View Full Version : Blinded by the lies

Unified Serenity
6th September 2011, 13:42
I really liked this song and looked it up. It was used in the documentary about Mr. Zundel Avalon thread German reich Exists (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?29757-The-German-Reich-Exists..-&p=301928&posted=1#post301928):


I think I will save it and play it every morning because it's how I have felt for 20 years. I cry for the blind, the loss of desire for truth in the masses, and the likely future for those who refuse to see, and who will meet a blissfully blind long sleep.

I love you all, and thank you for sharing on Avalon even when we seem to disagree, we are all truth seekers .... well most of us here are.

Unified Serenity
7th September 2011, 00:26
bump cause I doubt many got a chance to see it. I never saw it on page 1.