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7th September 2011, 20:30
Hello friends.
Please bare with me on this thread as im sure what im about to say might offend people of a more "spiritual" nature, but please keep in mind that it is in no way intended, or deliberate.

It has come to my attention as im sure it has to others over time, That sometimes we seem to look for answers in anything we find.
As the followers of the alternative media, we pride ourselves in never over looking information, and this is a trait we should be proud of.
But i do feel sometimes it is our downfall, even when we seem to be "critical" of certain information we still harbour the idea, and as a result either panic, or pass on the info, to people who may not take it so lightly.

The list of this "information" is too long to list and im sure anyone reading this has pet peeveís regarding certain subjects.
The main one i will address for now is, off course Elenin.
Now i will say this one thing first, Elenin is a real "body", but what, we honestly dont know.
I feel that some people are getting scared over the thought of it being some kind of doomsday device, or a Rapture Mothership, Even Nibiru.
Now we know it is there but so far all the evidence, and please bare that word in mind EVIDENCE, indicates its a small body approximately 3-4km in size, that will pass nowhere near earth in AU terms.
Now i know there is evidence that supports that when its is aligned with other celestial bodies it has created natural disasters on earth.
But this could be HAARP, the government doing it on purpose to make us think its Elenin.
Or maybe gravity is more powerful than we think.
But there is always that word hated buy all conspiracy theorists, Coincidence!
Maybe it is.
Im not trying to bring anyone down and im not a nay' sayer neither am i a debunker.
But what i am saying is its getting to the point where there is so much information on one subject that the truth is being lost, buried in wishful thinking or harmful doom prophecies.
And lets imagine for one second that it is a divine act of the creator, who are we to question it, who are we to say its bad,
Lets be honest TPTB have cast there net over this planet, we cannot escape.
We are born into bondage, forced to live lives separate from the creator energy, separate from our very souls. Why should we rely on E.T.'s helping us, i really hope with all my heart they do, and i am a spiritual person.
But i believe allot of people are "hiding" behind the idea of getting exterior help, to do anything themselves.
Maybe God realises that we cannot really escape, its not like we have a modern day Mosses to take us to the promised land to live pure lives.
There is nowhere on this planet TPTB donít have some control over.
Perhaps its feasible that the creator is helping us by destroying the dark ones utterly.
But this may come at trade off destroying us also, The difference being we will return in another form to do it right!

It has happened before when God decided that the Earth must be cleansed so he gave Noah the charge of building the arc, For God was to wipe the Earth of the negative forces.
Maybe its happening again, and we will experience rapture, Wouldn't it be an amazing thing.
I meditate i undergo spiritual journeys thatís why i feel i can take this stand without fear off lowering my vibration.

But what will we do if Elenin passes, IF 2012 comes and goes.
Then what?, will we find another thing to put hope into, Because that is what this boils down to i think, Hope.
I Personally believe that something will happen, and i hope it does but if it does not, We must start to look into more practical means of changing OUR WORLD because it is just that my dear friends, OUR WORLD!

Which leads me to the meat of my post, The NWO.
I came to an epiphany that i would like to share with you friends.

They are already hear
They already control us
They are in complete control

We have been led to believe that Big brother will come in the form of The cameras, the police state, the fascism, the curfews, the one currency.
Total BS people, we are being controlled right now!
AND evidently they donít need all of the above, and more, to control us.
Because they have control now, just think about it for one second.
We get up we go to work to perform an irrelevant task (most of us, but not all).
We eat junk food which we are told is okay, then we go home, watch the soaps, then sleep,
Then guess what? We do it all again.
Maybe we are different on here and other Alternative media sites, but most of the world lives this life, never asking if it is right or if it FEELS right.
We just get swept up in the quest for a fake currency that sets us above our fellow man,
How dare anyone assume they are better than anyone else!
TPTB have controlled us ever since they convinced us to leave nature and pay taxes and fines for the "privilege" of "civilised" life, And eventually told us that in some cases it is illegal to leave society.
We have been banned from our own planet, from our mother spirit.
Where told itís for Natures protection but we do more damage to her now than we ever did!

The Native Americans tried to refuse this life that was offered to them, they found it repugnant, but there protest was met with Genocide, no matter how you cut it, thatís what it was.
They knew that the natives where living the right path, they cared for the land, they followed the buffalo, always vigilant that they never over hunted.
Always aware of natures delicate balance, never leaving a heavy footprint.
Then Europeans wiped the buffalo out in a fraction of time.
And took the land from the people who lived there for millennia.

And hear we are the "apex" of human understanding and love.
We are but a few friends, but together we can really unite, we can really start to get the REAL ball rolling, instead of sitting around waiting for some "divine" ascension,
That may not come; we could be throwing our heart and souls into real action.
Posting pamphlets, I donít mean be "that guy" people are afraid of in the high street that hands out doomsday prophecy pamphlets.
But wear a suite, go door to door, asking if someone would kindly read through our pamphlets.
Try to get influential people involved.

I thank you for your time reading this and once again allow me to reiterate that i am not trying to come across as a dictator of information neither am i pretending to be above anyone here, in fact im still a novice to allot fo this.
But it is my view.
And this forum is a respectful and enlightened place and feel i can share this with you friends.
Much love my friends always.

Sean Timberwolf

7th September 2011, 21:04
"Maybe we are different on here and other Alternative media sites, but most of the world lives this life, never asking if it is right or if it FEELS right."

An unfortunate number of people know that something is wrong, but instead of looking for answers, they medicate. A drug addled mind is a controllable mind., and this plays right into TPTB's slimy hands.

30,000,000 Americans are on psychoactive drugs, and this doesn't take into account prescription drug abuse, opiates, and the people's drug of choice- alcohol.


Nowadays treatment by medical doctors nearly always means psychoactive drugs, that is, drugs that affect the mental state. In fact, most psychiatrists treat only with drugs, and refer patients to psychologists or social workers if they believe psychotherapy is also warranted. The shift from ďtalk therapyĒ to drugs as the dominant mode of treatment coincides with the emergence over the past four decades of the theory that mental illness is caused primarily by chemical imbalances in the brain that can be corrected by specific drugs. That theory became broadly accepted, by the media and the public as well as by the medical profession, after Prozac came to market in 1987 and was intensively promoted as a corrective for a deficiency of serotonin in the brain. The number of people treated for depression tripled in the following ten years, and about 10 percent of Americans over age six now take antidepressants. The increased use of drugs to treat psychosis is even more dramatic. The new generation of antipsychotics, such as Risperdal, Zyprexa, and Seroquel, has replaced cholesterol-lowering agents as the top-selling class of drugs in the US.