View Full Version : Dutch say They Could Speed Gulf Oil Recovery with US Permission

15th June 2010, 20:52
In Louisiana and other states on the Gulf of Mexico there is frustration over what many residents see as a slow response by the U.S. government to protecting coastal areas. Some critics of the Obama administration cite offers by the Netherlands in April to supply sophisticated skimmers and dredging devices, and the administration's failure to accept the offer. The issue is as murky as the oil slick now threatening regional beaches.

A Houston-based company is now cleaning oil off surface water in the Gulf of Mexico using sweeping arms that attach to a boat and help gather large amounts of oil. These sophisticated devices were provided by a Dutch company with years of experience in such operations, but instead of using the Dutch ships and crews immediately, when The Netherlands offered help in April, the operation was delayed until U.S. crews could be trained.


15th June 2010, 22:35
This is not the first time that Dutch offers to help were spurned by the US administration. The last time I remember is when the US were having some problems with thier sea defenses in New Orleans and the Dutch offered expert assistance from thier world class Dyke engineers.