View Full Version : I Want The "E Ticket"

14th October 2011, 19:07
OK guys, don't know if you young ones will have any idea what I am talking about. Many years ago, Disney World and Disneyland had a ticket system unlike they have today. You wouldn't have a one price unlimited rides, you would get a coupon book with different tickets for rides.

Disney introduced lettered tickets in October 1955, just three months after opening day. The "D" tickets were added in the middle of 1956 and the famous "E" ticket was introduced in June 1959 with the opening of the Matterhorn, Monorail, and Submarine attractions.

The "E" ticket represented the best and most exciting attractions in the park and the phrase made its way into popular culture. For example, when the first American woman was a crewmember on the Space Shuttle was asked to describe the launch, she called it "a real e-ticket ride." :cool:

Well I have decided if we create our own reality, I want the "E Ticket" to Ascension. After watching yet another video with (Dr. Suzanne Lie) who also claims we create the reality we will experience coming soon to a neighborhood galaxy near you, I want the beautiful, wonderful, knock your socks off, happy ever after, no cataclysm, E Ticket Experience. Suzanne Lie mentions "E Ticket"... I thought that's what I want! :cool::

George Kavassilas and Delores Cannon believe in Ascension and so does Dr. Stankov. :rockon:

I have been reading some posts where people are feeling a little down or depressed feeling that all hopes and dreams of Ascension and New Earth may not happen. :confused:

See this video from Viking's Thread:

So I am encouraging everyone just to keep those positive thoughts and get on the "E Ticket Train". We will have the best time thinking positively and encouraging each other.;)
Hey what do we have to lose? Think big, think positive and hope for something wonderful. If it doesn't happen, no harm, no foul...and we're not any worse off than we were before.