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25th June 2010, 16:25
A man i deeply love and respect...shared a story on a cbc radio show the other day..that i would like to share with you...

An Elder, from a northeastern usa tribe, was at a conference with many other men. Most of them were CEO's of large Billion dollar companies.

He asked them..

Do you not realize, all this abuse of the worlds resources will soon lead you straight into a brick wall?

They responded with the typical..

"we are hired by our share holders to make as much possible money for them" etc...

So the Elder pondered these answers for a moment..and then asked..

Are any of you GrandFathers?

Many of the CEO's were gleefully pulling out pictures to show off their beautiful grandchildren..The Elder paused and said...

So when will you all stop being CEO's and start being GrandFathers?

Be well and know you are love.

25th June 2010, 16:38
Thank you for this story Celine. It echoes what is needed most in this world, family values, not riches.

I have seen too many "latch key kids" left home alone, while their parents are off making money.

Some are waking up, but not enough.
I fear it will take a huge disaster before most people actually "get it".

in love & light:wub:

25th June 2010, 17:23
I'm the last person, who will talk about "evils" of money (http://projectavalon.net/forum4/showthread.php?2834-The-Problem-with-Money-is-the-Unseen-Deeds-Done-to-Earn-it.&p=25941&viewfull=1#post25941)


this Elder is RIGHT!

25th June 2010, 17:56
Values are changing.

People who value money are feeling th change, more then others....and they fear it.

They fear..the creator, waking up in all of us.

Money is a tool...if you use a hammer to try to cut a piece of wood, what will happen?

Change does NOT require money