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9th June 2010, 19:45
A Lesson of Boundaries and Polarity -Revist- Egypt 1 Year, 3 Months ago
Dear Family,

There is a stunning crossroads of change upon us shifting this planet. Much will reveal and continue to unravel for many of us, and including this group. I feel this necessary to share to begin an unraveling dialogue. I have had a recent lesson of respecting my own boundaries as a human being.

Let’s talk a moment why understanding polarity issues is a huge step towards spiritual maturity and having inner integrity with your source light. I hope to clarify this topic to a better understanding. This will help to improve personal energetic discernment with this utilized as a basic foundational understanding.

God Source projects creation by polarizing within itself. It projects consciousness into smaller or separate units. At the different levels of dimension, planets, human beings bodies all the way into the smallest particles. All these levels are interactive with each other and the consciousness flows back into the levels of unity with the Source. We would not regard polarity as something that is “ negative” if we understood it is fundamentally inherent in all of creation, it is the natural creative process – polarization and integration.

Since that we deal with issues of polarity every day, how do we best effectively deal with the situation? Polarity are issues of separation from ourselves or Source, and separation from others that may indeed create ego issues of conflict. To be effective we must generally agree that we must first find that place of inner light, unity and integrity within ourselves. We must self integrate into our Source consciousness, this is our personal level of responsibility to spiritual maturity. This is a first point of agreement that is a fundamental block of actualizing your inner integrity to be aligned to God/ Source.

So when we have a problem or issue that comes up in our daily life… do we deny the problem? Do we detach from it as a state of reality by calling it an Illusion? Or do we understand the problem in a larger context of how “polarity” works so that we can effectively deal with it?

Let us say you are driving your car and you get a flat tire. How do you deal with this? You could say it is all illusion and that this is really not happening and try to fix your tire with your mind. Or you can face the problem, change the tire ( call road service!) and resume your driving.

We could say in a practical context if we deny the problem we also deny the solution. When we try to un-create the problem through denying it exists we only allow the problem to go unresolved. When we actually face the problem, bring attention to it, we are not reinforcing the problem we are facing it. The problem already has presented itself to you and its already “ there”. To be effective engaging with the problem is generally a positive strategy in contract to denial. Regarding problems as illusions does not necessarily resolve the problem.

Now take this practical example into the WORLD scenario and its various conflicts. It is absolutely certain we all would like to “ see” something else happening, a beautiful paradise of everyone’s creative expression and total freedom from debt or other levels of slavery. We would like to not know there are unpleasant things happening around us and we may even want to get away from it all and go back “home”. However there is a part of US ( The One) a part of creation that is really blocked down here. There is a part of US that is really suffering. There is a part of us impacted and affected, even sometimes trapped by the dramas that play out in the world, in our human family, with our loved ones and our personal circle of friends and community . We cannot afford to ignore the fact. Knowledge or awareness is not in itself “ separation”. We can be in our integrity, aligned to our inner source and be very much aware of what is actually going on around us. Bringing attention to this awareness and knowing about it does not promote separation or polarity thinking. It is in how we deal with it.

If we focus on problems in the context of solutions it removes the blockage created by polarity issues. Greater Knowledge should not motivate fear in you but be understood as a base for effective action. Knowledge and accurate assessment is the basis to return you back to the stepping stones to resolve the issue/problem back into integrity. When you detach or deny the issue from existence you separate the problem from a solution. If we can come into a place of integrity ( self sourcing and energetic containment as supported with the 12 D exercise) we can face problems and embrace and bring resolution as effectively as we can.

We all know and respect the beautiful humans who are “ beyond polarity”. Before we can regard ourselves as beyond polarity we need to address the following inner questions.
Can I consciously integrate my whole being, physical body included back into the Source here and now? Can I ascend through the dimensional structure of creation, the holographic reality right now? Am I completely unaffected by the world events, free from money, free from seeing wars and genocide and starving peoples? Do All I see is a created paradise around me? If you cannot do these things, you are not beyond polarity. Until that time there is a part of you , a part of US and the collective One that is trapped in polarity from various distortions that have transpired in the natural processes of creation. You have to ask yourself if you can afford to deny or be ignorant of these things that are happening during this important cycle of time.

Yes our higher parts of identity, some of them are beyond polarity. It is our lower parts of identity, such as our human-ness that need our attention. It is our body consciousness as a human being that is in the most need of rehabilitation and healing. If we detach from the physical realities of our body and what is actually happening on the planet ( and the agendas that we are all enmeshed and a part of) we risk losing a valuable part of our human-ness, many levels of that identity.

It is not about judgment anymore. It is not about blaming or assigning value of good or bad anymore. It is about being REAL and being effective from being informed. We have to get clear about what is working and not working so we can bring ourselves back into integrity with our God Source as we can.

The core of our own energetic sustainability, our ability to effectively take responsibility for ourselves and our evolutionary direction hinges exactly on this knowledge of polarity.

The core of our ability to maintain a state of Oneness with each other depends on our level of personal energetic sustainability as it achieves integrity with your inner source light. If you do not have inner integrity you will look to depend on someone outside of you, or feed off of something else externally. When you feed off of someone else or something , you then become parasitic and many times are intruding on the energetic boundaries of another human beings right to exist.

If you do not respect each others' boundaries and own your own stuff, you will be unable to create mutuality or effective solutions. If others need to make you wrong, recognize the ego game and refrain from engaging. You do not have to justify your existence to others and they do not have to justify their existence to you. Am I trying to make someone wrong? Is someone trying to make me wrong? Are we respecting each other's boundaries and right to be? Can I engage this with effective action ?

In repeating my core message that I fundamentally attempt to communicate in all my expressions I offer to this group:

Command your Space, no matter what.

Claim your Sovereignty.

Claim and own your Freedom.


Nothing can or will possess you or take this away from you when you know yourself as the truth. Please note: although no board code and smiley buttons are shown, they are still usable.