View Full Version : UNESCO posted Drill for Tsunami????

26th October 2011, 03:31
Couldn't find the link to prove it when I went to it at 11:26pm est. I am assuming it is a drill, but it is a coincidence that the vid says it is for the same day as the 11/9/11 broadcast for the Emergency System. I am assuming this is part of the drill. However.
after seeing this video, I tried to verify details and page could not be found.


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26th October 2011, 04:00
:lalala:la la la la la la la la la la :lalala: OMG whats next raining toads drill? Anybody else starting to think they are doing this just to fk with our heads? I mean its like George Orwell meets Monty Python at this point, only we are actually IN the movie! I need an exit ramp because I cant care what happens anymore. The next time I sign up for something like this I want yearly off planet vacations or I'm not coming.

27th October 2011, 02:16
This video was deleted.


It appears they are now having drills on the west coast.

29th October 2011, 20:03
Hey, Mandala! Thanks for the head's up!

I have tried several times to see that pdf, but it just will not load on my computer.... the first page comes up after a long wait and then..nothing...grrr!

So, I nosed around for bit and found this:

Exercise Pacific Wave 11

9-10 November 2011

In August 2010, the PTWS Steering Committee (SC) met to discuss the progress of the PTWS during the intersessional period, including the next PTWS exercise. Considering the general objectives of PACWAVE08, the SC approved the PACWAVE Summary Report and requested Working Groups 2 and 3 (Tsunami Detection, Warning and Dissemination; Tsunami Awareness and Response) to cooperate in the preparation of an end-to-end communication exercise PACWAVE11 in November 2011. The actual evacuation of local communities (or parts of it) will be left to the decision of local or national authorities. A PTWS Exercises Task Team was formed, chaired by ITIC and New Zealand, to organize the exercise and elaborate on detailed scenarios.

PacWave11 will be held on 9-10 November 2011 as a multi-scenario exercise that will allow all PTWS countries to exercise using a destructive local or regional tsunami scenario. PacWave 11 will also be used to introduce new tsunami advisory products of the PTWC that were proposed by the PTWS Enhanced Tsunami Warning Products Task Team and approved by ICG/PTWS-XXIV. IOC Circular Letter 2390 was issued on 13 May 2011 announcing the exercise and requesting PTWS Countries to nominate a PacWave11 focal point. IOC Manual and Guides 58 on How to Plan, Conduct, and Evaluate Tsunami Exercises was issued in July 2011. The PacWave11 Exercise Manual (IOC TS 97) was published in August 2011. UNESCO will issue a press release on 1 November 2011.

The 10 scenarios available will be:


Lots of docs and pdfs there, for anyone's information.

30th October 2011, 04:15
Morning Song, thanks for finding the information. I was concerned for the people of the West Coast who might not know a drill is being conducted. All these drills at the same time is a bit overwhelming.