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21st October 2011, 03:27
Greetings :)

got 3 in one deal here. Really 4...

I went on a trip to Phoenix Arizona for a little over a week. Litterally just got back. Great time great weather and met up with a fellow avalonian, Heather2012, who was awesome! we had fun.

I had a Raven travel with me both on the way there and back. Id see one sitting on the side of the road ahead of me and when i'd catch up they'd fly off and then about an hour later thered be one sitting on the side of the road again waiting for me. Also had a couple hawks watching over me too.

Always pay attention to nature folks, especially when traveling. Youll see animals watching out for you, usually different birds ;)

Have Chemtrails ever disrupted your cell phone service? I was trudgeing along on the road that seemed to never end watching 2 planes slather the sky in chemtrails. quite disturbing. Happened in every state i went through, out in the middle of no where especially. I'd watch them go across the sky disapear out of my site for awhile and then come back going the other way leaving a nice pretty trail behind them.

To stay on topic... my friend had called me and i was chatting with her watching these planes do their nasty and they had already laid quite a big graph and when i got up to the point it was heaviest my signal dropped and couldn't get a call out or in till i had passed by all of it. Now, i was in the desert and could have just been a weak zone (i had a couple bars just nothing would connect) but iw as wondering if anyone else has ever had a similar experiance with cellphones vs chemtrails?

Lastly, on my way back home i saw something in the sky that was unidentifiable. Hence..UFO (which does not necissarily mean alien, it just means i dont know wtf it was)

I was driving down the road just inside oklahoma around noon, just outside Elk City i believe, and there was a flash in the sky that caught my eye. There was a big circular object made up of tiny dots that would flash white for a second and then basically disapear if you weren't watching. If you held your fingers up the collective group was about 2 inches and very high in the sky,altitude wise. My first thought was a flock of birds that have white bellies or a kind of gull or something and the sunlight was catching them and making them appear to flash.

But it wasn't moving like a flock of birds, infact it wasnt moving hardley at all. Then i had the thought weather balloons but there were very many small dots that made up the collective and exed that one out because im not sure why they would need that many together to do one reading. Im horrible at estimating but im going to guess somewhere between 30-50 small dots.

At this point i figured i should pull over cause i was watching the flashing more than the road. So i did and then i couldn't find it anymore. Disapeared. I sat on the side of the highway for a good 5 minutes watching the sky and nothing. It was a clear blue sky not a cloud in sight (chemtrails started about 10 miles after this, sigh.).

On the rest of my way home i came to the conclusion it was most likely a flock of birds but the only thing that boggles me is the fact it wasn't moving across the sky, seemed to be stationary (just flashy) and then disapeared completely.

Anyone else ever see something similar??? thoughts?

ok im done rambling.


Lord Sidious
21st October 2011, 04:12
At a place I lived at two years ago, the ravens always came out when I went and sat in the backyard.
I would go out and sit in the sun in the wintertime and have a cup of tea. Or two.
And then, the ravens would start flying in from all over.
Sometimes there would be six or so in the trees, a few on the roof of the house and more in the trees around the street.
I ALWAYS talked to them and they would squark back a lot of the time.
Then, when I went in, they flew away.