View Full Version : The way to ROB a COUNTRY ... is to own a bank

THE eXchanger
20th March 2010, 15:05

THE eXchanger
20th March 2010, 15:08

20th March 2010, 15:20
The Investmant banks are really running out of places to go to keep their funds growing at higher rates than normal lending banks. The sub-prime saga actually goes back to the Clinton times and broader de-regulation goes back to Reagan who was in the pocket of Goldman Sachs and the like...Obama himself has to be wary of these very same guys. Good topic and probably this will be the key area for the first signs of breakdown in the whole Western system (first America and then Europe). I have a feeling as close as April there will be more financial shocks in the U.S.

20th March 2010, 16:48
Excellent link! thank you

20th March 2010, 16:54
iirc around 40% of sub-prime borrowers weren't required to produce evidence of their earnings.

Snowy Owl
29th October 2010, 02:31
Sorry of wich Noble Country you are talking of nut this has being going on for for Centuries whatsoever the country you are taking of, Cf : History