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Darla Ken Pearce
16th October 2011, 15:29
We are in the final weeks before the 11/11/11 and gearing up for a powerful activation and opening. More and more we are being called to our Divine disposition so that we are emanating through the example of balance within chaos. As Lightworkers and Wayshowers, we are integrating the final pieces and parts that have wisely inhibited full flow of Divine Grace. Wisely inhibited? Of course. If it was not beneficial for the improvement of life, it would have been different.

As healing and learning progresses in stages, we savor each part and apply it to the Whole. You are inherently Divine. You need not earn it, but as you actively remember it in all situations, you remind others of their Divinity within, you show a new way of Being in the world, but not of it. As we blaze the trail of Love, increase our stamina and seed new solution in old energy, we are enhancing the flow of Divine Being. It is a sweet space.

Chaos is a free space. Its etymology relates it back to chasm/abyss/open space. Divine Potential, emptiness Ė is where new life begins to form. This is the great teaching of Buddha. The Nothingness is the Everything, and Everything has Nothingness within it, for all life changes. This emptiness/nothingness is potential (which is everything-ah, the circle of life!). Life is Flow, and when you are not polarized to good or bad, you are free within potential. It is here that choice begins to create form. Chaos, embodied in Love.

Knowing is a state of Being. It is not the accumulation of facts through books or teachers, it goes beyond facts from others, though there is definitely value in books and teachers. When you Know, you have the power of application. Itís not just a logical understanding of what the context of words mean, itís a deep feeling of Being One with those words, that they become applicable in your life. So if itís a mathematical formula, itís not just a memorization of 7x8=56, but a deep understanding of multiplication.

Therefore, your thinking mechanism must go beyond factual memorization and open to conceptual understanding. The singular becomes connected to a Whole which applies back to singularity. The circle of Life continues with your Knowing. Divinity flourishes on Earth as you offer it to others through Knowing your powerful Love, Knowing their inherent value and providing nourishment for Divinity to grow with forgiveness, empowerment and visionary creativity.

As we sit to Blast Knowing Divinity, we are remembering Who We Are. We are accessing the Divine Truth within every cell and space between every cell of our magnificent Being. We are embracing All with our empowered space of Love in a Heart so wide open that all that echoes is a reflection of Grace.

We are shining the Light of Love into the dark with a Joy that saturates even the farthest corner. We are nourishing Love in the sweet space of freedom, the emptiness, the non-expectation, for All is Well. Divine One, there is no chasm that can separate Knowing. Blast on!

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16th October 2011, 16:11
I do not want to come across as offensive so please do not take any of the following remarks as a personal attack. :) <3

I propose that you start a thread for each channel and update that thread for each new update instead of creating a new thread each time.

Second, why do you still believe these things? This is a serious question because I used, this is the key word, read Sheldon with great anticipation. However, after so many "it coming soon" "shortly we will decloak" nonsense really turned me off when nothing has happened. I recommend that you pick a year, that is not this one, in his archives and go read several updates and you will find that it is the same thing over and over and over and over and over and always soon soon soon.

This may come across as sharp but: Please stop creating new threads for this kind of thing and consolidate them into threads for different channels. So one thread for Sheldon and all his new ones go in this thread. It would be far more useful in this format because then people can see the continuity of the threads. I feel a new thread would be appropriate when anyone of the channels decides to give an exact date and time of something that will happen. Until the channels put up or shut up confine them to single threads.