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Lily de Cuir
14th October 2011, 10:31
Hello Everyone,

Let's use this to spread the word in Oz, it's MOVING...!

It just takes one action from all of us to do ONE thing.

Spread it around!

The link is main stream media:


Yay! Cheers to all....
Lily de Cuir

Lily de Cuir
14th October 2011, 10:40

and for good measure, another BUMPETY BUMP!

Lily de Cuir

14th October 2011, 11:04
On my facebook page. Thanks Lily

14th October 2011, 11:33
Re: the vid Go Kookaburra!

A police spokesman said officers estimated a turnout of 300 people between 2.30pm and 4.30pm.

Well, it will probably be raining, but we're not talking a two-hour occupation here...

Lily de Cuir
14th October 2011, 12:34
From small things, big things grow.....


15th October 2011, 07:11
And indeed it was NOT raining. Awesome turnout today. Unable to give an estimate of numbers, but you can see for yourself from the photos.

The first General Assembly

More here: http://s1236.photobucket.com/albums/ff453/supportoccsydney/

There is a camp set up in the middle of Martin Place. No attempt has been made by law enforcement to remove it or block its establishment even though the police had stated the Occupation was to be finished by 4:30pm today.

As expected, some of the more radical voices were some of the loudest, but hidden agendas cannot beat consensus.

Tomorrow the Sydney Occupation may merge with a large anti-coal seam gas extraction (fraking) protest so numbers are likely to swell further.

From Little Things, Big Things Grow


Lily de Cuir
15th October 2011, 07:59
Hey nottelling!

Thanks for the feedback in Sydney. I LOVE John Butler Trio, didn't know they did a version of that song.

I've never listened to all the words before, yeah I know the story of Lingari, Lord Vesty, Whitlam etc.

Good post! Thanks.:thank_you2:


15th October 2011, 10:37
I read they have about 70 x 2 & 3 man tents set up in Martin Place. All peacful, a few usual noisy cointelpro peeps, but some strong union representations (CFMEU, NTEU) speakers.
Unfortunately people are also saying over the internet that just dont understand what its all about *groan* - This might hopefully help awaken a few!


PS: Love JBT

15th October 2011, 12:47
Quick update - police moved in and "seized" gear - tents, shelters, etc. All were thrown into the back of a couple of Sydney City Council garbage trucks. One protester was arrested when trying to block the seizure.

Consensus has been reached on remaining in Martin Place all night - without gear. Us Aussies are a hardy bunch - even the urbanites ;) Although an uncomfortable night is in store, the Occupiers are warm with the knowledge that every police enforcement action publicises the Occupation and serves to swell numbers.

Although special operations (rescue) and mounted police have left. There remains a large contingent of General Duties and riot police onsite. It's unknown whether they intend to leave things be for now, move in during the wee hours as is their way, or to stay all night.

This is straight out of the Denver Police playbook - carbon copy of what happened to #occupydenver. Just as we are learning what works from overseas experiences of the past week or so, so too are law enforcement.

Tomorrow will see a renewed effort by the Occupiers as they are joined by members of an anti-CSG rally, but the big test will be when we see if the Occupation is able to stay put into the working week. On Monday we'll see whether we live in a police state or not.

For the record - I have seen the notice of intention given to both the Sydney council and the NSW Police - although there was a start date and time - there was no end date - "they" decided on 16:30 as an arbitrary end time for the Occupation, not us.

Lily de Cuir
15th October 2011, 13:06
Hi nottelling,

Yep us Ozzies are a hardy bunch. Convict stock, most of us. That's why we buck authority and the system. It's in our DNA. If they think they will get the NWO started here in Oz, they are mistaken, big time.

But we have to continue to get the word out.

They took all your shelter and stuff? ****! Let's hope there are members among the police force who are on the side of the people.

Keep us updated and informed if you can, notelling.

All here on PA, please write your support to these brave warriors as we sleep in our warm beds, while they are without shelter and sleeping on hard, cold concrete in Martin Place, Sydney, Australia.

I salute you all...

Lily de Cuir

16th October 2011, 01:46
The weather last night was perfect :) Right up until the wee hours it was almost balmy.

One of the points of discussion at the General Assembly this morning was whether to remain in Occupation into the working week. Right now it's about 12:45 pm on Sunday afternoon, and we KNOW there will be an attempt by law enforcement to disperse the Occupation so all the suits coming into work on Monday don't have to put up with a bunch of "hippy ferals" (LOL - I look about as far from that stereotype as you can get - as do many others here) disrupting the start of their work week.

Interestingly, even at around midnight last night the Reserve Bank of Australia building was a hive of activity - lights were on and executives and staff were seen through lighted windows scurrying around attending to "important things". Perhaps the presence of a couple of hundred "hippy ferals" quietly talking, playing an impromptu game of cricket or jamming with an acoustic guitar intimidated them so they had to have a complement of staff onsite all night? Seems to be quite easy to get inside their OODA Loop and disrupt it.

But anyway, a decision has yet to be reached on whether the occupation stays through the week or whether the bulk of people go home and regroup next Saturday for the weekend. Personally, I think we'll have consensus on sticking it out and we'll see where that leads us. Last night's police raid on the LIBERTY Place camp was a show of force designed to intimidate, so many of the Occupiers are aware of the threat of arrest and that the boys in blue will play for keeps.

As always, "we'll see" lol

EDIT: Some photos and video here: http://overland.org.au/2011/10/occupy-sydney-protesters-assemble-at-martin-place/

16th October 2011, 02:32
Hi nottelling, thank you thank you thank you - I am truely grateful and humbled by your actions. I cant physically "occupy" but I am more than willing to offer support with other things. (food, bedding, torches, musical instruments, cricket set, vollyeball, etc ????)

Please, how can I assist you. I dont go past Martin place or the Reserve on my way to work, but I can come up after work tomorrow and drop off anything you need, I work in central. I will pm you my cell phone number and you can let me know (if you think thats a good idea.)

This is THE good fight. We are 100% behind you and I wish I could do more.

(PS: dont blame the coppers, they are doing a job and are told what to do. Odds on most of them are struggling just as much as the rest of us and can see thru the deceit.) Talk to them, befriend with them if you can - they are human like us and will understand.


16th October 2011, 03:42
Thanks Karen,

The police have been pretty chilled out, even friendly and the atmosphere after the raid was reasonably relaxed. There are always some in any protest who see the police as an enemy to be fought or an obstacle to be overcome, but most see them as pawns at worst and as our own private security guards at night at best. ;) Without a doubt the NSW Police are part of the 99%.

18th October 2011, 12:03
Forgive me, I'd almost forgotten about this thread - quick update...

Item 1: People are getting upset that extremist groups such as the Socialist Alliance and the Socialist Alternative are talking all over everybody - that's on the street, online and during General Assemblies. There is some serious discussion about how to prevent the Occupation from being co-opted. This is an "I told you so" moment for me personally. From the beginning in late September I proposed that the Occupation accept the participation of everyone regardless of their political persuasion, but that banners, flags and literature be limited ONLY to those which promoted Occupy Wall Street, Occupy Together, Occupy Australia or Occupy Sydney "brand". The idea behind this proposal was to root out the extremists via their online pissing and moaning before the event started and if the proposal had been accepted, the Occupation would be having fewer issues than it is today. This is because groups such as the Socialist Alternative will give up and go away if their propaganda groups (that's THEIR designation BTW) fail to gain popular support during "campaigns" such as this one. But don't take my word for it - http://www.solidarity.net.au/pdf/Politicalpractice.pdf THAT document is a self-criticism article which goes in-depth into their propaganda techniques.

So, is my pathological un-love for these extremist groups clouding my judgement? Am is seeing reds under every bed? Dunno. Maybe. But here's a quote off an Occupy Sydney Facebook page which serves to prove my point:

I've been at the Sydney Occupation, and by all accounts it seems to be falling apart.

First, the Police came for our tents, and the occupation did noting.
Then, they came for our ability to sleep, and the occupation did nothing.
Then, they came for our shelter and toilets, and the occupation did nothing.
When the Socialists came for the occupation, the occupation did not have the energy to fight them.

What has started as an upbeat, inclusive movement centered around positive action threatens to be pulled down into the same stilted, useless rhetoric and sign-waving that has hampered movements in this country since the 70's. The occupy movement is not a left-wing or a right-wing movement. It is a movement of the people.

Enough people in this country have had negative interactions with Socialist Alliance, Socialist Alternative and Solidarity to cause them to turn around and walk the other way when they are present at an action. This is what happened with a group of farmers on the weekend, who had traveled from MOTHERFraKING WAGGA, only to leave because of the socialist signage at Saturday's rally. This also happened with at least one group of university students.

The socialist groups are currently arguing in the General Assembly for their case to increase the amount of signage and political materials they can have present. They have people showing up to the GAs who filibuster relevant issues, then leave at the end of the GA.

This. Is. FRAcked.

What can be done?

Motions are being put to the GA to prevent the use of any and all branding beyond that of the Occupy/OccupyAus/Occupy Syd movement, but there is a high chance that they will be filibustered.

That's the reality behind the e-vil communist plot to co-opt Occupy Sydney. I say "e-vil" only half-jokingly.

As you will see from the PDF file, they are simply there to recruit and get some on the job training for their "Propaganda Groups" - THAT is all. They don't care about anything apart from furthering their own "e-vil" agenda. This movement in Sydney will go nowhere unless all political branding apart from "Occupy" and "99%" is removed. These freaks are causing people to turn tail and leave in droves. Hell, I'm sick of their crap and haven't been down there for a couple of days. Perhaps I'm sick of publicly being called "deeply reactionary" or" an idiot" or "a right-winger" or even "bacon" by these idiots whenever I disagree with their point of view. At the end of the day the extremists don't care what happens to Occupy Sydney. I dare say they are expecting it to fold and wither shortly due to internal divisions. No skin off their nose. They don't support the core message and they are getting in plenty of practice for their "revolution". Once again, we get screwed by a vocal minority and their pretty words. While I support the Occupy movement in general, I'm seriously one step away from turning nasty on Occupy Sydney - not only towards the extremists, but also towards the VERY silent majority who won't face the issues at hand. Turning nasty in my case means very public condemnation of Occupy Sydney amongst my readers. I'd hate to see it go that far, but I feel duped and betrayed - I didn't participate in Occupy Sydney to help elevate some extremist's public platform. Do. Not. Want.

Item 2: The police removed the Occupation's generator and gas cookers today. That means no power for laptops, PA system, etc. and no hot food unless we buy takeaway at elevated city prices. That's a real bummer. The police have no doubt seen what's been happening in places like Rome and have added those visuals to the extremist crap being spewed forth by the likes of the mini-Che's and have come up with a threat assessment. You see, cops operate with an officer safety focus. A gas cylinder can easily make an improvised, but very devastating bomb and the fuel for the generator could be used to make molotov cocktails, or could be poured into a building through a smashed window... the cops have no choice but to plan for the worst where this particular occupation is concerned. Then there's the flip side where the folks who are camping are accusing the police of intimidation tactics and making it impossible to maintain a long-term occupation of Martin Place - remember, no tents allowed, no tarps allowed, now no generators allowed and no cookers allowed - I understand how the occupiers could feel the way they do. Interestingly, Sydney's Mayor Clover Moore came down to the Occupation today. When asked about the council bylaws which prohibited the erection of structures such as tarps and tents for the occupation, she seemed to agree that they were necessary for the occupation to protest "distribution of wealth" and "income gap" issues, but palmed responsibility for the seizure of camping equipment off onto the cops. Basically a politician ducking and diving - did we expect anything better?

So that's the major wrap up of the past couple of days of Occupy Sydney from my perspective. I'm sure there have been some wonderfully positive things occurring above and beyond the doom and gloom I seem to be harping on about, but I've had to focus on the internal catfights and logistics/legal issues. Hopefully soon I can get in there and enjoy people power for what it is and I sincerely hope my next report brings some more positive insights into Occupy Sydney.


19th October 2011, 02:56
I never have a problem with a peaceful protest. The protest is a good one although I have not seen anything that the protesters are asking for. They really should be protesting their government. I said the same thing about the US. Don't blame Wall Street - blame the politicians that allow Wall Street to act as they do - legally. Wall Street is merely a symbol of something bigger. Change the laws and the businesses will follow. Prosecute those that commit fraud - not those that are greedy. Let the punishment fit the crime - don't punish successful, legitimate businesses. Punish the CEOs and accountants that provide misleading information. Vote out the politicians that passed the laws - vote in new ones to change the way thinsg are done. But don't go too far, or there will be no incentive for creation. Steve Jobs did not work for the good of mankind. That was a by-product of having the vision to have Apple create new products and greater profits.

Be careful what you wish for - it just might come true. Be prepared to communicate by pony express, since computers, Facebook, cell phones, cars, etc will not have been created.

etheric underground
19th October 2011, 03:14
Hey Lily ....
Perth began there occupation stance last saturday in the
necessity to awaken the people of perth of the C.H.O.G.M conference
being held here on the 28th of October.
The movement is growing and the energy is positive....
All the best to you all in Sydney
May the light shine from the devine....

20th October 2011, 23:19
Occupy Melbourne is about to be evicted by police. At around 9am they moved in and corralled the protesters inside a temporary fence before sending in riot police. At time of writing it's a standoff, with the protesters gathered around the Aboriginal embassy representative's tent - I assume for some sort of supposed legal protection. Live stream here: http://www.justin.tv/occupymelb#/w/1940660192 - currently offline because the dude's laptop battery died. I expect a new feed to come online shortly.

It is interesting to note that a protester on a loudspeaker on the livestream has been busily telling the Victorian police words to the effect of "there are some here who have been protesting various things for a long time. They do not speak for all of us!". It's clear that Occupy Melbourne has a problem with an extremist minority group just like Sydney. Part of the modus operandi of these groups is to provoke a disproportionate police response in order to garner public sympathy. Unfortunately, that doesn't necessarily apply in this case - all these extremist provocateurs are doing is ensuring that Occupy Melbourne WILL be evicted. Sure, the Occupation will probably come back in larger numbers judging by the amount of onlookers outside the fence booing the police, but the gloves will be off next time. They are setting the stage for violence or a riot next time - which will only discredit the movement in the eyes of the 99%.

Let "experienced activists" take a leadership role in a leaderless movement and you'll get what they've always gotten, which is nothing. So what's the solution? There isn't one - it's too late for Occupy Melbourne. If you've listened to the livestream of the GAs for Occupy Sydney, you'll see extremist provocateurs behind the mic trying to whip that Occupation up into an anti-police frenzy as well. They aren't concentrating on their common enemy, they are being led down the garden path to concentrate all their energy against the law enforcement. Sigh. These idiots have no idea what they are doing and do not listen to reason. Fail.

Occupy Melbourne being evicted - coming soon to Occupy Sydney.

21st October 2011, 06:38
I've been offline since this morning, so I'm not sure about the latest from Occupy Melbourne.

Here's some vision from this morning of the eviction - http://video.heraldsun.com.au/2157468584/Occupy-Melbourne-protest-chaos

21st October 2011, 08:30

I am beginning to wonder why my subconcious wants to wake me up each morning.

21st October 2011, 19:45
Families in Support of Occupy Canada just sent out this message:

Tell the Mayor of Melbourne that the world is WATCHING!!!! I am writing from CANADA and WE are WATCHING!!!

Here's what I wrote:

«Dear mayor,

I'm a grandmother from CANADA and I'm WATCHING!!! Shame on you !!!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aPbcAd-d-tw&feature=share »

I know it's not much, but it feels good!

22nd October 2011, 12:27
Latest news from Occupy Sydney...

Occ Syd held a rally today, being a Saturday. Unfortunately numbers were far fewer than were hoped for or expected - around 400 people showed up. The police were again out in force - this time actually standing in defensive echelons three deep, which indicates to me they were trying to do a passive "show of force", which is a little ridiculous. Dog squad were in attendance but weren't used. The police pooches were basically locked in the back of their vehicles for a few hours in the hottest part of the day until the dog squad dudes took off - hopefully to give their K9s some water.

Despite the low numbers, the day went well. One of the Sydney unions put on a BBQ, there was some live music as well as the usual discussions, etc. Then this afternoon, there was a disturbance...

Two Occupiers were jumped on and arrested. The reason for the first arrest is unknown, but the second can be seen in the vid below - the guy was inciting the crowd, who were getting worked up and narky, really narky. The police jumped on this dude and they were then pelted with rubbish by the crowd. Luckily the situation did not escalate.


OccSyd media has declined to comment on the status of the arrested occupiers or on the events leading up to the arrest for legal reasons - which is probably a very good idea.

After Occupy Melbourne was routed by police yesterday and with these two arrests in Sydney today, Occupy Sydney is on tenterhooks. I wouldn't be surprised if they were ejected sooner rather than later. My thoughts on why this has been allowed to escalate can be seen in previous posts in this thread, so I won't go into them again.

Edit: More on the arrests here: http://idunnonews.wordpress.com/2011/10/22/police-assert-dominance-at-occupy-sydney/

NSW Police tonight arrested two protestors in a bid to assert their dominance over protestors. Both men were watching the protest from the mezzanine outside Westpac in Martin Place when the first man was pushed by an officer telling him to leave. The man responded by pushing the police officer back, two more officers swooped in and forced the man to the ground. With the man firmly on the ground, a police officer sat on his back and began punching him with a closed fist in the head. A second man, also on the mezzanine began alerting protestors by yelling “look, is this democracy?” One police officer then shoulder charged him and four more tackled him to the ground and cuffed him. Both men were placed in the back of separate vans and taken to City Central Police station for charging. The first man was charged with assault and the second with trespass. Inspector Paul Simpkins said he couldn’t say when the men would appear in Magistrates court, “it will depend on their prior criminal history,” he said. Both men were passively protesting in an area that many had congregated in early that day.



22nd October 2011, 22:31


Police dawn raid clears Occupy Sydney protest
October 23, 2011 - 8:46AM

Forty people have been arrested during what protesters say was a violent dawn police raid on the Occupy Sydney site in the CBD.
Police, including riot squad officers, raided the site at Martin Place shortly before 5am and cleared the area of more than 100 protesters.
Advertisement: Story continues below
Do you know more? Text 0424 SMS SMH ( +61 424 767 764 ), email us or direct message on Twitter @smh
Activists said police bashed and manhandled protesters who refused to leave the camp and confiscated their possessions amid violent scenes.
Forty people were arrested and 29 of those were issued with infringement notices for breaching a local government act, police said in a statement.
Four people are expected to be charged with assaulting police and seven were issued filed court attendance notices for breaching a local government act.
Occupy Sydney spokesman Mark Goudkamp condemned what he said was excessive police force in breaking up the camp.
"I saw bloody noses, I saw police throwing punches and I myself was put into a wrist lock like I have never experienced before - I was screaming in pain," Mr Goudkamp said.
"Police were clearly on a mission to get us out of there and they used whatever force they decided was necessary."
The raid came after two protesters were charged with assaulting police and resisting arrest last night.
A police officer was treated for lacerations to his head after he was allegedly struck with a metal torch.
Hundreds of protesters have been gathered at Martin Place over the last week as part of a global campaign against capitalist greed.
On Friday, there were violent scenes at the Occupy Melbourne site, with 100 people arrested as they were forcefully evicted from their City Square campsite.
NSW police said the protesters only had approval to protest for two hours on October 15 and said activists had repeatedly ignored police directions to move on.
"The NSW police force this week attempted to negotiate a peaceful solution to the standoff, but were rebuffed," a statement said.
"While the NSW police respect the right for people to protest and free speech, police maintain the protest breached City of Sydney regulations."
Mr Goudkamp said he was disappointed the Sydney protest had ended so badly, but said the movement would continue.
"We were there for a over a week, which is cause for celebration," he said. "And the movement is still very much alive, and will continue, even if it is in another form."
However, there are no immediate plans to return to Martin Place.
"Police have made it clear they will do the exact same thing again if we return," Mr Goudkamp said.
Instead, protesters will meet at University of Technology Sydney (UTS) at 5pm (AEDT) on Sunday to discuss what they will do next.

I'll say it again - let wannabe extremists such as the Socialist Alternative, Socialist Alliance or Solidarity take a leadership role in what is supposed to be a leaderless movement and you'll get what they've always gotten - which is nothing.

I know for a fact that these groups were stacking the General Assemblies, with their members in many cases only coming down for the GAs, blocking anything which didn't fit their organisations' various agenda, ensuring consensus on anything which did fit their agenda, then leaving shortly afterwards.

People in the US talk about the Occupy movement being co-opted by socialists. Well here in Australia it has been co-opted by the worst of the fanatical socialists, but it's been done by stealth.

I wonder how many of these try-hard Che Guevara types were actually at the Sydney or even the Melbourne Occupations when they were broken up? My guess... few if any.

Such a tragedy that a movement which held so much promise here as a forum for discussing the issues and brainstorming possible solutions has been shut down because people with an agenda had steered it in the exact wrong direction. Now we're going to see rabid condemnation of the police rather than thoughtful condemnation of the corporatocracy. More wasted energy. The worst thing is - Occupy Sydney and Occupy Melbourne did it to themselves.


23rd October 2011, 10:12
And of course, blinkered by my rabid un-love towards the socialist extremist scumbags who helped destroy the Occupations in Sydney and Melbourne from within, I have failed to point any fingers at the lying politicians who have quite arbitrarily decided how long the Australian people may exercise their right to peacefully protest. Luckily for Project Avalon, I haven't yet given these traitors all that much thought.

But (SEVERE LANGUAGE WARNING) THIS GUY (http://heathenscripture.wordpress.com/2011/10/22/) has. SEVERE LANGUAGE WARNING, but if you can see past the potty talk, you're in for bit of a righteous rage directed square at the scumbag who cleared out Occupy Melbourne, Melbourne's mayor (note the little "m") Robert Doyle. Again - SEVERE LANGUAGE WARNING. I swear like a trooper and I was offended, so be advised - especially non-Australians, for which the potty word in question has a different connotation.

24th October 2011, 01:41
Some raw HD vision of the destruction of the Sydney Occupation site has surfaced -


It's pretty self-explanatory, but because I've got a big mouth, here's some commentary.

At the beginning of the video (which is not dated and time-coded unfortunately), you can clearly see Occupiers complying with police directions to vacate the site. These folks are packing up their gear in preparation for leaving. Unfortunately, if the five minute timeframe given by some of the protesters is accurate, it was FAR too little time to pack up the site and move away. While the bulk of the protesters are quite civil and do indeed follow police directions, several are jumped on and bound with either steel handcuffs or plasticuff wrist restraints. You can see from the video that none of the arrested protesters appear to be physically resisting, and yet there are several instances of savage wrist and arm locks being used by police. In one case, the dude being frog marched down to the paddy wagon has his wrist forced up behind his back to the extent that it is nearly level with his neck - Not. Freakin'. On. In another case, a protester has been jumped on by no fewer than three police and is clearly being either punched or suffering multiple baton strikes while on the ground. Un-Freakin'-Acceptable.

A radio interview with the apparent decision-maker, the Assistant Commissioner of the NSW Police Force makes it very clear that the decision to clear the Sydney Occupation site was made quite arbitrarily. He cites the case of a police officer being smacked around the head by a maglite flashlight by one protester, and another police officer being punched by second protester the day before the destruction of Occupy Sydney. You can see some raw vision and some photos of this particular incident in post #21 (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?32534-Occupy-Sydney&p=337903&viewfull=1#post337903) of this thread. I have examined this vision and although vision of the first arrest is not complete, the provocateur who was the second to be arrested on that day does not appear to have done anything other than resisting arrest - no punches are thrown. This casts grave doubts on the Police claims that the first protester struck an officer with a maglite. So are the police lying? To my eye it would appear so, which makes anything coming out of their spin machine immediately suspect.

If the police commanders and indeed, some officers on the ground cannot be trusted not to over-react and then lie about it, what good are they?