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The One
6th September 2011, 19:17


I don't remember how I came across this article today ... but it appealed to me very strongly as it tells of celestial worlds we have been blindsided to ...

The write will resonate or not resonate with the reader .... but sooner than later ... this celestial awareness will be open to the mainstream of humanity ...

And we will then be counted as part of the alliance of Positive Light stars ...

If you want to take a conscious outside of the box .... and a conscious break from the turmoil around us ... visit this site' http://andromedacouncil.com/about.html

If nothing more the first 2 minutes of this video says a lot ... and to some, will confirm much ...

Yet so few in this mainstream reality are even willing to consider the celestial worlds around us ...

But nevertheless we are heading into such an era of awareness rather we're ready or not ...

Video HERE



Milky Way and Andromeda Galaxies

By Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd

In an exclusive ExopoliticsTV interview by Alfred Lambremont Webre with a human representative-contactee of the extraterrestrial governance council known as the Andromeda Council it has been revealed that the war of liberation against a 4th dimensional Orion grey and Draco reptilian alliance has been won by the forces of the Andromeda Council as of the 3rd quarter of 2011. The attempted the occupation of Earth, our moon and Mars by this grey-Reptilian alliance is over. The defeated grey-reptilian forces have been sent via stargate into the far reaches of our universe.

The Andromeda Council representative states in his ExopoliticsTV interview that the forces of the 4th dimensional Orion grey and Draco reptilian forces that remain on Earth consist of small pockets of isolated forces around such as Washington, DC.

According to the Andromeda Council representative, the defeat of the Orion grey and Reptilian occupation force on Earth, moon and Mars has the effect of leaving the Illuminati and Annunaki power structure on Earth, moon and Mars without any effective 4th dimensional back-up. Any attempt by the remaining grey and reptilian forces to assist Illuminati “false flag ET invasion” will be defeated, and any false flag ET invasion will fail



6th September 2011, 23:21
Hmmmmm.... an interesting read. I've always wondered, though, about names. We gave the name "Andromeda" to that sister galaxy. Same with Tau Ceti, Sirius A and B, Zeti Reticuli....as well as naming planets in our solar system. We call this planet "Earth" but who knows what beings on another world would call it...if they were aware of us....I find it strange that these alien visitors/benefactors use the names we have given these celestial bodies. "Andromeda Council" to me sounds like something from a human mind. No offense intended, The One.

Extraterrestrial governing councils communicating with humans....I love the idea of benefactors of humanity....and to think of waging war in the heavenlies to stop the imprisonment of humanity...sounds absolutely biblical. If this were true, though, why not give clear evidence of contact. This would be the perfect time and opportunity to prove to humanity that other intelligent species exist and are extending the hand(whatever appendage) of friendship. I don't doubt there are et's or even governing councils I just don't know that I believe this story....or some of the "channeled info" I read here on Avalon. And that's tough on me because....I WANT TO BELIEVE.