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9th June 2010, 14:46
I just read that Meg Whitman, who is running for California Governor, spent $70 Million of her OWN money (not to mention any funds she raised) on the primary campaign alone! In 2007, the salary for the Governor of CA was $206,000. So tell me what is the motivation for spending millions and millions of dollars for this job?

I can't begin to express how disgusted this makes me feel, on so many levels. Do you really think she cares about the unemployment levels in her state, or that her state is in a financial crisis?? Is there no better use for $70 Million????

9th June 2010, 15:01
$70,000,000 for 530,000 votes.

That is $132,075.47 per voter.
Gosh, it gives me goose bumps just to know we Californians are worth that much to somebody!


9th June 2010, 15:45
californians better pray that they turn their politics around and save the state.
I grew up when US cultural trends started in SoCal.
now, california has gone dim, turned onto itself and broke(n).
such a beautiful area of the world that has become negligent and needy.

9th June 2010, 16:28

California is basically F.U.B.A.R. Has been for about 20 years.

The Democrats in the Assembly are routinely re-elected. They are mostly of the Jerry Brown ilk, and cannot possibly fathom a world where they run out of money, or someone to tax for more. They would sooner eat their own leg, than spend less.

The Republicans are completely reactionary to this, to exclusion. Most of them who gain office do so with millions given for special purposes. They seem to spend their time, not in dismantling a failing system, but just making sure "their money guys" get what they want out of it.

The state, like the country, is headed for a financial collapse, and sadly I don't think anything else will ever change a thing, here.

Politicians here are simply following denial down a nasty hole. I haven't seen enough fight in the people here, to make a change, in over 40 years (prop 13). Yes, it's disheartening. We can do better. We just won't. So...

9th June 2010, 17:01
I started thinking about how if even half this amount of money was spent on 50 gubernatorial elections, what that would amount to and how it could be spent to actually help [I]somewhere![I] And that is just for starters.... think of all the other political campaigns that occur every 2 to 4 years and how much money is spent on them! My opinion is that candidates should spend their time on the road campaigning- talking to their voters face to face, in town hall meetings, etc., not spending tons of money on television advertisements.

There isn't enough fight in people, as Fred said. They'd rather go work at their low paying jobs that they hate, buy 4th of July plastic dishes at Walmart and watch their favorite sports game with a six pack of Busch. And don't get me started on how much professional sports players make.

I hate it when people say "well that's just the way it is, so no use complaining about it". I refuse to accept that. I don't know what can be done, but I intend to start looking into this- I've had my head in the sand long enough.

9th June 2010, 17:16
there was the time when california was responsible and a wonderful place to live.
then the late '60s happened and it wasn't the same since. all the wingnuts who came from all over the country
to live the age of aquarius stayed well after the party was over.

since we've all been reset by persistent bad governance, there is the chance to reset all these mounting problems
by shaking ourselves out of complacency, getting involved and evolving into real, substantive people again. it's possible.

as a post-hippie, I'm ashamed to see what has happened to our culture, CA and like states of confusion.
I now golf.