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9th June 2010, 15:02
I have been searching for the TRUTH of How and Who really runs the world for many years. It wasn't until I saw the last episode of The Edge TV interviewing this bloke called Freeman until all the pieces of the puzzle finally came together.

He Predicted the 911 Terrorist Attack and the last Market Crash October 13th to the day.

His latest Prediction is that the Vatican will take control over the Temple Mount in Jerusalem on the 4th July 2010 or 2011 which will start WWIII.

His Prediction starts @ 3.10 mins into Part 8 of a 10 part interview.


He also states that Obama, His Wife & Children are all Clones of ancient Egyptian Rulers and offers some pretty good research backing up his claims.


Note: If you are like me and are trying to put all the pieces together you will be amazed at how Freeman links together HOW & WHO really runs the world. He also has done outstanding research on Freemasonary, Mind Control, Cloning, Chemtrails, UFO's, Secret Knowledge, Ancient Religions, etc etc...


I recommend you watch all 10 parts of the You Tube Edge TV interview where if you have'nt heard of this guy Freeman before, you too will start Connecting the Dots as I did.

9th June 2010, 15:18
Wow! Thank you very much for this :-)

9th June 2010, 19:17
Thank you Jackovesk.

I really doupt, to say the least, that the Vatican will take control over Temple Mount in Jerusalem. The Vatican is on a very quick decline in the trilateral power. And the Temple Mount is claimed since centuries by both the jewish and the muslim... So... Predicting it will be in the hand of the catholic church soon is not even a very wild bet, it is a total lack of observation to the current dynamic of the geopolitical world. Only my opinion.

Namaste, Steven

10th June 2010, 18:44

Terence McKenna - Timewave Zero

Novelty theory attempts to calculate the ebb and flow of novelty in the universe as an inherent quality of time. It is an idea conceived of and discussed at length by Terence McKenna from the early 1970s until his death in the year 2000. Novelty theory involves ontology, morphogenesis, and eschatology. Novelty, in this context, can be thought of as newness, density of complexification, and dynamic change as opposed to static habituation. According to McKenna, when "novelty" is graphed over time, a fractal waveform known as timewave zero or simply the timewave results. The graph shows at what times, but never at what locations, novelty is increasing or decreasing. According to the timewave graph, great periods of novelty occurred about 4 billion years ago when Earth was formed, 65 million years ago when dinosaurs were extinct and mammals expanded, about 10,000 years ago after the end of the ice age, around late 18th century when social and scientific revolutions progressed, during the sixties, around the time of 9/11, and with coming novelty periods in November 2008, October 2010, with the novelty progressing towards the infinity on 21st December 2012.


You can get your own Timewave Zero Calculator here, Just tick the "Launch Timewave Box" in the Main Menu on the top left side and save the file to your desktop or wherever and double click on it to launch the caculator and have fun. ;)


I can't say I believe in this stuff.

Although It's fun to play with the Timewave Calculator from time to time. :wacko:

10th June 2010, 19:15
Thank you Jackovesk very interesting, I like Freeman he is a character!

Grizzom, thanks for that too, the webbots are also predicting big events for those sort of days, they call it tipping point so well better be prepared for whatever


Humble Janitor
10th June 2010, 21:03
We shall see. I do not take predictions seriously anymore. Anyone can name a date and a place but they cannot accurately say that it will happen.

The Obamas as cloned egyptian leaders is just as out there as Orly Taitz's claims. It would make a good plot to a hollywood film but I don't think it's true.

I don't even take Webbot seriously. People are just too hung up on negative events (war, death, famine, etc) and they should be focused on positive events using positive energy.