View Full Version : New Pyramid found in the South Pacific

19th October 2011, 17:48

The One
19th October 2011, 17:54
Is there anymore info on this

Something dont feel right in my honest opinion my friend :cool:

19th October 2011, 19:13
Looks manipulated, basically video Photoshop... on modern abandoned concrete somethings.

The acting... wtf? so bad.

19th October 2011, 19:39

There certainly is some evidence that ThirdPhaseOfMoon vids are suspect. I posted this here to get more info on the location of the video -- to see if anyone else had seen the carvings/archeology featured in the clip. Step forward truth seekers. What's the deal with this story? Fact or fiction?

19th October 2011, 20:01
Did he even say where this is? I saw nothing that looked like a pyramid at all. It all looked like formed cement or something.

Lefty Dave
19th October 2011, 20:14
Don't know, and haven't found more on the discovery, or the Thirdphaseofmoon ...however what was shown of the archeological site looked authentic...
the whereabouts would be a start...who this guy Cousins is would be helpful...
having said that...the moment a video is summarily questioned and/or attacked ....well...it always peeks my interest !
Anyone have anything more on this ?

Aetheric Traveler
11th November 2011, 03:53
No mention of location.