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26th October 2011, 08:48
Remember the name of the game is for them (ptw) to plant seeds of whats going to happen in the future... as they have done on numerous occasions with other attacks...ie 911 ...

Interesting video ...



26th October 2011, 10:17
I have to wonder about the 9 11 attacks on the twin towers in the USA and this movie which obviously is about the UK.
Could we be looking at something happening in regards to the 9 11?. After all, 9 11 in the US was 11th of the 9th here in the UK, so what if it was 9th of the 11th here!!!!!

26th October 2011, 10:56
nice find Viking

26th October 2011, 11:11
I think this is very interesting. Lets not forget Ric Clay was probably murdered for getting too close to exposing this type of info.


love kevlar

26th October 2011, 11:49
Don't they lead a bloody complicated life?

26th October 2011, 12:29
Who made the video? It didn't say.


26th October 2011, 13:38
Pie, looks like you're having WAY too much fun in your new avatar. :)

26th October 2011, 14:29
More fear porno.

26th October 2011, 14:53
I agree on the fear porn, but when you look at the other things that have happened that were predicted via "foreshadowing" you have to wonder if there is not something to it.

26th October 2011, 16:07
complex moments in the timeline flow can be seen via their ripples, both forward and backward in time. However, like a knot they can be difficult to unravel.

Like the lottery numbers, they can be impossible to predict as everyone is pulling for their numbers to win. There is no clear consensus, even though someone will win, possibly... and numbers will be drawn. But the view is so cloudy and noisy that no numbers could be discerned through the din and noise of all those single people clamoring for their numbers to be the winning ones. It would be like trying to understand a specific single large moment out of the noise of the stock market trading floor. They are all trading, but they are all trading separate things.

in the same way we can get a knot of potential in a given timeline point and see a general shape of it ....as we are far back and can see the whole of the ripple.

This is a form of consensus reality and we are flowing uni-directionally though a multi-dimensional timeline system.

We, as a group, steer our way past (everyone lean to the left-everyone lean to the right!) and around large negative events like that, even though those events have potential. Which is why their 'effect' as a 'lump of potential' has those ripples which we see.

Fear porn, properly handled, is a component of a view out the front window of the timeline vehicle.

Your greater opposing force is the one who tries to make sure that the engine of the car of humanity, which is the mass of the people..the enemy is the one or group who tries to make sure that the engine and car itself..humanity..that humanity is never aware that they are a consensus reality and can be steered via their unconscious reactions and actions.

For, on that unconscious level, we are an village, a town, a group, all feeling similar things and changing the undercurrent of our consensus reality. IN THAT we ARE a vehicle that can be steered and driven..no matter what the given conscious chatter may devolve into.

The conscious voice is the sleeping voice, ...and the real driver of reality is the internal voice that seems to be an 'unconscious' voice-- to our given 'conscious' voice and thoughts.

This is due to the fact that you can be hypnotized and programmed. HAPPENS ALL THE TIME.

This directly says, via simple straightforward logic, that your inner self, the unconscious self is the real gearworks.... and the conscious mind, is merely the operation (GUI) of the software program and is not the hardware or the software program at all. It is merely the conscious input/output of the internal software and hardware program. so, your 'mind' and physical actions are no more than a keyboard/mouse/monitor for a complex software/hardware system, one with multiple subroutines, most of which operate outside of the scope of connection to the keyboard/mouse/monitor of the so called intellect or conscious mind.

The opposing force can never have control over conscious drivers, they can only have control over unconscious drivers (access to your internal design and programming).. and thus misdirect the energy of the unconscious driver.

A real world comparative would that of a brainwashed 3d reality kid whom has joined the military of the given country and is sent around to subjugate anyone else into the mold of unconsciousness that the opposing force desires to have come into effect.

This is all very real, sadly, regarding timelines and ripples. I see them myself, when I allow myself to recall the dimensional spaces and experiences of the higher self. It does, though, take a serious amount of disconnection to this 3d space, here, in order to see them. It's almost a 'one or the other' type of mental state issue. It takes years of dedication to get to the mental state required... and months to back out of it. What I mean, is to see the potential timeline events---with no distortion from the ego and body. That is the part that takes years.

What I'm saying is that the part of you that is reading these words right now, is the operational hardware and software's given input-output interface, it is not the hardware and the software's actual programming or internal gutty-wuts.

I'm saying that the greater part of you is this great unconscious mass that lies beneath that. And when you are hypnotized, it is like coding software. It is literal programming of the hardware system.

In essence, what we like to call the enemy, uses this wedge of access to the unconscious hardware and software system. The access components they use are fear, desire, etc..in order to drive you all together -as a group- of working animals... who tow their (the enemy's) desires for whatever they want (from you) into a place they (the enemy) want you to go.

This...only at the level of the basics of fear and desire as they are the same for everyone..so this is the continual shape of the mechanism they always use, as it is the only way into the programming aspects of your unconscious driving mechanisms. This, again, in order to elicit a group response that can steer the overall consensus reality for the overall group of humanity.

This is necessarily a slow thing, which is why they operate in generations (decades) of motion, not quick events and moments that can be 'intellectually' interpreted. The intellect tends to miss these things, so this is part of why the masses of people can't see this activity of being steered.

Unified Serenity
26th October 2011, 16:33
You might find this guys explanation of the logo interesting. You'd have to watch some of his other videos to get the ufo connection, but I think the symbology he does show just in the logo is interesting:


26th October 2011, 17:49
The problem is the sorting of truth. Some of our singers like Michael Jackson who loved this world and nature and James Brown who absorbed the pain of our communities were given a strong spirti in their music to bring the message. if you notice, they sort of trance out when they feel it. Michael Jackson was so filled with it, that it came out in his dance as the Native Americans when they danced around the fires.

Everybody gets the message through their messengers, it is up to them to sort it. WE have always known that the gift was for God and therefore, he was NOT a child pervert, no matter how much they blackmailed him. He saw through their crap and so did the parent's children who thought they could trap him in a unnormal circumstance.

They went after Prince also, but he blew the whistle on their "chemtrails with heavy metals in them."

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Soon the net will be so bugged you will have to use telepathy. Practice souls of light, practice.

26th October 2011, 18:22
The world in which we live is insane to say the lest. The trick is staying sane until it's your turn to go home....:bolt:

Maia Gabrial
26th October 2011, 23:53
Very fascinating video, Unified Serenity. IMO it's bold of them to put this logo out there and expect people to not catch on....
Thanks Viking. Great find.