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The One
4th September 2011, 18:00

Taylor Wilson invented an inexpensive radiation detector for use at U.S. ports.

•At age 10, Taylor Wilson built his first bomb out of a pill bottle and household chemicals
•Government officials wanted Wilson's research for counter-terrorism efforts
•In spite of his efforts to make the world safe from terrorists, Wilson is seen as a menace

While his beanpole frame and Justin Bieber--esque haircut suggest he's just a harmless kid, his after-school activities paint a far more ominous picture. At age 10, he built his first bomb out of a pill bottle and household chemicals. At 11, he started mining for uranium and buying vials of plutonium on the Internet. At 14, he became the youngest person in the world to build a nuclear fusion reactor.

"I'm obsessed with radioactivity. I don't know why," says Wilson in his laid-back drawl. "Possibly because there's power in atoms that you can't see, an unlocked power."

Shouldn't teams in hazmat suits descend on Wilson and shut down his operations before someone gets hurt? On the contrary, there are people in the government who think that Wilson is key to keeping this country safe.

"The Cold War is really when nuclear physicists got their shot, and those people are all retiring," points out one of Wilson's mentors, Ron Phaneuf, a professor of physics at the University of Nevada in Reno.

"I think the U.S. Department of Energy is a little concerned that the motivation of young people to get interested in that kind of science has waned. I think that's one of the reasons doors have been opened to Taylor. He's a phenomenon, probably the most brilliant person I've met in my life, and I've met Nobel laureates."

more here http://www.cnn.com/2011/09/01/living/teen-nuclear-scientist/index.html?hpt=hp_bn8

5th September 2011, 02:32
Great news for the future - someone with talent and inventiveness being employed by the governmenet to design new weapons, Whoopee doo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5th September 2011, 03:22
G'day The One,

In a similiar fashion, I once had a student pilot, who was also an absolute computer whiz-kid. At the age of around 15, he decided that the F15 Tomcat's flight characterisics on his computer game were not to his liking, and so decided to find something better online, and he did. He hacked into the Penatgon, and downloaded the necessary files that allowed him to upgrade the way that his computer game ran, for, in his estimation, a more realistic flight experience.

He was caught, and duly classified a threat to national security. Given his age and apparent lack of ill-intent, no further action was taken at the time, but he was well aware that later in life his actions were going to cause him problems. He would be by now...............around his mid-thirties.