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The One
14th October 2011, 21:16
This is either a bunch of good actors or our minds can be manipulated very easily.If our minds can be manipulated like this then it makes you wonder what else they can do.



14th October 2011, 21:43
It's little wounder ET has a field day , grrrr .

14th October 2011, 22:06
This reminded me of another guy named Raven that performed in my town every year for 7 or 8 years. He was the real deal because my X and several friends got on stage and did some crazy stuff. And they didn't remember anything that happened to them. If they had not seen the videos taken of them they would not have believed what I said they did haha. I tried to search for some videos online but couldn't find any. I did find the following article that said he died at age 41 in 2008. Maybe someone else remembers this guy. I was too chicken to get on stage :cool:


Erotic Hypnotic Show!!! Psychic Hypnotist "Master Of Imagination" Raven is the fastest rising young hypnotist in the country, performing over 300 shows each year! He headlines in COMEDY CLUBS, CASINOS, CORPORATIONS, COLLEGES & UNIVERSITIES across the United States and Canada. What makes RAVEN'S show so unique? IT'S ACTUALLY TWO SHOWS IN ONE! The first part of the program demonstrates the hidden powers of the human mind. Raven will tell people what they are thinking, move objects with a look and even project HIS thoughts into the audience! At no point during the program does RAVEN claim any supernatural powers. The second half of the show is a journey into the subconscious mind. Volunteers from the audience join RAVEN on stage for an exploration into the world of HYPNOSIS! Utilizing the Participants' imagination and their innate creativity they are featured in hilarious and amazing situations that make them the STARS OF THE SHOW! IMAGINE someone you know taking a dream vacation, having x-ray vision or losing their brain! It can happen to them...or YOU! Oh, by the way...would you like to try to lose weight or stop smoking...that's what RAVEN gives you before leaving the stage, the power to change your life. "All i can tell you is his shows are amazing, unbelievable and fun"

14th October 2011, 22:15
The force has a strong influnce on the weak mined :P Try that crap on me and i'd pretend to do the reverse on his words then yank his pants down, while pretending i was still under, lol.
Go Jabba the hut :P


14th October 2011, 22:22
The force has a strong influnce on the weak mined :P Try that crap on me and i'd pretend to do the reverse on his words then yank his pants down, while pretending i was still under, lol.
Go Jabba the hut :P


not everyone could be hypnotized... 5 to 8 people out of 10 would be the norm. I saw 15 plus shows that he put on and more of my friends could be hypnotized than couldn't. Best thing to do is give it a shot haha... find someone around your area and see for yourself. I had many friends that said "no way he will be able to do that on me" next thing I know a 250 lb. grown man is crawling around on the floor with a wet diaper crying for him mommy. The mind is very powerful.

15th October 2011, 17:23
This video disturbs me. One is the ethical issue of making fools of people like this on stage even though they may have "volunteered" but secondly is the fear that i could be manipulated so easy.

15th October 2011, 18:02
My answer to the thread title: YES

We have been by the Churches and still are,
We have been by ultra conservatives/liberal and still are,
We have been by the governments and still are,
We have been by corporations and the ultra rich of this world and still are,
We have been by television and still are,
We have been by temendous publicity pressures and still are,
We have been by our school system and still are,
We have been by microwave and magnetic waves and still are,
We have been by movies and video games and still are,
We are now manipulated by the web as well.

And yes, it is that easy. Knowing the techniques used helps to counter them however, except for microwaves and magnetic waves. Knowing how the psychopaths leading this world think is a major help as well.

15th October 2011, 20:04

It's being done aaaaaalllll the time!

15th October 2011, 21:46
Speaking about hypnosis - No, it doesn't work that way.
A hypnotist can not make you do something against your will unless you are OK with that and agree to this level. Many people often have a lot of misunderstanding about hypnosis.

15th October 2011, 21:50
My friend got hypnotised in a pub to believe she was holding a fairy and then tearing its wings off. She was depressed for a long time after. x

15th October 2011, 21:55
interestingly, here in Australia, The Manchurian Candidate was on the TV last night... more food for thought.

15th October 2011, 23:47
Flash, totally in sync with your comment! No matter how we are being manipulated we still have innate awareness that naturally gives us a tad of an edge, until the elite power puppeteers fry our brain or rather disconnect our brain stem from our spinal cord. Here is one more tactic of the elitists that was in the mail today. A notice from my states electric company, stating that in the coming weeks that a contractor from Honeywell/states electrical tech will be performing an electricity meter upgrade and installing a "SMART METER" and they can install it without your presence at home and do not need your consent. This is a very interesting reading material at sammilham.com, very,very informative on you tube, this gentleman is an authority on dirty electricity. You now have one more to add to your list. namaste, peace & love Universally ! :) P.S. they are using the guise that it will better help you keep track of the electricity you are using! what they are really saying is that they can keep better track of you.

16th October 2011, 03:45
Our brain being manipulated through neural stimulation technology - the God Helmet. Dr. Persinger's research with this helmet is covered about halfway thru the video.


More on the Shiva Neural Stimulation System: