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18th March 2010, 20:20
Hello fellow Light Warriors,

I mentioned this in another thread but thought I should make a new thread about it. Even though my action of making a new thread goes against the idea your about to read it. At any rate I sincerely ask everyone to seriously consider/understand/process what your about to read. Do this before replying to this thread. By the way and fer the record, my higher self, open mind & heart is who put me up to this & not AV2.

We all know, from experience, just how fast a large forum can move in posts/threads/replies. By moving I mean that your on the forum one day reading a few posts. The next day many of those same posts have vanished from that 1st page and onto the 2nd page or even 3rd page for viewing. If for what ever reason you don't mind such continuing I already understand you, so no need to reply to this post in that way. This is for those who actually care about AV2, it's members and all future AV2 members as well.

With that said please let's consider other related perspectives. As an American I have been taught, from a very young age to consume, consume and keep consuming until it's all gone, I mean the earth... gone, nothing left of it. IS that what you are doing still as well? This Roman/Greek society potty training continues in various ways but it is changing slowly for the better I think. Yet we continually filling up our land fills with garbage and over loading our lakes, streams and ponds with garbage and automobile run offs. All so that the oil, gas and other automobile shtuff gladly goes into such life giving water sources. My point is that there is too much of such giving going on.

And now it seems that such consuming/giving practice is happening in this forum. No, none of any forum members posts/threads/replies here are junk or garbage rofl, far from it. What I am talking about is digital/virtual conservation. The tremendous effects of which you may or may not realize at this moment. Especially concerning such a new and wonderful forum as AV2 and all of it's members.

Okay here is a hypothetical (possibility or example of what I'm trying to explain)

What would happen if you entered AV1 and found that it had been severely reduced in posts/threads/replies... heck, even the PM's were reduced somewhat. The only thing is that most of the AV1 threads/posts/replies are a little longer due to more members posting on them. Because instead of most AV1 members starting new threads, they actually posted many of their ideas/beliefs/experiences onto other threads/posts/replies that other AV1 members had already begun days, weeks or even months ago. Wouldn't such self discipline help make the AV1 forum more user friendly in some ways?

Now wait a minute, I know what your thinking and your right. How or even why would you consider starting a new forum thread in someone else post/thread/reply? So there are just some factors that can't be helped here. For starters, maybe the AV1 forum rules did not list such a "forum rule" concerning such digital conservation. This is because it all began from one or more AV1 members who understand the true and various values of it all. They simply started leading by example instead of preaching it to others in various ways. Soon the majority of AV1 members (in this scenario) have banned together in keeping digital conservation alive and well. Because of their actions the AV1 forum is possibly more user friendly in some ways now.

For example, yeah sure many threads are now a little longer in length, but look at the bright side and especially THE LONG RUN - FUTURE of such forum. AV1 members are now working more together concerning their ideas/beliefs/experiences/non-beliefs and much, much more. How, why? Simple. These aware members, when ever they visit the forum, do just one simple thing. Before they attempt to post any new threads they actually care to look through, I mean "read" up to three or more other forum threads. What does that do? Well, first they are reading the threads that interest them most. Next, and most importantly, what ever thread they are reading is also possibly related to what they had wanted to post as a new thread. What does that do? Well, if the thread your reading has something to do with what you had wanted to post, why not just post it in that thread your already reading? This seems already being accomplished somewhat in this forum, but could it be more accomplished in quality and quantity as well? I really think so!

How easily could all this be accomplished? First you simply remain aware of it all. Those who refuse to be part of such conservation have every right in being such life paths of education. Just because they don't want to be part of such forum conservation doesn't mean they should be shammed for such practices. Even though they could soon be easily recognized simply by the way they post anything in the forum.

Okay, let the challenges begin. Explain to me how/why this should or could not work or why/how it should work. My point is that you, me and everyone are responsible for us, our world and beyond. Why not be part of change concerning forum conservation than change for more complicated forum ways? No matter what reason(s) you already are being (the reasons you use to justify your actions) you have only two choices here. Unless we can come up with some other possible solutions as well.

Ah, I have another idea. It's not a big idea, it's just a little idea. And that idea is AV2 have an optional forum conservation icon for all members to utilize. While making a new thread you will see an icon which you could check. This icon says, "Check here if you would like to help make our forum more user friendly in conserving data and more". Maybe next to that box something says, "Please click this link for more information" That link pop's up a box that briefly states how and why digital forum conservation among it's members is very important concerning all as a whole. It also explains that if you do leave a check in the box (for more forum conservation and more unity among members) you are allowing forum mods to move and merge your thread with another thread that is similar to your new thread.

Now, I know what your think and your right. How the #@#$ could any forum mod relate my new thread to any other thread(s) in the forum? I actually and honestly really.... don't know, sorry. I will say this and do so very boldly... I myself could do this if called upon for such help by the forum. How could I or any one do such time consuming forum research in order to help match one thread to another, let alone merge them into one thread?

Well, I know that I could read one thread in order to get the just or meaning of it (what that thread is about). I then could do a forum search with only key words and phrases from that thread. Doing this I am searching for other related threads only. Once I locate... if I locate another thread that is related to the other thread that I'm doing a search with (confused?) I then read through carefully what that thread is all about. If I find many similarities between both threads and then... and this may or may not be possible... I then merge the two threads together. As a forum god... I mean mod (lol, sorry) maybe such can be done?

I mean, can you stop and imagine the possibilities here? For example, a forum member actually reads a few other threads and doesn't find any similarities to the new thread she or he would like to post. So the new thread is posted. However, while creating that new thread this forum member also happened to check the box concerning more forum conservation and membership unity (unity concerning your allowing your new thread to be related to another forum members thread, which is a form of forum membership unity). A day or week later that same member is informed via PM that her or his thread has been recently merged with a similar thread that was started over a year ago and here is the link **** **** *****

What this does is bring back to life that old thread from a year ago. This is what we forum vets call, "BUMPING" another members post or thread (thoughts/ideas and such). Next, all those posts and replies from that older thread of a year ago is now offered to all forum members of today.. on today's postings. What does that do? It's more less what the possibilities are concerning the constant change of our reality. In this case it also concerns this hypothetical forum example. New forum members, those whom have never had the opportunity to read that one year old forum thread (mostly because they never knew it existed or they didn't want to take the time to search for such possibilities - from the forum search bar using related key words), all these newer forum members now have this thread facing them on today's forum thread menu. What catches their eyes is the fact that this older thread had over 1,000 views or more. So they open it to read through the posts on it. They then find or more very intriguing reply or replies from one or more forum members. So they to, the new forum members, now post a reply to that old thread as well.

Another idea if for those involved, who would like to be involved, to place a though provoking eye catching slogan in their forum signature. A slogan that promotes more unity and forum conservation to all old and new members. Maybe we could think of a few and then vote on which one to utilize?

I'm talking about forum evolution here people. The results of which you may or may not understand, so why doubt or not be part of something that you don't yet understand all of!? Let us talk about the possibilities here, ok?


Kevin aka Clarity of Awareness

12th May 2010, 22:32
Thanks for that Kevin, I don't disagree with you but feel that the challenges that await us all require more than you suggest.


12th May 2010, 22:59
thanks for that Kevin, I don't disagree with you but feel that the challenges that await us all require more than you suggest.


more than clarity suggests? :blink: i thought clarity's proposal was ambitious..l

12th May 2010, 23:17
Dear lightblue,

I come to this conversation due to my Miliatary background. I also agree that Clarity's comment was ambitious and in an ideal World would be perfect. sadly I've seen the other side of the coin and believe that the "end game" will be a bloody scenario in the extreme. I'm standing by to do things that others would find distasteful. If we can all pass into the next density without chaos then well and good..I'm just not sure that we can. I believe that we will all have a role to play during the coming years and my expertise whilst not being particularly Spiritual is also necessary in my view.


12th May 2010, 23:36
rimbaud, you are right - it's best to be prepared.
best wishes l:nod: