View Full Version : Where does a Spirit come from?

19th March 2010, 19:35
I know there are a million different theories on reincarnation of spirits but let me share with all of you what my guide has shared with me.

I started wondering when I was searching for missing children how some were easy to find where others I needed aid to help find them and this is how it was explained.

on earth there are many old spirits like myself who have lived many lifetimes on this planet.

Spirits aren't just created from a massive pool of energy, they are "born"

Each parent shares a piece of their spirit in the creation of their children... So ancestries are continuously crossed and brought together with other spiritual families.

what started as 144,000 different "families" have now grown to millions but also brought them all together as 1 universal consciousness.

through the little piece of spirit passed down to you by each of your parent's spirits gives you the memories and experiences of all of your ancestors that came before you.

Through my dreams I have gone back through many lifelines, others with the same spiritual connections that cross mine are able to communicate directly to me through thoughts and ESP.

As interracial marriages have expanded across the globe, it has accelerated the process of bringing all of us together, there will be a time in the future when everyone on this planet are connected.

I have told many of you that I had connected with time travelers back from our future, I have seen the future of our planet through them.

But I have never once connected to a gray:alien:, and I have never seen them in my dreams. If we are an experiment why were none of their spirits a part of our universal conscientiousness?

Were they all created in test tubes with no originating spirits?

If they believe in the one, how did they take a piece of it and blend it into our DNA?