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20th March 2010, 07:26
Starting this thread as an experimental attempt to decipher possible messages from the dream world
balancing between our one each uniqueness of expression as individuals and the common ground of experience as One.

Attempting this cause i noticed quite a volume of recurring patterns shared between people all over the planet
spanning over years of researching dreams as a hobby realizing how consciousness tries to communicate with a mind set
through a dream in order to help further expansion in awareness.

So this is an open invitation to all those want to share their dreams and those able to help in the interpretation
knowing how difficult is to distinguish the personal use of the symbols from the general archetype.

The dream world here is not considered as a fantasy or unreal world but as another dimension usually called as the 4th
and a dream can, in that sense, be an actual visit to this dimension and so is not confined to just "dreams" but also visions,
vivid dreams, lucid dreams and experiences of the astral in general.

As a side note and as a start i want to to direct the attention to dreams involve:
- buildings, all kind of them from rooms to houses to public buildings to castles, bus stations and airports.
- transportation, cars trains buses airplanes helicopters boats and so on.
- bridges, from small creek bridges to the big urban ones.
- water, sea rivers pools pods rain storms any kind of water appearances.

Rob Wood
21st March 2010, 18:35
At the risk of sounding like a heretic, I believe there is plenty of evidence to support the idea that the dream state is the clearing house our brains use to process the impact everyday life has on our consciousness, and little or no evidence to support the theory that they have some sort of cosmic significance. If I were going to try and interpret my own dreams, I would probably start by recording what I had to eat and drink every day, and see if there's a pattern there. I already know for certain that if I have too many liquids before I go to bed, I'm going to dream about water. I haven't notated pizza, jalapeno peppers or garlic yet, but I'm willing to bet that those foods affect my dreams in particular ways, as do concerns about finances, personal relationships and the general state of my health. I wouldn't even attempt to interpret anyone else's dreams.