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24th June 2010, 09:25

Mexican cartels added a new twist to the drug war this
week by threatening to kill U.S. cops who seize their goods.

Mexican drug cartel threatens to harm U.S. police officers who bust drug shipments while off-duty
Nogales, Ariz., Police Chief Jeffrey Kirkham said his officers received threats a couple weeks ago after off-duty police busted a pot smuggling ring.

"America is based on freedom. We're not going to be intimidated by the threats, but we are taking them seriously," Kirkham told CNN.

"I've told my officers if they venture into that area off-duty to be armed," he said.

Just which cartel made the threat remains unclear. Violent warnings toward American police are not new, but the Nogales incident marked the first time U.S. officials confirmed a threat.

Kirkham said the turf war between the Sinaloa and Juarez cartels have escalated tensions in the border region.

The police chief told the local newspaper his officers were threatened with sniper fire if they continued to seize drugs when off-duty.

The Santa Cruz County sheriff said there had not been threats against his department.

"They seem to respect an officer who's doing his job," Sheriff Antonio Estrada said of the drug gangs, "but when you do it as a civilian, they really take offense."

Mexican law enforcement endured a deadly week last week as 12 officers were killed in a shootout after an ambush. Federal police also killed 15 gunmen during a shootout at a safe house.

Since the Mexican government declared war on drug gangs in 2006, more than 23,000 people have been killed.


"They say there's snipers in them hills ready to take out the cops stealing their drugs"


This report illustrates what bald faced liars fellow CFR hacks Janet Napolitano and Barack Hussein Obama are when it comes to border security. Crime and violence is flowing over the Mexican border into Texas (as well as Arizona, New Mexico, and California) and the traitorous NWO puppets in Washington continue to do absolutely nothing..... except to try cramming another nation-wrecking amnesty down the throats of angry Americans who have had just about enough of Obama and his band of destructive Saul Alinsky fans in DC


Source (http://www.foxnews.com/us/2010/06/24/use-surveillance-drones-mexican-border/)


Opponents of Arizona's new immigration enforcement law protest outside
the state capitol building. Mexico is challenging the state's policy.

Mexico asks federal court to reject Gov. Jan Brewer's Arizona immigration law, cties discrimination

Things are getting hot in the Southwest.

That’s because Mexico is challenging Arizona over its controversial new immigration law.

In papers filed to a U.S. federal court on Tuesday, the Mexican government says the policy is unconstitutional and would damage trade and tourism and hinder the countries’ work on fighting drug trafficking and related violence.

"Mexican citizens will be afraid to visit Arizona for work or pleasure out of concern that they will be subject to unlawful police scrutiny and detention," according to the brief.

The law, which has sparked protests by civil rights and religious groups, makes it illegal to be in Arizona without documentation starting July 29. It also requires police to question people about their immigration status if the cops have “reasonable suspicion.”

Mexico urged the federal court to block the law and declare it unconstitutional.

“Mexico has a duty to protect its citizens and ensure that their ethnic origin is not used as a basis for committing discriminatory acts,” the Mexican Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

Mexico submitted statements as a “friend of the court” to present the country’s legal opinion on the law, which it says is a violation of its citizens’ human and civil rights.

The case is being brought forward by civil rights organizations including the American Civil Liberties Union, the National Immigration Law Center and the Mexican American Legal Defense and Education Fund.

The policy has support in Arizona, where there is concern that the federal government is not doing enough to stop the surge of illegal Mexican migrants.

But critics say the law could lead to widespread discrimination and racial profiling.

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said she was disappointed in Mexico joining the lawsuit.

“Our cultures and our trade our intertwined, and so must be our respect for the rules of law,” Brewer said. “We refuse to accept that the United States government is unable to protect citizens against a relentless and daily barrage of narco-terrorist drug and human smugglers.”

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has a set of Brass Balls! (says me)

Arizona immigration law fight has Gov. Jan Brewer and Hillary Clinton in war of words

Arizona's governor has reasonable suspicion to think Hillary Clinton doesn't like the state's immigration law.

Republican Gov. Jan Brewer lashed out at the Secretary of State Thursday, angered over Clinton's comments that the Department of Justice would sue the state over its tough immigration legislation.

"This is no way to treat the people of Arizona," Brewer said.

Clinton criticized the state's new law, SB 1070, during a June 8 interview in Ecuador, but the interview only surfaced in the U.S. Thursday. The Secretary of State said the Justice Department "will be bringing a lawsuit against the act."

Both Clinton and President Obama oppose the law, which gives police the right to question a person's immigration status while investigating another crime if there is “reasonable suspicion” they are here illegally.

The Department of Justice has hinted it may challenge the law, but a spokeswoman said no decision has been made.

"To learn of this lawsuit through an Ecuadorean interview with the secretary of state is just outrageous," Brewer said. "If our own government intends to sue our state to prevent illegal immigration enforcement, the least it can do is inform us before it informs the citizens of another nation."

Brewer signed the law April 23. It will go into effect July 29, though multiple legal challenges stand in its way.

Critics say the law opens the door for rampant racial profiling of Latinos. Its supporters say the state had no choice but to take a harsh stance, saying the federal government has not done enough to deter illegal immigrants from entering the U.S.

According to a Rasmussen poll earlier this month, 56% of voters say their views on illegal immigration are closer to Brewer's than Obama's.

Last week, Brewer visited Obama at the White House and asked the president for money to construct a fence along Arizona's border.


"Hey amego wanna play Cowboys and Mexicans"

24th June 2010, 21:44
Isn't this political , Bush started building the wall then stopped, Now the Obama administration has decided that they should be in charge and not the states. So for our unity, our all come togetherness, stop the racial divide, the Obama administration has decided to drive a wedge between the states and their kingdom. How insane is it for the OUR federal government to sue one of the 50 states that sends them money to function. And here's the best part , the feds are sueing Arizonia for it's own incompetense of not enforcing our US borders which it is their responsibilty to begin with.

Heres an idea , build the wall, double the security at the borders with effective enforcement. Institute a program for all illegals currently here , enroll in an 8 year program, no convicted felonies and you can stay and gain citizenship in 8 years . For the illegals that can join the u.s. military , a 4 year stint and honerable discharge for serving your country will give you citizenship after the 4 years.

In the last 100 years the United States has opened the flood gates twice for immigrants , thats how this country was built. BTW I have only a high schol diploma to figure all this out. Problem solved. One more thing not only is the Obama administration sueing Arizonia , now the COUNTRY OF MEXICO IS SUEING ARIZONIA, saying it's unfair to their citizens being treated this way !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Insanity!