View Full Version : Natualy Life has Needs,Should you just give up and die? Or try to pick apart the lie?

Astar Of David
12th June 2010, 22:10
I've noticed there is a "need" to point out that "needs" are natural. There are so many people caught in so many lies. And I am here to help. Why? Because nothing makes me happier than seeing fellow man "doing things right" not according to some personal way but according to the "right way" and the right way is to follow "truth" and not the "lie" because when we follow truth we flow with nature. And since nature flows within us, then we should seek truth. And if nature flows through us and around us, does it not make sense to act on our nature? Such as hunger, thirst, or sex? With out these "desires" there would be no natural reason to live life.

Should you just give up and die? Or try to pick apart the lie?

Why not face your fears and let humility in? admit you were wrong, pick up the pieces and start to live a new life again as free as you can be. And then decide if you all like or dislike life. Because judging life based on only the negative view of life is absurd. Because there is a whole new way of life on the way.
So just sit back and enjoy the ride, live life lovingly and truthfully and be who you are not someone you are not. You have certain needs to keep you happy and certain needs to keep you alive, don't deny these natural needs of life. It is part of your existence.You are alive you are human you have needs, you have desires. Of course these "desires" should be controllable and done within reason of love,care, and or share, and not with intent of using abusing and or selfishness. Know when you've had enough, Know when your hurting someone. Know when your abusing something. If you are aware of these things then you are able to make changes in yourself. And that means well on your way home. Enjoy the simple pleasures that life and planet earth has to offer while your alive.

*If you do not have total control of yourself then please wait on these ideas as the shift is not complete, some minds are still not released.*

12th June 2010, 22:27
For me its the middle ground Neither attraction or aversion.
Its a complex subject. There has to be a common understanding of what is good and life supporting Astar otherwise its a free for all. I want I take I have.
I know you are not sugesting that.
everything in balance.
Responsibility in all things.
Eat and drink sensibly, safe and responsible sex if out with marriage. I dont really have an opinion on sex out with marriage.
Regards Chris

12th June 2010, 22:36
IMHO, a new world is going to need a new way of life, and we are well in our path to that new world. I agree with you that desires attach ourselves to THIS life, but that might not be our natural state.
Who knows. I just follow my intuition. I can't be wrong that way, whatever the end of the path turns out to be.

frank samuel
12th June 2010, 23:55
There's a balance in nature so it is the same with us. Creating that balance takes at first discipline and focus, because humans are creatures of habits be it healthy or unhealthy. For example overeating is a habit that is hard to break and it is reflected in our society and as we all know is related to many health problems. Keeping a natural balance in everything we do is a must once we develop healthy habits then by all means enjoy the simple pleasures that life on planet earth has to offer. Its great to be alive!!!:dance3:

Astar Of David
13th June 2010, 02:49
Thanks to "greybeard" for pointing out, that I forgot to include a note about self control.
Thanks to "frank samuel" for his comment "enjoy the simple pleasures that life on planet earth has to offer" That I edited into the original post.

*Both points were meant to be in the original post to begin with*

13th June 2010, 03:18
one does what one must

it's easier to move a mountain than to change one's nature

it's impossible when one does not see any wrongs in it

even if God says this and that is so

one would perhaps not argue with Him but one would not drop the instincts just like that

because that is so much harder than making excuses for keeping the habits

and maybe try to convince others to keep the same

so one is not left alone as the only one with that habit

one should not try to make a right wrong and a wrong right

for that makes one a fool in the eyes of the wise

no Im not naming names

just generally speaking

about the connection between bad habits and wrong doings