View Full Version : iS THERE an invisible cognitive highway in which lt links like minded people?

20th March 2010, 14:13
iS THERE an invisible cognitive highway in which like minded people begin to tap into one anothers reality and is it linked to a blood group or DNA ?

20th March 2010, 14:57
There is a morphogenetic field that links all that have been created under the same blue print, as Earth and all that is in it.

From Keylontic Dictionary

The essential link between man, matter and the Cosmos concerns something referred to as Morphogenetic (form-holding) Field. - The Fabric of Creation.

Morphogenetic Fields (MF) are comprised by templates of conscious light and sound which serves as blueprints on which matter form and conscious identity will manifest. This occurs microcosmically and macrocosmically.

Therefore, the universe is one massive field of consciousness embracing and containing all other forms where all experiences of reality and manifestation takes place.

This Cosmic structure/order is the basis of human order and the human psyche in terms of the Cosmic Divine Blueprint where experiential reality fields are created, of templates of energy, divided into groups and energy patterns, which form the morphogenetic structure of each and all 15 dimensions.

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