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Poly Hedra
25th June 2010, 07:44
Hi everyone.
I'm trying to put together a collection of videos, presentations and lectures.

I always think about how it would be possible to wake people up. I find myself biting my tounge on a regular basis, because someone has made a point about 'the recession' or another firmly held belief about this illusion. The reason I hold my tounge is because I realise that the information I would like to share would just sound totally wacky, they have NO FRAME OF REFERENCE.

In the city I live, suddenly a lot of collectives have started springing up, run by like minded people wanting to make a difference, Its inspiring. This may seem normal to a lot of you here, who have had collectives around them all their lives. Its new to us here and I want to use it.

If I made a proposal to them to use their space to show videos and lectures they'd let me.
I've wanted to do this for a long time.
Picture a welcome pack of sorts.

If you had someone willing to listen/watch.
What would be the first bit of information that you would think it nescessary for someone to watch to help them on their way?
I dont mean the groundbreaking stuff, I mean the simple stuff.
Baby steps. I'm thinking initially a few docus on how money really works, things like that.
Like a re-education.
I would really love your input, thoughts on this.


Poly Hedra
25th June 2010, 10:11
I would really love it if people here to tell me about their first introductions to waking up.
What information was responsible for planting that seed?
Could you leave a link?

i'm thinking about dividing the information into sections or themes.
Corporations, all are inter-related of course.
New science

Spirituality, but this one kinda gets me, because its so subjective.
What have I left out?

I really value the experience and opinions of the people here at Avalon and i would love your help and input. x

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25th June 2010, 11:15
You should consider different packs for different level of knowledge people have.
The greatest problem I had , talking with people is "blank-out factor": issues that shut-out their thinking, instead you have pre-recorded gibberish or just blank face as if the question/subject was not raised at all.
Talk to "liberal" about gun rights, or to militarist about "moving out of AfPak" or religious fundamentalist about possibility that pieces of truth are not in one and only basket.
There are formulas, words , images that trigger instant response. No matter how much sense you make, run on one of them, and all you'll get is shouting match (or fistfight)
Simply put, 99.9999% of our population are straight neophobes. They like to think they know how things work and do not accept any other point of view.
Such a package would need to be tailored for few distinct starting points and have levels of "information acceptance"
I found "AQALmatrix" (http://farm1.static.flickr.com/213/475260626_b0799b0423.jpg)quite useful, to get general "reading" of who am I dealing with, much more than usual left-right categories.
When you know where person is starting, then you choose material content with lowest possibility of running into mental block, before it could be carefully dismantled.
Definitely not an one-size-fits-all affair :)

25th June 2010, 11:51
On a second thought, the question remains, as only thing you can provide is access to the information. In my opinion there is no way of telling somebody "What is the Truth", as I do not belive there is a single individual here that knows that. Speculations, more or less accurate, but not Truth.
Quest is open-ended one then. Suggestions , data, some mental tools, but not "The complete course, from Cro-Magnon to an Angel on 14 days" :)

25th June 2010, 11:54
Either you need a 1. stepping-up approach ... divide it in small chunks or 2. a provocation approach.

Ad 1.: When people are overwhelmed they tend to lose their attention very quickly. You have to guide them with a bread crumb trail into the rabbit hole.

Ad 2.: Just wear a t-shirt with texts like "Have you seen an extra terrestrial lately ?" or "There is NO economic recession !".
Be careful to pick the text right because you just want to intrigue the surrounding people who pay attention and not insult folks that
will start hate discussions ... ;)

Poly Hedra
25th June 2010, 12:48
Hey guys, thanks so much for your replies.
Could you tell me anything about your first introdutions to learning about the veil being lifted, about how the world really works etc?

Yeah I agree I might be hard to present information without coming across as patronizing but I'm going to try.
Its not so much trying to tell people the truth as I see it, more to present information and get people thinking about things in the world that they thought were all sewn up so to speak. Then we could discuss afterwards.
My goal is to have a comprehensive package.

About levels of knowledge. This is what I mean. I'm talking about people who may have a tiny idea that all is not as it seems. Basics.

For example: for economy... 'The Monopoly Men' documentary, this is entertaining yet informative. An example of a different docu that I would like to show at a later stage would then be 'From Freedom to Fascism'.
I do have a good general idea myself. I would like the input of people here because I am genuinely interested on the different perspectives and journeys of discovery that people have gone through here.

I prefer the softly softly approach definately, thats I want to go for. Small steps.
It could be advertised as something like take back your power, beat the recession, knowledge is power etc (kinda lame lol)
Looking forward to more comments, suggestions, advice. x

25th June 2010, 13:22
I prefer the softly softly approach definately, thats I want to go for. Small steps.

Ok, make sure to use the following order 1. something good is coming ... but 2. some existing stuff has got to go or give in.

The other way around: the sky is falling to make room for something new will scare them away before you are able to share some goodies.

I noticed that David Icke also changed the order during his talks.

Bill Ryan
25th June 2010, 13:26
Hi everyone.
I'm trying to put together a collection of videos, presentations and lectures.


I dont mean the groundbreaking stuff, I mean the simple stuff.
Baby steps. I'm thinking initially a few docus on how money really works, things like that.
Like a re-education.-

This is a wonderful idea. I want to offer every encouragement.

I'm not the best person to ask about what works at a "Planet Earth Reality 101" level. (Best is someone who has recently graduated from the program... :) )

The best introduction to money that I know of is MONEY AS DEBT (http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2550156453790090544#) - a fabulously simple animation that before you know it leads you gently into the heart of how banking really works. And you'll understand it, too.

ZEITGEIST (http://www.zeitgeistmovie.com) is really pretty good re the origin of religions, and 9/11 (all in one very well-presented package).

The theme, I suggest, would be that nothing is the way you think it is... something that Jordan Maxwell often (correctly) states.

That would handle

-- 9/11

Other topics might be

-- UFOS and ETs, what the governments really know, and why it's so secret
-- The relationship between Secret Societies and Government
-- The kinds of high technology we're not permitted to know about (and why that might be)
-- Our real spiritual nature: evidence for reincarnation, OBEs and NDEs
-- The real history of the human race
-- The suppression of healing protocols that really work.

I'm sure there are more. Again, I'd like to offer strong encouragement: it's a very high-value project.

frank samuel
25th June 2010, 13:28
The aha moment or the awake and aware experience differs, for example as a veteran my wake up call came from my experience in the military. Is funny how people react to information specially since the current media industry is full of disinformation, people build a wall of skepticism . Even if they watch and read the information they can easily dismissed it if they are not ready. I don't like to say it but the way most people have their wake up moment is in time of personal crisis. You can't force your view of life on others if they are not ready, in some cases this will do more harm than good . For me talking about the current world affairs is a way to start planting the seed and most people would ask, where did you read or see that information ? Then it becomes very easy to refer them to websites such as PA or PC without being preachy because people get turn off by the type of," I know the truth" behavior.After all we are all in the process of waking up and I can honestly say no one can claim to have the whole truth for many of us to even get to this point has taken many years and multiple crisis that we have experience in this lifetime and even previous lifetimes.

Many many blessings to all...:thumb:

25th June 2010, 13:31
http://www.educate-yourself.org/ ... I am not sure about every article but there are good sources to be found. There is valuable info on Project blue beam (http://www.educate-yourself.org/cn/projectbluebeam25jul05.shtml).

25th June 2010, 13:35
This is interesting, and I agree with Bill on his pointers, good stuff :)

The thing I find most difficult with these concepts is how to anticipate what exactly triggers people to search for truth\information in the first place.
In my case it was (as an example)
- Around age of 9-10 my brother and myself witnessed a massive orange fireball standing still in the sky (we thought it was a comet or something an ran like *snip*)
- Alien encounter at age 13 (in my room)
- Years of denial until around the age of 16 partly to 18)
- Sudden ability to feel and utilize the body's natural quantum\spiritual energy (I was not aware of anything when this occurred the first times)
- With the above the search for knowledge ultimately began

Still, here I am today.

My point is that everyone usually has a unique perspective on entering this "world of knowledge", that is the tricky part, but also the reason I do what I do right now :)

Thanks for bringing out some good initiative!

All the best,


25th June 2010, 14:13
Excellent idea and BEST wishes!

I would highly recommend these videos as well:
"Esoteric Agenda" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cvp5BcICsig), "Kymatica" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5akOESmaSLk) and "What the Bleep Do we know!" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSk51Lp-vHU)
Three of the best videos I've seen!

If you want to make your dreams come true, the first thing you have to do is wake up.
~J.M. Power

Elandiel BernElve
25th June 2010, 14:15
Great idea! I had the same thoughts...

How to summarize years of (Camelot style) research and acceptance of groundbreaking fundamental changes in the perception and conciousness of life in a tiny welcome pack.
There's just too much to say, too much to rectify before you earn people's trust.
Before we can elaborate or tell people the things we (awakened people) know, we have to change the way they see the world.
Lifting their veil of sleep.

- Don't underrate infiltration techniques, like the movie avatar, infiltrate in a group, a persons life or whatsoever, once their trust is earned you can bring the real messages:)
Download their ideas and listen to what they have to say knowing that after a while you can upload lightwork/camelot ideas into their lives.

- Music is a good tool, there's plenty of music that sounds musically fine for mainstream listeners and still contain messages about the system, our universe, awakening or et's
For example, David Bowie:
There's a starman waiting in the sky, he'd like to come and meet us but he thinks he'd blow our minds
There's a starman waiting in the sky, he told us not to blow it 'cause he knows it's all worthwhile

- Put out some great oneliners some of the pioneers use
for example, Alex Collier: Why do you have to pay to be on a planet that you're born on...
make them use their rusty brain to alter their perception, make them aware of bizarre things, whether it's the financial system or unexplained archeological, historical or ET events.

In fact make them curious, so they will come to you, instead of coming to them with a load of info they didn't ask for
make them ask for it;)

finally: go out on the streets, just one on one, walk around, speak to people, BE YOURSELF, enlightened as you already are, you'll be amazed what a potential impact the presence of you as a conscious person have on others that are totally not at ease, stressed out and occupied by oh so earthly materialistic things. one little seed is enough to start a chainreaction in their existence.

I am aware that i'm talking more about techniques now, yet I figured that could help you as well:)

25th June 2010, 14:16

A website full with free documentaries (not all on topic, but some good stuff in there)
Worth a browse:

Note to mods: I hope this is ok to post.


25th June 2010, 14:25
Some really good suggestions here. "What the Bleep do we Know" is a nice rather gentle video to get people thinking. Like Bill already suggested, my first thought was Zeitgeist. That video was a real eye opener for me. Of course, I know people that are "truthers" that hate that film because of the "anti-Christianity" slant, or what some view it as. I've always searched for answers to why things are they way they are, but the light bulb never really started to go off until a friend sent me a link to an article about the Georgia Guidestones a few years back. He isn't a truther, but he found it "curious". To me, that is real, concrete (or granite in this case) evidence that people are up to things. I read the article and was off to the races investigating this and that and here I am!

After reading the article about the Georgia Guidestones, the question "why" just begs to be answered.

Good luck and great idea! Would love to hear about your first presentation.

25th June 2010, 14:32
I just thought I'd post this track (I did it recently at another post, but it fits your concept well.)
See if you can use this one (please listen through it)


Album: X-Files: The Truth and the Light
Composer: Mark Snow
Track: 16

25th June 2010, 15:00
My kick-off into all of this was a documentary called 'Money Masters' (http://www.themoneymasters.com/).

The Money Masters explains the history behind the current world depression and the bankersí goal of world economic control by a very small coterie of private bankers, above all governments.

You can watch the full-length documentary HERE (http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-515319560256183936#).

I liked starting here because it's not too mind-blowing. At least not compared to the rest!

Looking forward to seeing what you create. :)

25th June 2010, 15:14
Alex Collier: Why do you have to pay to be on a planet that you're born on...

Here's something so simple ... you can even explain to kids:

Suppose you buy a box of 'Monopoly'. There is a fixed amount of money in it and you start to play the game. The ultimate goal of the game is that one player ends up
with all the money .... If this goal cannot be achieved it's silly as a game right ?

Now raise the microcosm a level higher to a village. Suppose there are 100 inhabitants and they all trade locally ... following the rules of Monopoly there will ultimately
be 1 winner having all the money. If it is just 100 people passing money around sharing it equally it's a waste of time (silly too).

Ok, next step ... the village grows. Even when you were able to equally share the money it's evident you have to add/print money to keep the game going.
But since we are programmed to believe that economies need to grow every year it's even worse ... more need to add money.

In the end it's all very silly, wasting our time and bringing in emotions we don't need anyway ....

Money is just a means to instigate anxiety and feeling of survival ... that's why they were even able to create a game out of it.
And on top of that they created a junior version ... you can't start too early with this 'game'.

Elandiel BernElve
25th June 2010, 15:59
Money is just a means to instigate anxiety and feeling of survival ... that's why they were even able to create a game out of it.
And on top of that they created a junior version ... you can't start too early with this 'game'.

Since when is it normal to be forced in a game?
Life is not supposed to be a game where theres only one winner who wins at the cost of all others

it seems to me youre a gamer;), your reply might seem like the correct answer, but not for those who DON T want this forced upon game
You bypass the fact life isnt supposed to be this capitalistic monopoly game.
Anyway lets go back ON topic

Love & peace

25th June 2010, 17:07
Well, I'll try to keep ranting to the minimum.
"Money as a debt" would be great place to start, that is if one will cut last 10 minutes; No interest =no incentive for anybody to lend money= cessation of all new investment= skyrocketing of value of the land, which in turn means FEUDALISM, as those who own the land, own all the rest. Reincarnation of anti-usury Church laws. Not pretty if you think about it?
Communism (public "owns" the goods, everybody steals to keep alive), Socialism (Govt steals from producents to give handouts to "poor" and politically connected, current Cronyism is just democratic variation of that) were all tried, many times over. Only thing that allows you to enjoy current technological level is what's left of free market capitalism. You can of course ignore all that, but bear the consequences.
The monopoly example does not take into account that rules of the game are quite different: those who earnestly earn the most also spend the most on new investments. Sadly such a true enterpreteurs are dying breed, in exchange we have "pop-stars" "sportsmen" and "hit-and-run businessmen", neither of which adds to possibility pool. Truly free economy is an open system, with every new invention enriching all. Money is it's lifeblood. With true money and expanding economy cost of living actually falls down. On long enough run, it might go down to close to zero (but always some effort will be needed).
Contrary to that, monopoly is closed system. Both money and parcels are fixed. Only pyramidal game is possible.

All that words just mean that: think what "knowledge" do you spread. What pattern do you strengthen.

25th June 2010, 17:40
I don't know of any video material that would speak to this, but you might take a step back and start by initiating your viewer to the idea that they as individuals have power to change internally, power to change the externals around them, and then go into the hows and whys and then where at this knowledge has led in the ways of physics, metaphysics, world membership etc.
Many people to not really know what's/who's making them unhappy much less how to make a change. Without the personal change not much else can change and very little will be understood.
Perhaps this is not well stated. It was just a thought.

25th June 2010, 17:51
I've always been a fan of Socratic Dialogue for some reason.
Truth is experiential in my own opinion.
Trying to prove to a person that UFO's exist, even though they never have had any experience with them is damn near futile.

Ask people questions......what strange occurences in your life whether they are comfortable or uncomfortable to talk about have happened. So on and so forth.

Very much like your baby steps comment. Start with the micro and end with the macro.

It's a lot easier to try and relate someone's individual experience to a bigger picture. Mainly, I think, because people may be unfamiliar with the big picture but if you can find a way to put their experiences into context some way then it only allows the person who is learning to have a frame of reference. Some common ground that opens up the window for thought that may have never occurred to that person.

The outline is pretty straightforward. Politics, Money, Govt, Secret Society all have a relatively wicked paper trail to follow and observational analysis. I personally think it's the easiest to relate to people due to the fact that you can actually see it. Zeitgeist Addendum is killer when explaining this I think. Check out some of the legislation that has been passed and dealmakings that have inevitably screwed over one group of people in the benefit of another. Jamaica and the WTO in regard to agriculture is a good example...A fine documentary on it as well. That's just one example.
"Original slavery people were clothed and fed for the work they did, modern slavery we have to clothe and feed ourselves"

Spirituality is subjective but when you look at the aim for most spiritual people, it is to gain peace, enlightenment, love, and understanding.....and in some cases transcendence into the form of a light body. Check out Tibetan monks and some of the otherworldly attributes that have achieved.....Culture is the most important aspect to this, find different cultures and find common ground and ideas that relate from different cultures that may be separated by thousands of miles.

Extraterrestrials is the hardest I think. The best I can say on this is to find pictures. They apparently are worth a thousand words, and most of the words coming out of people's mouths on the subject I would unfortunately have to say is BS. Check out the 1952 fly over Washington, Phoenix Lights, Billy Meier's pics have been studied by people and are supposedly found to be legitimate....crop circles, ancient sumeria, egypt, so on and so forth
Also the concepts of inorganic beings is prevalent within a lot of cultures. Especially the worship of these inorganic beings or thought forms.

This whole endeavor really is to research, and find evidence, and connect the dots to the things that are relative to one another. When you find commonalities within the differing subject matter it can be an eye opening experience.
Kinda like how neo-conservatism and terrorism are the exact same thing. Two totally different ideas that when researched point to the exact same underlying theme. Make up a BS story, scare people into accepting your truth, and then go out and make your agenda a reality. Oddly enough, this is found in religion, economy, propaganda, war, politics, and the list can go on and on. The name of the game is fear. People need to stop looking towards others for an answer or a solution to fear both real and made up. Death is an ally, and death can show you that if you give into your fear, you give into the predator, which in turn means.....Your lunch energetically.

"Once a man worries, he clings to anything out of desperation; and once he clings he is bound to get exhausted or to exhaust whomever or whatever he is clinging to. A warrior-hunter, on the other hand, knows he will lure game into his traps over and over again, so he doesn't worry."

I dunno I'm rambling, Just find an example to the ideas you are searching for. From there it's up to the people you show to attempt to articulate the information.
Don't get ahead of yourself either I suppose. It's a lot easier to try and show someone how the government has been manipulated for centuries, then trying to show them that 9/11 was an inside job. Unfortunately, linear portrayal of events and ideas will allow people to come to a conclusion for the most part in this three dimensional reality.