View Full Version : NEED TO BOOK CAMPING FOR avebury meet 23.7.10 - 27.7.10

Jan Rodrigo
18th June 2010, 20:24
hi there all would love no if you are still coming to avebury meet 23.7.10 - 27.7.10 because now i would like to book all camping spaces and need to no the numbers to book for would be lovely to see you all there we are looking forward to seeing you all love to everyone IT WOULD BE GREAT IF YOU COULD SEND ME PM TO LET ME NO IF YOUR COMING CHEERS.

jan rodrigo or morguana

Jan Rodrigo
19th June 2010, 11:21
just to bump

19th June 2010, 11:56
Book me in and I'll be coming up with three others including yourself :laugh:- so four all together. :wink:

19th June 2010, 14:01

see yer there happy campers:cool:

19th June 2010, 14:09

a! go on you know you want .....