View Full Version : UFO seen from satellite Flying Over Hurricane Irene 8-26-2011

winston smith1971
28th August 2011, 22:57
In a video captured by the International Space Station, a satellite orbiting Earth, a UFO is seen flying through the space between the satellite and Hurricane Irene.

Judging by its distance from the satellite, the roughly rectangular UFO appears quite large, and seems to have wing-like structures on its sides moving like fans, possibly helping it to travel.

While moving across the hurricane, which it seems quite close to, the UFO maintained a straight path unaffected by the hurricane. It also gained some height in relation to the Earth, suggesting that its speed is over terminal velocity, allowing it to escape the Earth's gravity.What could this object be? Where did it come from and what gives it the energy to travel at such a speed?

The object was filmed on Friday Aug. 26, when another UFO sighting was made. Around eight white orbs were seen in the night sky above New York City.

It is unknown whether these sightings are related to the hurricane in some way. UFOs have been seen at the same time as other natural disasters, for example just before and during the Japanese earthquake and tsunami on March 11.