View Full Version : South Carolina Govner preps for next year's "financial tsunami"?!?

12th June 2010, 20:29
Interesting this escaped....

South Carolina Governor Issues 107 Budget Vetoes


COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) In his final attempt to influence state spending, term-limited South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford says he's cutting more than $300 million from the Legislature's nearly $5 billion state budget to prepare for next year's "financial tsunami."

Sanford issued 107 budget vetoes on Wednesday, including the entire section to be paid with money that still needs congressional approval. He says the Legislature should not designate the roughly $200 million that may not come. If it does, he says it should be set aside to prepare for next year.

But state budget writers say the bulk of that money won't be set aside regardless, since the pending increased Medicaid match from the federal government would go directly to the state's Medicaid agency.

Sanford's other vetoes total about $100 million.


14th June 2010, 16:06
He's certainly right. Not sure about the timing, but the wall must be hit very soon. We cannot inflate the currency to infinity, so at what point does the printing of phoney money stop? We've been warned about this for decades and decades, from back in the 1700s. Fiat money is designed to fail. It's inherent in the system. We seem to be living at a time when the latest failure occurs. Fiat has failed every time, since the 1600s/1700s when it was 'invented'. Over and over the money masters manipulate the flow to their advantage, sucking off the bottom until there is nothing left to slurp up. Then they start all over again with the same scam. It works every time, as we are gullible and ignorant.

It is so rudimentary that no one notices. What is inflation? No, it's not prices going up, it's value of the currency going down. Ever time the Fed prints up a truck load of money for their use, our dollar goes down in value. It's the grandest scam in history. Right under our noses and not 1 in 1000 understand. The greatest con EVER!