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19th March 2010, 17:01
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the whole disertation http://www.youtube.com/freemantv#p/c/D79D54A53FF89C51/0/nvSg-uimPyg


20th March 2010, 12:14

I posted this video to start a discussion about victim conscioussness and how it does affect us and may or many not have been the cause that keep us locked in this paradigm of constant waring and other ups and downs of life in which we feel victimized and disempowered. Freeman in this video (which is the 3rd of 5) says

"..As I became awake and aware I went through the different cycles of grief that all of us do when we realize we have been dupped and I felt anger, I felt sorrow, I went thorugh all the different satages until I realized acceptance, until I understood I chose to be here, and released myself from the victim mentality[B] that wants to be the dark hero, [B]the enemy is manufactured...

I am able to speak of love and smell the flowers....I was always in a wonder world and was able to express joy....and it is this message that is forgoten from all the methods of indoctrination that we receive

There is this email from this man that thinks that the evil is coming from outside when we must realize that the evil is generated by us because we support the system that creates it

So what I find empowering from his words is that by accepting that we are co-creating the system that we don't like and releasing the blame to others we can heal and forgive ourselves and move on, but how did we created it in the first place?

We created it with our subconscious mind, 93 pct of us that we do not know. We can of course try to know what is that other 93 pct, but if you are tired and just don't want to study more for a while, that is ok too

What can be done? ....Become mindful...there is a very simple and cunning method and that is the 6 minutes awareness check up. It means that every six minutes you check what you are thinking and if you are thinking what you don't want to see in your life, you just say to yourself, no I chose to think this instead, without judgegement, sadness or guilt, just change what you are thinking for what you want to see in your life and move on, do it for as long as you can comfortably, ther is no goal, no end line, just practice makes perfect that is all....like when one learns to ride a bike

And report here if you want how you are getting along and how your life is changing

The bottom line is, to have a victim you have to have a victimizer but if there is no victim the victimizer has to find another job

Love to you all

Rob Wood
20th March 2010, 17:07
If you buy the idea that every life form is a spark of the same being, then we are all both the victims and the victimizers. I do believe that every breath we take is by choice, and I also believe that when a rebel in Rwonda hacks off the arm of a child, it is all of us hacking off the arm of the child. When a fighter pilot drops a bomb on a wedding in Kandahar, we all share responsibility. At the same time, when someone extends a hand in friendship, we are all extending that hand, and when one of us commits an act of kindness, we have all committed that act. We are one.

The only explanation that makes any sense to me is that we (the universal we) are a conflicted being, capable of both destruction and creation, torture and kindness, hatred and love, death and life. I believe that the only way we can be healed is to choose to create rather than destroy, extend kindness rather than inflict pain, love rather than hate, and embrace life rather than death. We can only do this as individual sparks. The more of us who choose rightly, the faster we will be healed.


20th March 2010, 17:18
This topic at the core of the fight.

20th March 2010, 18:28
Thank you for your wonderful insights! We are all one and we are all individuals with free will. My proposal is to basically ditch the victim conscioussness that has been programed on us and basically to recognize that as you say choose rightly and choose to be empowered

We are only victims if we choose to be victims, we can respond to the same situation in a different way.

For example, I live in a see side town in Britain, and we have seaguls that normally break the rubbish bags, so I can feel a victim or I can just clean up the mess and accept that they too have the right to existance and it is me the one that is tempting them by putting out yummy food residues, or I can but a plastic bin that will prevent them accessing the black bag.

We can change this paradigm, it is up to us to leave the system behind


21st March 2010, 08:26
i know exactly what u mean re-seagulls.

everything is ok! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGA9ZUEa3ZY these guys have some balls...mucho respect to them

it is all a choice
peace always

21st March 2010, 14:00
Great video, thank you


21st March 2010, 14:10
I have another story today :) related to victim conscioussness

What happens when someone tells you off? Specially when one percieves that the others may be doing something that may harm them? Don't we feel victimized? The inmediate thoughts that come to my mind can be: after all that I am doing, why am I in the path of irrational people? what have I done to deserve this?

I had a ponder last night (the energy was quite intense) and relized that we all have a little trait of saviours and want to prevent others from having their lessons, maybe is a good thing that they have their lessons, even if it looks terminal, as if something will kill them. Perhaps if we let them, the next time around they will not do it again or they will.

I was feeling vitimized because I could not reach someone...well stepping back I think they have the right to crash against the wall if they want. Then I was able to feel peaceful and realized that I am only responsible for myself, as in I will bear the consequences of my free will only.

One can only have a dialogue with another if the other is willing. I am learning to shut up more :)


21st March 2010, 14:16
Hi Stardust,

Shutting up a lot more is what I learned and do more and more.

Victim, perpetrator, saviour, hero...it is a circle going round and round and round.

Jumping off a spinning wheel takes a leap of faith.


21st March 2010, 14:44
Thank you


21st March 2010, 15:32
I think there is another explanation to this. The answers lie within us, and when we meditate and look within, everything, the infinite universe is there, and our connections to our Higher Selves and beyond. We're here on lessons, but also in a kind of trap, for its as not simple as no victims. There are billions who need to be equalized, and its our love and seeing with awareness and love, and advanced consciousness that enables equalization. The leaders don't listen to us, they are serving negative nonterran darth vader types. Millions of letters don't change their agendas, but they do open their eyes to our eyes being open, and we can give them advice on how to pull free from their contracts with these negatives and recover themselves. What is going to happen, what lies ahead, what some call a harvest, depends on us and our state of consciousness. If we really go within and discover our metaphysical abilities, who we are, and beam love and light, and start to pull together, and pool resources, and share, and ask for help (for in this infinite binary type, duality computer box universe), there are many positives and we're all connected and they can hear us, and we only have to go within. As above, below, without, within, infininty. What is human in an infinity program? What is the matrix? What is a limited reality box, mortal box, doing in an infinity program anyway? Look within, and with heart felt emotions, (emotions manifest) send out the need for help.

This isn't a lone wolf program. Its not about humans doing it. Lots talk like that. Its a program designed for unity, love, advancement, so lending a helping hand, here on earth, or the cosmos lending a helping hand, and modeling that program of assistance, so we always lend a helping hand, and teach others to do the same, is the correct one.

Who are we? Who are the Designers/Creators of this system, this infinite reality box. 111111111.....infinity. 0000000....infinite planets. What are the symbols for the matrix? 99.999......%? What does 9 11 mean then? The matrix, the mortal reality box in and infinite universe. This universe isn't in a duality of equal force however. The duality is a backdrop for learning, but we've learnt it already here, and need a much more advanced world with softer lessons now, and need to pull in this change,not a reset, and truly feel for everyone, develop our psi, our telepathy, and the universal understanding and advance. Duality is but a framework in the lower levels, though in infinity, what is lower, what is higher?

Within us, lies the whole infinite universe program, that we created. We are .01% of our Higher Selves who are the other 99.99% though how can a fraction work when we are infinite light? This is our project, and we manage this universe, program it, delete old programs (ie big bangs), dispose of stuff in the waste basket (black holes), but never data, no souls go there. The dark side only has so much it can do, and spends a lot of time with its plans, and harms a lot of people briefly doing it, but we ourselves, our HS's are way over their heads, and the programmers managing the whole system, we also set the rules for life, so the dark side really doesnt get the big picture.

Our Higher Selves (who collectively could be termed the Divine, and its up to us to chose whether to see Divine permanently within all, or Divine also, since everything is a fractal containing the whole, waiting hidden for us all to learn and reach perfection. It hardly matters now, either way, because the Divine is not a jealous God who demands worship!) guide, watch over, nudge, push, and answer our prayers. When we look within we see and connect with inner sight. We are the light.

We need to really feel for everyone and all of nature and stop the suffering and pull in a better ending to this play in 3d earth. We need to free people from karma and get more and more growing and advancing, sharing and loving, going within as well and discovering, changing the ending to the play. We're the ones we've been waiting for.


edit to add: There are no greater or smaller, we are all equal. And even the smallest ant is equal to each of us. We are the ones overseeing, and creating this system, and the ones learning lessons in in it. There is a singularity in consciousness, so we feel the same, but...many in one, for in infinity, as we are, as fractals, we are always ourselves as well. And all of this is within.

In the video, the answer lies in the end.

21st March 2010, 15:59
Thank you Mystiq for your deeply thoughtfull post and a video with true perspective! The only thing I could possibly add is that while chosing not to be a victim is a personal choice, I think that within the laws of probability the more of us that choses to be empowered and accept that we are the creators of our reality, the more energy (quanta) we will gather to propel this shift

Be the love you want to see :love:

21st March 2010, 16:17
Yes, we need to be Mr. and Mrs. Love and light, and beam this to each other, and maybe some local groups of awareness and preparation too. But never forcing. Like minded people radiating outwards as resource group that draws more. Love is a special ninjitsu, that we should all practice, our best weapons against the apathy many are glued in, the mind control, and the dark side too, because they need some love too.

Its a good focus for those who have more choices to take responsbility as in ho'onoponopono, and to declare they're not victims, but...the world is not quite like that. And if we focus on the upcoming events without truly understanding the underlying lessons in the lower 3d duality, the lower chakras, the base survival, the usary, versus helping, the power hording, versus empowering and sharing with all others, etc, etc, if we don't reach to the others with love and equalize, feel the need to do so, yearn for it, send love, and give......giving unblocks us, then we are missing the point of the unity it requires to go onwards, the feeling for each other strongly, and all nature, and the outcome or events ahead may not be what we wish to face. I believe this can be a lion or a lamb depending on us, and the best way to receive is to give.

And its the biggest challenge any of us has is how to do this. So to me its a combination between we are not victims, to truly seeing how many in this world really are, and how unequally we live.

We need to be LOVE. :love::wub:

16th May 2010, 14:27
everything is ok! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGA9ZUEa3ZY these guys have some balls...mucho respect to them

it is all a choice
peace always

AMAZING link mike... thank you soooo much!!
with love x