God.

My conscious mind was confused by this suggestion, and probably as a consequence of this, the idea came to me that I should cue on someone who could explain this to me. I then cued on Jesus in the matrix. For reasons that I will explain, I have long considered him our older brother, in a literal sense. I suppose I intuitively felt that he would be sufficiently experienced and wise to know what to do in this situation. Instantly I sensed my awareness shift to include this being's flavor of consciousness, and I sensed him suggest to me that I should abandon fear and plunge into the vortex that I perceived. I did so.

The vortex was alive. There was the sense of a huge consciousness, and as I extended my mind across this consciousness, I felt stretched like the skin of a balloon, although not uncomfortably so. It then became clear to me that this being was terribly alone, and sad beyond measure. It had spent an eternity by itself, slowly evolving, until finally grew to a point at which it could end its pain.

Then, in one sudden burst, I experienced this being's solution. The being essentially blew itself up, or at least much of itself. As I followed the outward rush of the being's fragmenting expansion, I perceived that it experienced a new joy that nearly overwhelmed me. The being did not die.

At first the bits and pieces of the larger being were too small and immature to even be aware of themselves. Neither were they aware of their own origin. From this point began the most profound evolution of the original being. It had become a parent to the fragments of itself.

The fragmented parts began to experience existence in a way that seemed independent of the parent. Initially they did not understand that they were literally part of a single larger being. Yet as they continued to grow in experience, they matured and developed an intense need to know how they came to exist, and indeed, the reason for their existence. This led them eventually to seek and discover the reality of their parent, their loving Creator. It was at this moment of realization that they understood that they were their parent, and that their own growth and evolution was also the growth and evolution of their parent. The parent had created a way to look back at itself through a mirror of a multitude of individual consciousnesses.

I suggest for everyone interested to also check out this older thread. (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?1487-The-Universe-as-God-A-Challenge-to-your-Imagination)

Love always,


Astar Of David
11th June 2010, 20:21
Again anyone here who believes that this is the only way I perceive "God" I suggest reading my other threads about "Truth" related to "Good" or "God" and how Lies are related to "The Devil" or "Evil"
In the case of the Evil here on Earth the true source of Evil. The voice causing the "Ego" has been found to be "The Fallen Angels" aka "Nephilim" or better yet the voice of the "Anakim"
Once you realize this you are on your way to freedom from your "Ego". Know they name Ego and that is "Anakim" and or "Anak" and or "Anakites"
Bless you all.
Take Care!

11th June 2010, 21:27
Below is a long excerpt from the Near-Death Experience NDE Story of
Mellen-Thomas Benedict (http://www.mellen-thomas.com/stories.htm) Journey Through the Light and Back

There was this Light shining. I turned toward the Light. The Light was very similar to what many other people have described in their near-death experiences. It was so magnificent. It is tangible; you can feel it. It is alluring; you want to go to it like you would want to go to your ideal mother’s or father’s arms.

As I began to move toward the Light, I knew intuitively that if I went to the Light, I would be dead. So as I was moving toward the Light I said, “Please wait a minute, just hold on a second here. I want to think about this; I would like to talk to you before I go.” To my surprise, the entire experience halted at that point. You are in control of your life after death experience. You are not on a roller coaster ride.

So my request was honored and I had some conversations with the Light. The Light kept changing into different figures, like Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, mandalas, archetypal images and signs. I asked the Light, “What is going on here? Please, Light, clarify yourself for me. I really want to know the reality of the situation.” I cannot really say the exact words, because it was sort of telepathy.

The Light responded. The information transferred to me was that during your life after death experience your beliefs shape the kind of feedback you are getting before the Light. If you were a Buddhist or Catholic or Fundamentalist, you get a feedback loop of your own stuff. You have a chance to look at it and examine it, but most people do not. As the Light revealed itself to me, I became aware that what I was really seeing was our higher Self matrix.

We all have a higher Self, or an oversoul part of our being. It revealed itself to me in its truest energy form. The only way I can really describe it is that the being of the higher Self is more like a conduit. It did not look like that, but it is a direct connection to the Source that each and every one of us has. We are directly connected to the Source. So the Light was showing me the higher Self matrix. I was not committed to one particular religion. So that is what was being fed back to me during my life after death experience.

As I asked the Light to keep clearing for me, to keep explaining, I understood what the higher Self matrix is. We have a grid around the planet where all the higher Selves are connected. This is like a great company, a next subtle level of energy around us, the spirit level, you might say. Then, after a couple of minutes, I asked for more clarification. I really wanted to know what the universe is about, and I was ready to go at that time. I said “I am ready, take me.”

Then the Light turned into the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen: a mandala of human souls on this planet. Now I came to this with my negative view of what was happening on the planet. So as I asked the Light to keep clarifying for me, I saw in this magnificent mandala how beautiful we all are in our essence, our core. We are the most beautiful creations.

The human soul, the human matrix that we all make together is absolutely fantastic, elegant, exotic, everything. I just cannot say enough about how it changed my opinion of human beings in that instant. I said, “Oh, God, I did not know how beautiful we are.” At any level, high or low, in whatever shape you are in, you are the most beautiful creation, you are.

The revelations coming from the Light and seemed to go on and on, then I asked the Light, “Does this mean that Mankind will be saved?” Then, like a trumpet blast with a shower of spiraling lights, the Great Light spoke, saying, “Remember this and never forget; you save, redeem and heal yourself. You always have. You always will. You were created with the power to do so from before the beginning of the world.”

In that instant I realized even more. I realized that WE HAVE ALREADY BEEN SAVED, and we saved ourselves because we were designed to self-correct like the rest of God’s universe. This is what the second coming is about. I thanked the Light of God with all my heart. The best thing I could come up with was these simple words of total appreciation: “Oh dear God, dear Universe, dear Great Self, I Love My Life.”

The Light seemed to breathe me in even more deeply. It was as if the Light was completely absorbing me. The Love Light is, to this day, indescribable. I entered into another realm, more profound than the last, and became aware of something more, much more. It was an enormous stream of Light, vast and full, deep in the Heart of Life. I asked what this was.

The Light responded, “This is the RIVER OF LIFE. Drink of this manna water to your heart’s content.” So I did. I took one big drink and then another. To drink of Life Itself! I was in ecstasy.

Then the Light said, “You have a desire.” The Light knew all about me, everything past, present and future. “Yes!” I whispered.

I asked to see the rest of the Universe; beyond our solar system, beyond all human illusion. The Light then told me that I could go with the Stream. I did, and was carried Through the Light at the End of the Tunnel. I felt and heard a series of very soft sonic booms. What a rush!

Suddenly I seemed to be rocketing away from the planet on this stream of Life. I saw the earth fly away. The solar system, in all its splendor, whizzed by and disappeared. At faster than light speed, I flew through the center of the galaxy, absorbing more knowledge as I went. I learned that this galaxy, and all of the Universe, is bursting with many different varieties of LIFE. I saw many worlds. The good news is that we are not alone in this Universe!

As I rode this stream of consciousness through the center of the galaxy, the stream was expanding in awesome fractal waves of energy. The super clusters of galaxies with all their ancient wisdom flew by. At first I thought I was going somewhere; actually traveling. But then I realized that, as the stream was expanding, my own consciousness was also expanding to take in everything in the Universe! All creation passed by me. It was an unimaginable wonder! I truly was a Wonder Child; a babe in Wonderland!

At this point, I found myself in a profound stillness, beyond all silence. I could see or perceive FOREVER, beyond Infinity.

I was in the Void.

I was in pre-creation, before the Big Bang. I had crossed over the beginning of time/the First Word/the First vibration. I was in the Eye of Creation. I felt as if I was touching the Face of God. It was not a religious feeling. Simply I was at one with Absolute Life and Consciousness.

When I say that I could see or perceive forever, I mean that I could experience all of creation generating itself. It was without beginning and without end. That’s a mind expanding thought, isn’t it?

Scientists perceive the Big Bang as a single event which created the Universe. I saw during my life after death experience that the Big Bang is only one of an infinite number of Big Bangs creating Universes endlessly and simultaneously. The only images that even come close in human terms would be those created by super computers using fractal geometry equations.

The ancients knew of this. They said God had periodically created new Universes by breathing out, and recreated other Universes by breathing in. These epochs were called Yugas. Modern science called this the Big Bang. I was in absolute, pure consciousness. I could see or perceive all the Big Bangs or Yugas creating and recreating themselves. Instantly I entered into them all simultaneously. I saw that each and every little piece of creation has the power to create. It is very difficult to try to explain this. I am still speechless about this.

It took me years after I returned from my near-death experience to assimilate any words at all for the Void experience. I can tell you this now: the Void is less than nothing, yet more than everything that is! The Void is absolute zero; chaos forming all possibilities. It is Absolute Consciousness; much more than even Universal Intelligence.

The Void is the vacuum or nothingness between all physical manifestations. The SPACE between atoms and their components. Modern science has begun to study this space between everything. They call it Zero point. Whenever they try to measure it, their instruments go off the scale, or to infinity, so to speak. They have no way, as of yet, to measure infinity accurately. There is more of the 0 space in your own body and the Universe than anything else!

What mystics call the Void is not a void. It is so full of energy, a different kind of energy that has created everything that we are. Everything since the Big Bang is vibration, from the first Word, which is the first vibration. The biblical “I am” really has a question mark after it. “I am—What am I?” So creation is God exploring God’s Self through every way imaginable, in an on¬going, infinite exploration through every one of us. I began to see during my near-death experience that everything that is, is the Self, literally, your Self, my Self. Everything is the great Self. That is why God knows even when a leaf falls. That is possible because wherever you are is the center of the universe. Wherever any atom is, that is the center of the universe. There is God in that, and God in the Void.

As I was exploring the Void during my life after death experience and all the Yugas or creations, I was completely out of time and space as we know it. In this expanded state, I discovered that creation is about Absolute Pure Consciousness, or God, coming into the Experience of Life as we know it. The Void itself is devoid of experience. It is pre life, before the first vibration. Godhead is about more than Life and Death. Therefore there is even more than Life and Death to experience in the Universe!

When I realized this I was finished with the Void, and wanted to return to this creation, or Yuga. It just seemed like the natural thing to do. Then I suddenly came back through the second Light, or the Big Bang, hearing several more velvet booms. I rode the stream of consciousness back through all of creation, and what a ride it was! The super clusters of galaxies came through me with even more insights. I passed through the center of our galaxy, which is a black hole. Black holes are the great processors or recyclers of the Universe.

Do you know what is on the other side of a Black Hole? We are; our galaxy, which has been reprocessed from another Universe. In its total energy configuration, the galaxy looked like a fantastic city of lights. All energy this side of the Big Bang is light. Every sub atom, atom, star, planet, even consciousness itself is made of light and has a frequency and/or particle. Light is living stuff. Everything is made of light, even stones. So everything is alive. Everything is made from the Light of God; everything is very intelligent.

As I rode the stream on and on, I could eventually see a huge Light coming. I knew it was the First Light; the higher Self Light Matrix of our solar system. Then the entire solar system appeared in the Light, accompanied by one of those velvet booms.

I could see all the energy that this solar system generates, and it is an incredible light show! I could hear the Music of the Spheres. Our solar system, as do all celestial bodies, generates a unique matrix of light, sound and vibratory energies. Advanced civilizations from other star systems can spot life as we know it in the universe by the vibratory or energy matrix imprint. It is child’s play. The earth’s Wonder child (human beings) make an abundance of sound right now, like children playing in the backyard of the universe.

The Light explained to me that there is no death; we are immortal beings. We have already been alive forever! I realized that we are part of a natural living system that recycles itself endlessly. I was never told that I had to come back. I just knew that I would. It was only natural, from what I had seen during my life after death experience.

I don’t know how long I was with the Light, in human time. But there came a moment when I realized that all my questions had been answered and my return was near. When I say that all my questions were answered on the other side, I mean to say just that. All my questions have been answered. Every human has a different life and set of questions to explore. Some of our questions are Universal, but each of us is exploring this thing we call Life in our own unique way. So is every other form of life, from mountains to every leaf on every tree.

And that is very important to the rest of us in this Universe. Because it all contributes to the Big Picture, the fullness of Life. We are literally God exploring God’s self in an infinite Dance of Life. Your uniqueness enhances all of Life.

As I began my return to the life cycle, it never crossed my mind, nor was I told that I would return to the same body. It just did not matter. I had complete trust in the Light and the Life process. As the stream merged with the great Light, I asked never to forget the revelations and the feelings of what I had learned on the other side.

There was a “Yes.” It felt like a kiss to my soul.

Then I was taken back through the Light into the vibratory realm again. The whole process reversed, with even more information being given to me. I came back home, and I was given lessons from my near-death experience on the mechanics of reincarnation. I was given answers to all those little questions I had: “How does this work? How does that work?” I knew that I would be reincarnated.

The earth is a great processor of energy, and individual consciousness evolves out of that into each one of us. I thought of myself as a human for the first time, and I was happy to be that. From what I have seen, I would be happy to be an atom in this universe. An atom. So to be the human part of God... this is the most fantastic blessing. It is a blessing beyond our wildest estimation of what blessing can be. For each and every one of us to be the human part of this experience is awesome, and magnificent. Each and every one of us, no matter where we are, screwed up or not, is a blessing to the planet, right where we are.

I went through the reincarnation process expecting to be a baby somewhere. But I was given a lesson on how individual identity and consciousness evolve. I was so surprised when I opened my eyes. I do not know why, because I understood it, but it was still such a surprise to be back in this body, back in my room with someone looking over me crying her eyes out. It was my hospice caretaker. She had given up an hour and a half after finding me dead. My body was stiff and inflexible. She went into the other room. Then I awakened and saw the light outside. I tried to get up to go to it, but I fell out of the bed. She heard a loud “clunk,” ran in and found me on the floor.

When I recovered, I was very surprised and yet very awed about what had happened to me during my near-death experience. At first all the memory of the trip that I have now was not there. I kept slipping out of this world and kept asking, “Am I alive?” This world seemed more like a dream than that one. Within three days I was feeling normal again, clearer, yet different than I had ever felt in my life. My memory of my near-death experience came back later. I could see nothing wrong with any human being I had ever seen. Before that I was really judgmental. I thought a lot of people were really screwed up, in fact I thought that everybody was screwed up but me. But I got clear on all that.

About three months later a friend said I should get tested, so I went and got the scans and so forth. I really felt good, so I was afraid of getting bad news. I remember the doctor at the clinic looking at the before and after scans, saying, “Well, there is nothing here now.” I said, “Really, it must be a miracle”’ He said “No, these things happen; they are called spontaneous remission.” He acted very unimpressed. But here was a miracle, and I was impressed, even if no one else was.

During my near-death experience I had a descent into what you might call Hell, and it was very surprising. I did not see Satan or evil. My descent into Hell was a descent into each person’s customized human misery, ignorance, and darkness of not knowing. It seemed like a miserable eternity. But each of the millions of souls around me had a little star of light always available. But no one seemed to pay attention to it. They were so consumed with their own grief, trauma and misery. But, after what seemed an eternity, I started calling out to that Light, like a child calling to a parent for help.

Then the Light opened up and formed a tunnel that came right to me and insulated me from all that fear and pain, That is what Hell really is. So what we are doing is learning to hold hands, to come together. The doors of Hell are open now. We are going to link up, hold hands, and walk out of Hell together. The Light came to me and turned into a huge golden angel. I said, “Are you the angel of death?” It expressed to me that it was my oversoul, my higher Self matrix, a super ancient part of ourselves. Then I was taken to the Light.

Soon our science will quantify spirit. Isn’t that going to be wonderful? We are coming up with devices now that are sensitive to subtle energy or spirit energy. Physicists use these atomic colliders to smash atoms to see what they are made of. They have got it down to quarks and charm, and all that. Well, one day they are going to come down to the little thing that holds it all together, and they are going to have to call that ... God. We are just beginning to understand that we are creating too, as we go along. As I saw forever, I came to a realm during my near-death experience in which there is a point where we pass all knowledge and begin creating the next fractal, the next level. We have that power to create as we explore. And that is God expanding itself through us.

Since my return I have experienced the Light spontaneously, and I have learned how to get to that space almost any time in my meditation. Each one of you can do this. You do not have to die or have a near-death experience to do this. It is within your equipment; you are wired for it already. The body is the most magnificent Light being there is. The body is a universe of incredible Light. Spirit is not pushing us to dissolve this body. That is not what is happening. Stop trying to become God; God is becoming you. Here.

I asked God: “What is the best religion on the planet? Which one is right?” And Godhead said, with great love: “I don’t care.” That was incredible grace. When Godhead said, “I don’t care,” I immediately understood that it is for us to care about. It is important, because we are the caring beings. It matters to us and that is where it is important. What you have is the energy equation in spirituality. Ultimate Godhead does not care if you are Protestant, Buddhist, or whatever. It is all a blooming facet of the whole. I wish that all religions would realize it and let each other be. It is not the end of each religion, but we are talking about the same God. Live and let live. Each has a different view. And it all adds up to the big picture; it is all important.

I went over to the other side during my near-death experience with a lot of fears about toxic waste, nuclear missiles, the population explosion, the rainforest. I came back loving every single problem. I love nuclear waste. I love the mushroom cloud; this is the holiest mandala that we have manifested to date, as an archetype. It, more than any religion or philosophy on earth, brought us together all of a sudden, to a new level of consciousness. Knowing that maybe we can blow up the planet fifty times, or 500 times, we finally realize that maybe we are all here together now.

For a period they had to keep setting off more bombs to get it in to us. Then we started saying, “we do not need this any more.” Now we are actually in a safer world than we have ever been in, and it is going to get safer. So I came back from my near-death experience loving toxic waste, because it brought us together. These things are so big. As Peter Russell might say, these problems are now “soul size.” Do we have soul size answers” YES!

The clearing of the rain forest will slow down, and in fifty years there will be more trees on the planet than in a long time. If you are into ecology, go for it; you are that part of the system that is becoming aware. Go for it with all your might, but do not be depressed. It is part of a larger thing.

Earth is in the process of domesticating itself. It is never again going to be as wild a place as it once was. There will be great wild places, reserves where nature thrives. Gardening and reserves will be the thing in the future. Population increase is getting very close to the optimal range of energy to cause a shift in consciousness. That shift in consciousness will change politics, money, energy.

After dying, going through my near-death experience and coming back, I really respect life and death. In our DNA experiments we may have opened the door to a great secret. Soon we will be able to live as long as we want to live in this body.

After living 150 years or so, there will be an intuitive soul sense that you will want to change channels. Living forever in one body is not as creative as reincarnation, as transferring energy in this fantastic vortex of energy that we are in. We are actually going to see the wisdom of life and death, and enjoy it. As it is now, we have already been alive forever.

This body, that you are in, has been alive forever. It comes from an unending stream of life, going back to the Big Bang and beyond.

This body gives life to the next life, in dense and subtle energy.

This body has been alive forever already.

Astar Of David
11th June 2010, 22:19
If you'd like to hear another detailed near death experience watch this video about Howard Storm (He talks about meeting God himself):


The things said in this video helped me "connect a lot of missing dots"

12th June 2010, 05:03
If you'd like to hear another detailed near death experience watch this video about Howard Storm (He talks about meeting God himself):


The things said in this video helped me "connect a lot of missing dots"

tnx for sharing Astar

this is soo good Im gonna embed it

My decent into death -Howard Storm



12th June 2010, 08:18
Also Dannion Brinkley talks about his NDEs


12th June 2010, 08:55
Thanks for starting this thread Astar
Im downloading the near death experience.

Thanks very much Dan for the NDE pasted in, it was awesome. Not a word I use very often.

It is similar to between life experience related by Dr Hawkins.
The word void means different things. Between lives Dr David Hawkins ended up in the mistaken sense of void due to misunderstanding Buddhist teachings that even the love of God must be released. It was very impressive but devoid of Love. He had to come back to this life time to correct the error.

In the process he lost faith and became an atheist. Dying he found himself in hell much like Dante's painting. In a moment of desperation he called out.

If there is a God I ask Him for help

He was touched by the thought of an Archangel and God shock happened he was enlightened. That initial enlightenment matured.
He could leave the world at any time he has that choice but stays here to serve the raising of consciousness currently going on.

Love Chris

13th June 2010, 04:32
Thanks for starting this thread Astar
Im downloading the near death experience.

Thanks very much Dan for the NDE pasted in, it was awesome. Not a word I use very often.

Love Chris

Glad you liked it Chris. Since you enjoyed it, I thought will be good to include his latest interview on Coast to Coast AM. Enjoy! :)


Click for Playlist (http://www.youtube.com/user/TertiusOculusOris#p/c/1817C1A452A1FF5D/0/kE9T3NPCywo)

13th June 2010, 12:52
Thanks Dan
You are educating me.

Thanks Astar for starting this thread and other positive ones I am much in debt to you

Love Chris

13th June 2010, 16:02
Thanks Dan
You are educating me.

Thanks Astar for starting this thread and other positive ones I am much in debt to you

Love Chris

Chris, I'm just providing info. It is up to everyone's free will, if or how they decide to use it.

Love always,


13th June 2010, 17:25
Glad you liked it Chris. Since you enjoyed it, I thought will be good to include his latest interview on Coast to Coast AM. Enjoy! :)


Click for Playlist (http://www.youtube.com/user/TertiusOculusOris#p/c/1817C1A452A1FF5D/0/kE9T3NPCywo)

Thanks so much for this Dan, much appreciated :hug:




13th June 2010, 19:28
Free of illusion this is the way that the world reveals it self.

“The Worlds appearance and quality then demonstrate a profound change. Everything reveals itself
as intrinsically exquisitely radiant. Everything presents it self with aliveness and awareness The prior appearance of the world in contrast was drab and monochromatic compared to Technicolor. Now all shines forth in its own radiance of stunning beauty consequent to the aliveness pervasiveness and universality of life.
All is interrelated and expressive of Oneness and Unity. All is happening spontaneously on its own. Th brilliant quality of radiant beauty shines forth as the Essence of Creation. The mind becomes silent. At first hesitantly then over whelm, it realizes that Divinity is revealing Itself like the gift of a presentation
It is uniquely Divinities manifesting as Creation, which s continuous . All shines forth its awareness by worship and adoration of the existence of overwhelming Love as Presence. The presentation is stunning and even the field of conscious awareness is stilled by the grandeur.
The presence precludes functioning in the ordinary sense. The familiar self-identity has disappeared. It is not even possible to speak of the Reality without Divine assistance. It cannot be described or explained.
(To even allude to it took thirty years)”

This copied from page 114 of Discovery of the Presence of God/Devotional Non-duality by Dr David Hawkins
This is the World as seen from the perspective of the state of enlightenment.
That is our destiny.

Dr. Hawkins is an internationally renowned psychiatrist, physician, researcher, and pioneer in the fields of consciousness research and spirituality. He writes and teaches from the unique perspective of an experienced clinician, scientist, and mystic and is devoted to the spiritual evolution of mankind.

Discovery of the Presence of God/Devotional Non-duality

This, the sixth book in a progressive series by the author, finalizes and further clarifies the true nature and core of the condition termed “Enlightenment.” Although it draws on consciousness research for explanation and contextualization, it is primarily an instruction manual for the serious spiritual devotee and reveals information that is known only by those who have transcended the ego to reach Divine Realization.

This is the inner route from the self to the Self, and the descriptions of the progressive states are devoted to the reader’s own Illumination.

The subjective states of the mystic have been of great interest but historically never have been clarified to the degree presented in this semi-autobiographical account that also provides the means by which to identify their rare occurrence and thus describe the core characteristics of Spiritual Truth.

Devoid of ecclesiastical doctrine or religious belief systems, the pristine essence of all spiritual Truth is revealed in its purity with unprecedented clarity. It becomes clear that to truly “know” is to “be” rather than to “know about.” Why all of Dr. Hawkins’ books begin and end with “Gloria in Excelsis Deo!” becomes apparent.