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15th June 2010, 09:40
Fulfilling our Divine Mission

by Meg Benedicte

The rare and extraordinary planetary alignment of Jupiter and Uranus in the first degrees on the Aries Point this past week ushered in a brand new awakening of personal purpose in regards to global regeneration. In other words - our personal purpose in life is directly affecting the changes occurring on the world stage. For if we decide to disengage from the corrupted systems that no longer work anymore, what do you think will happen?

We have reached a crises point in our world where every human soul alive today must review, analyze and decide just what institutions, social systems and behavioral mores they will support and which ones they will 'pull out' of. By removing our energy and power from an outdated system, we are essentially weakening its existence to survive. If all of us abandon the system entirely, we have set into motion its total collapse and elimination from our present paradigm.

And so I encourage you to fuel your personal quest with the Aries Point infusion, to decipher just what systems your Soul incarnated into that need to collapse. These would be established institutions or systems engrained in our society that no longer support life on this planet! Start with reviewing your childhood and identify what, if any, dark systems you were exposed to. You may have incarnated into a family dealing with addiction, abuse, poverty or slavery, sexual predators, greed and competition, parasitic co-dependency, dominant patriarchal inequality, broken marriages, etc.

Your family of origin will reveal many of the outdated, toxic systems your Soul has come here to collapse. As you methodically extricate your energy from these dark systems, you are subsequently fulfilling your true Soul purpose. Just as we resolve, heal, and clear out karmic residue during our personal healing process, we must proceed in the same way with our global collective consciousness. They are interwoven and interacting with each other. In true Aries Point energy - the personal and the planetary are indistinguishable.

We have dedicated our presence on Planet Earth at this particular time in order to accelerate human evolution. By replacing collapsing systems with the new paradigm of a unified community, our Souls are raising the level of human consciousness to the divine. We are the 'change' our world so desperately needs. Every time we unlock and dismantle another corrupted system of darkness, we are building a New World foundationed in unity consciousness and unconditional love.

No longer accept the darkness of your past...reject it and release it. Pull your energy and power away from the past, and infuse it into ideas, projects, communities and causes that expand you and fill your heart with passion and joy! We have the power, the awareness and the means to change our world!