View Full Version : Planet-size UFO "shooting laser" near the Sun

25th October 2011, 09:06
The date and time for this frame is SOHO LASCO 2 2011/10/24 at 10:24

Another great catch from YouTubber BeePeeOilDisaster!

25th October 2011, 09:12
OMG, well the symmetry is just fantastic so can rule out pixalisation, what about the so called laser though?
And what is it trying to hit with the laser?

the trojan
25th October 2011, 09:33
what came first,the beam or the craft ?

25th October 2011, 15:17
Hi AlexandeLight.
Seen a lot of wierd things going on around the sun from SOHO lately but this one takes the cake.
I have absolutely no idea what they might be, maybe they are the electromagnetc vehicles that brought our moon into a bastard thread orbit around earth, from, some other region of our galaxcy or maybe from deep space, also the only moon in our solar system that does not spin on its own axis, probably a monitoring space station.
SOHO has shown us some unbelevable stuff in the last few years, inexplicable stuff., enough to at least ask some questions about what could possibly get that close to the sun.

25th October 2011, 15:25
These streaks are caused by reflection/refraction of bright stars or planets. This is nothing related to ET crafts or lasers.

If you look at SOHOŽs gallery, youŽll be able to see several similar streaks over known planets, comets and stars:


Like this: