View Full Version : How Do You Love Yourself?

Astar Of David
9th June 2010, 10:29
There are two types of self love.

One loves oneself simply for the sake of the experience the Ego brings. Not accepting ones own flaws and still loving oneself. Loving only self or self related people. Materials possession money or power rules laws controls are needed to feel love.


One loves oneself for the sake of the experience that the Self brings. Accepting ones own flaws and still loving oneself. Loving others as equals to self. Giving caring sharing helping with ideals of freedoms and carefree to feel love.

It's important to note:
With Love in your heart you do not need laws and controls to guide you. Because you can "feel" what is right or wrong you "feel" bad in response to doing bad. And you feel good when you do good.One can correct ones own mistakes within one or two failures.And even if they fail a few more times eventually they stop making the mistakes because of the bad feelings they get doing them the mistake.

For example when you know you had enough to eat and yet this voice says "It's so good have some more" and you find yourself eating more, but once you realize your stuffing yourself, you get this feeling inside that says something like "gross I feel like a pig" and you "feel" bad in return.

And without love there is no natural "respect" born of love. Thus there is no morals without love unless you are taught with laws rules and controls and marriage to "respect"

Personally I am born of love and logic. I do not understand "respect" itself for it has no meaning to me. When I try to picture "respect" I see nothing.
I know Love. And when I picture love I see a side effect that resembles "respect" there for I do not need to understand respect or it's reasons if I understand love.

Are you someone who sees meaning in "love" ? (and there for "respect" follows you?)
Are you someone who sees meaning in "respect"? (and there for have followers who "respect" you)
And is "respect" to you, for the purpose of fooling others to believe you love them?