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The One
14th October 2011, 22:05
I have decided that i am not going to post as much.I am going to sit back for a while and read other members post.:cheer2:

This place avalon its a wonderful experiance but i think i need to take some time out time for myself.I will always be here my brother and sisters.I will always be with you but not as much as i was xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx:grouphug:

14th October 2011, 22:12
I use "periodic fasting" in almost everything I do in life... online is a great place to exersize this (eating too!)

enjoy your break, I've always been interested in your postings & that was my role for years on another forum, I know how it can get after a while.

keep doing what interestes you, as that's why your here! :target:

14th October 2011, 22:20
I respect the topics you share but understand the desire to pull back sometimes. If you think you're posting up too much I don't agree although I'm sure others might. If I may suggest pulling back a bit and only sharing the things that make you go holy bats(*t batman! instead of so much, those of us who don't mind your web trawling ways will greatly appreciate it.

14th October 2011, 22:34
Your videos are always great. I have had some good laughs over some of them and found a few of them to be absolutely outstanding. I will miss not seeing your posts as often but understand the need for some time to yourself. I'll be watching for you to pop in, now and again.


15th October 2011, 03:01
Blessings The One,

May you have as much rest as you need as you have well earned it, IMHO. I read and watch all of your posts and you have been a part of my learning here at Avalon. Thank you very much, I appreciate and value your being :)

15th October 2011, 05:10
Relax and enjoy some well deserved time to recharge and rejuvinate.


15th October 2011, 05:34
I could always tell by your posts, How passionate you are, about a wide range of topics we discuss here at PA !
You have invested a lot of your time and energy here! Thank you !

15th October 2011, 06:16
I love hearing from you. Don't be gone too long. I appreciate your contributions.

15th October 2011, 06:33
You deserve it. Really. Be good.