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19th October 2011, 16:32
So, I watched only half of the "Transcendent Man" documentary movie on Netflix. It is about Ray Kurzweil & his discussion and thoughts about how the singularity is near.

Very scary.

The whole time he kept on talking about how death is a problem. Isn't death a cleansing agent? Something good to refresh the cycles of life?

He talks about immortality and how it will be achieved in the not so distant future.

He talked about this A LOT.

It is OBVIOUS that the world is overpopulated. This idea really rubs me the wrong way. I worry about a potential "singularity".

The world being overpopulated and the world running low on water are our true problems. Yet, he claims death is the problem. This guy seems to have no sense of spirituality.

Something about him seems very cold and "elite".

I do not like Ray Kurzweil.

If immortality is ever achieved (I don't even know why its a priority to him) that would cause a HUGE split. Not even just immortality, but singularity. All those people who couldn't afford to buy more "intelligence". There would be a huge split in human society. Massive.

Very dark.

Sorry my thoughts are so scattered... just had a coffee and I wanted to know everyone's thoughts on this seemingly evil character Ray Kurzweil.


19th October 2011, 19:10
Any man that takes 150 pills daily is afraid of something! Why is he so afraid of death? Like you said, he may not have a spiritual aspect.

19th October 2011, 19:24
He wants to achieve immortality and superpowers through external means. This is not the true way. I wish him all the best anyways.

19th October 2011, 21:35
As the Buddhists say: Any honest search for the truth is valid. Thus, if Ray searches earnestly and honestly, then.... more power to him.

20th October 2011, 00:03
Did his argument about death being the problem revolve around the fact that by the time you are 80-90, youv'e still only discoverd just a fragment, and learnt juts a fragment of life's lessons. If people were immortal, over time everyone would experience everything, from being super rich, to super poor, pain, pleasure, life, every aspect of it.

If that was not mentioned or his intentions at all - then i agree with you wholeheartedly OP. Death is part of life, without death there is no life.