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18th October 2011, 14:09
Some Excellent ‘Words of Wisdom & Insight’ from Bill Ryan on (TPTW)..!

...that I resonated with and am sure you will too...

After being introduced by Coast to Coast AM host George Noory at the Awake & Aware 2011 Speaker Introductions, this is a short speech by Bill Ryan providing his take on (TPTW).


What we are up against?
Why they are doing it?
What may have been forgotten by some?


Bill Ryan - Transcript (Awake & Aware 2011 - Meet the Speakers)

It was interesting for me hearing George saying how “We Really Have to Fight” what’s happening now.

…and I have a slightly different perspective

But to use this opportunity to make a little point that I think maybe important to consider…
Everyone in this room knows that for the last 50 or 60 years, may be even much longer than that. Whoever it is that they consider has been running the planet?

Have been Lying to Us, Poisoning Us, Mis-educating our Children, Convincing Us that we are nothing more than animated hunks of meat, Controlling the Media, Infiltrating our every being in every way they possibly can do.

…and Why would they do that..?

It’s evident to me that the only reason that they would use such an enormous amount of force e.g. Their Weapons, Mind Control Capacity, Trillions of dollars spent!

…Why would they do this to us..?

They must be very afraid of us! That means that there is something about us that ‘They Know’, that we may not fully recognise ourselves.

That means that we may be enormously powerful and they are desperately using every means that they can to prevent us from realising how powerful we are.

…and what that means for me is that this isn’t about Fighting. It’s about the collective expansion of Consciousness that is happening all over the planet right now.

…and George you have done an enormous amount of work for that, and everyone in this room is playing their part. There's a rising tide that lifts all the ships including those people on the inside!

Because on the inside, the guys who work for the CIA, those who signed up for the military like Bob Dean did many years ago, the were lied to when they were young men and women just like we were.

…and They are getting as ‘Mad as Hell’ and they don’t want to take it anymore either, and they can’t fight!

So what they are doing on the inside, is that they are facilitating a change that would which we are all seeing around us…(Last couple of words were inaudible due to poor quality video)

Bill's small but insightful speech starts @ approx. 3.35 mins

The Audio quality is not very good on this clip (Hence the Transcript)


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PS – Thanks Bill, it was good to see you, IMHO doing what you do best...

Connecting with and Empowering people from all around the world from a Soul level…

There should be more of it…

PSS - Bill, if you read this post? Anything further you could add to this subject would be greatly appreciated. (Especially if you have received any further ideas/inside-intel to date).


Jack :yo:

18th October 2011, 14:25

18th October 2011, 15:02
Very Powerful,
You are right, these words do resonate!

RIGHT ON! There is a very strong resonation with Bill's message. Simple, Direct and very Economical! ;)

18th October 2011, 15:46
IMO I firmly believe we are very powerful spirit beings inside this body. We have the potential to be "Gods". Not in the sense of being worshiped as some ET's---Annunaki---were/are. We are learning how to do it the right way. Why do TPTW try so hard to keep us down? They realize that that's way. Why are some of us are awake yet many still sleep? All different walks of life. All different social standings. All different backgrounds yet we are awaken . We have "souls" where as TPTW have sold theirs out or were soulless from the get go.

I know from my own journey that things have changed for me. I'm living a spiritual based life. I'm using my life for what I think is the good of human kind. By connecting with that great spirit within you and living that "love thy neighbor as thyself" approach to life things seem to come together. At least they have for me and I'm exactly where I'm suppose to be on this journey.

TPTW do not want what I just talked about to happen to people. They know if human kind finds that balance their show would be shut down. We/they do know that the curtain is closing. Those that are awaken are awaken for a reason at this time . IMO part of the awakening is to help shut TPTW all the way down. No matter where you live. How large the city or how small the town we do our part by "loving thy neighbor as thy self" and that one simple thing will help knock that mountain all the way down....

18th October 2011, 16:37
Thanks Jackovesk , I put the cocktail party up on sunday and was asked politely to take it down because of copy right issues so watch quickly everyone ...LOL

Although in the context of illustrating Bills wonderful point, on how scared TPTB must be that we are waking up to the fact we are much more the we realise, I see no problem, and if anyone wants to see more its been on U Tube for a while ......Cheer Steve..

19th October 2011, 01:17
Some Excellent ‘Words of Wisdom & Insight’ from Bill Ryan on (TPTW)..!

…and what that means for me is that this isn’t about Fighting. It’s about the collective expansion of Consciousness that is happening all over the planet right now.