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26th June 2010, 03:45

The Freedom Teachings
A Brief Primer

Hello, and thank you for your visit to the Azurite Press website, home to the
"Freedom Teachings"®. Our thanks and welcome are expressed to you through this
brief primer, respectfully supporting your need to quickly assess the range,
depth and personal contemporary significance of the many resources introduced on
these and following pages.

The urge to understand the nature of human reality has occupied the hearts and
minds of many caring and thoughtful people for as long as anyone can remember,
to little practical effect. Today, the desire to comprehend the purpose of
reality supports an environment awash with a massive variety of paradigms,
"quick fix solutions", and "re-cycled "truths" all of which not only profess to
satisfy our need to understand why our world is as it is... but also to deliver
the means to create tangible, peaceful and expansive personal expression. Book
after book, workshop after workshop, and still so very many questions remain
unanswered; and, the very fundamentals of "Life" continue to make so little
sense !

Contemporary reality demonstrates that the idea that individuals can
significantly alter the conditions of their personal experience, contribute to
improved collective well-being, growth, harmony and creative expression has
grown ever less attainable as our world has become more "civilized". What
contemporary humans have learned, by default, is the lesson of powerlessness and
victimhood. But, these all too prevalent circumstances are simply a reflection
of what is taught or imposed, what is believed or accepted, and what is
otherwise 'necessarily' assumed in the absence of adequate prescriptive facts.
The apparent futility of life has, for many people, either elevated "God",
"Masters", Angels, or "ET's" as the only viable means of human "liberation" or
has otherwise supported their respective denigration; either way, promoting hope
and trust in all manner of alternate forms of external authority, at the expense
of nurturing the remaining vestiges of spiritual potency, loving self-expression
and personal sovereignty.

This awareness (and concern) is fundamental to the context, and content, of the
Freedom Teachings (FT's), which means that a new and very different perspective
is available now. It is a perspective which not only embraces the nature, origin
and direction of personal and planetary circumstance, but also offers fresh and
dynamic opportunities via understanding the greater evolutionary processes at
work - and - in unprecedented detail. The conditions of humanity, and the planet
humanity occupies, reflect the progression of a bigger drama in which humanity
and the planet are playing an unacknowledged part. It is a part that can be
played out in complete ignorance and perpetual powerlessness - or - our roles
can be dramatically changed according to what we choose to believe in, and act
upon, at this time. This time is one in which the growing pains of Cosmic
Evolution are likely to involve all, and become apparent to all. It is the time
predicted by so many of the ancient prophets, seers, and sages: 2012-2017 / the
Golden Dawn / the New Age / the biblical "End Times" - the most major event in
the entire `history of man' and about which next to nothing, of conceptual or
practical personal value, has so far been discovered (or revealed) !

Ask yourself why? Why have we not been allowed access to such understanding?
What is it that we could be capable of if we could know what there is to know?
Imagine, just for a moment, what would happen if more people understood the
Source-Creation mechanisms of true co-creative power … and consider what might
then be achieved with regard to the overwhelming abundance of human limitation,
suffering, and its myriad expressions, that is so evident in every corner of our
so called "advanced civilization".

Doesn't the fact that we are presently unable to influence the conditions of
human existence imply that "someone somewhere" doesn't want us to express our
preferences for loving kindness, egalitarian respect, and co-creative
expression? Or - must we instead reluctantly acknowledge some intrinsic human
weakness which therefore justifies our lowly-ness and therefore the adoption of
the teachings of "blind faith", laying our spiritual impotence at the feet of an
"angry God"? Do we therefore also accept that in our striving for "goodness",
and a remote chance of appeasement to relieve our suffering, that our only
choice is to work with intermediaries such as angels and ascended masters who,
we are led to think, will intercede, plead our case, and deliver all best
intentions on our marginalized and disempowered behalf?

Isn't this kind of "surrender" consistent with the "education-imposed –
media-reinforced" sense that we are, after all, merely descended from apes, as
so many experts insist that we are? The implications are quite plain. Such
supposed evolutionary origins, or any established variation on the same general
theme, implies our acceptance that all which is higher than the kingdoms of
animals and `man', is guaranteed; accordingly, the human psyche is impressed,
and carries within itself the belief that all "higher" life is self-evidently
superior! This way, or that way, by hook or by crook, the questioning of
humanity and the desire for any significant degree of effective spiritual
potency has been pacified, side-tracked, or simply persecuted … throughout all
the ages, ancient and pre-ancient … by such simple, and evidently effective,

The answers the FT's offer do not necessarily negate the old paradigms, but they
do challenge old ideas to evolve. The greatest benefit that the FT's offer you
is the gift of uncommon knowledge, through which some of the mysterious aspects
of reality can be understood ... and, through this, the majesty of personal
experience can be re-discovered. Challenges inspire growth and the FT's are a
challenge; their implications are intrinsically profound, so much so that at
times they may seem unbelievable, a fiction, though we assure you they are not.
If the FT's are approached with openness of mind, and keen intuition, the
message can be immensely enlightening, the implications wholly transformational.
The overall challenge we speak of here is embodied by the potent answers to
questions like: "What do we really know about our own origins, our history, our
purpose, our 'world'?"; "What do we really know about the workings of reality,
the framework of Creation, the existence of other-worlds (and life-forms), their
relationship and significance to us, our latent abilities, our planet and our

The FT's offer a different, and significant, beginning to the many people who
continue to search for a cogent understanding about the greater purpose, meaning
and cause of "reality" and the human role, and power, inherent to the answers.
Through this beginning you may begin to comprehend the incredibly complex
framework within which human reality actually takes place, the intrinsic promise
for evolutionary potential that this represents, and the fundamental
re-affirmation of our common connection to a Sacred Creation. The FT's are very
scientific in a certain way; they are also very spiritual in a certain way too.
Contrary to the given teachings of our world, the FT's represent the natural,
organic, union between science and high spirituality, representing phenomena we
are taught do not exist: Multi-dimensional structure, multi-dimensional
life-forms and a pre-ancient history and an evolutionary purpose we haven't had
the privilege of knowing for a very long time ... ("Evolutionary Path" & "Amenti
Series" materials refer).

The FT's reveal, and in substantial detail, that the connection between Science
and Spirituality, the relationship between Energy and Consciousness, between
Light and Sound, is the basis of all Creation ("Keylontic Science" and
"KA-THA-RA" refer). This knowledge is the foundation of the Framework of Reality
inherent to the FT's. By understanding this reality framework you can also
understand many things that would otherwise be impossible to know. The truth
behind Earth changes, "ET" realities and the spiritual self, about the physics
of evolutionary existence, time travel, and "ascension", about "God", religions,
politics and conspiracy theories, about the Angels and Masters, why "channeling"
is dangerous and "higher" is not necessarily better ... It is the same truth
that unites all these subjects. The same truth that makes 'human beings' tick,
is the same truth that explains the 15 dimensional structure of the Universe and
holds the key to the structure of our very own multi-dimensional anatomy ... and
this truth explains how future humans can visit Earth now and how they can
quickly recall how to use the tools of such truth as the natural way to deal
with the 'earthly', as well as multi-dimensional, reality of "2012 - 2017" (aka
Stellar Activation Cycle).

Understanding these things is what will set you free, not 'assumptions' or
paradigms that teach you nothing about your true power, abilities or potentials.
In the brief sampling of summary materials which follow this introduction you
can begin to discover a pretty detailed review of critical historical events
which span billions of years; the presence, role and purpose of certain earth
inhabitants known as the "Angelic Humans" and "Indigo Children" (as well as many
other non-human species); the content and context, the processes and mechanics
of Multi-dimensional reality, as well as the essential and corresponding aspects
of your own personal Multi-dimensional anatomy. These components are some of the
many which have been hidden, forbidden or suppressed. It is through such an
apparently dramatic discovery as this that a greater personal discovery can be
made: that a bridge is now available between genuine, passionate, but under
informed spiritual aspiration and the meaningful actualization of potent
spiritual participation. A specific result of such a major paradigm-shift is
that your understanding of, access to, and integration of your "higher self", as
a direct expansion of conscious awareness and potential expression, can be more
certainly, safely and thoroughly developed.

We recognize that there are many paradigms that claim or imply similar personal
benefits and we totally respect the right of everyone to embrace whatever
choices they wish. I can do no more than to point out that, as far as legitimate
Indigo's are concerned, there is no other known source of such acutely useful
and profoundly relevant information than the FT's. The empowerment intrinsic to
these materials forms an unparalleled personal hub through which the deep and
unpresumptuous Love that IS Source can be re-discovered AND re-experienced as
present reality. Access to Source lies in the detail, simply because the Love
emanating from Source creates the detail. You, me, our planet, galaxy, and the
"God Worlds", and all sentient life- forms, ARE the detail through which Source
experiences itself. It is through the same principles of detail that we are
implicitly permitted to know Source, and participate as "Sparks of Source"
across the Creation Framework.

These inextricably connected facts form the greatest truth of all existence.
Knowledge of these matters is our birthright. It is this awareness, this
strength and this persistence that denotes the highest qualities of Divine Love,
Divine Responsibility and Divine Awareness. These are the attitudes which
characterize the most desirable response to the current planetary and wider
Drama. And, it is the same attitudes which form the basis of passage into the
worlds of true Spiritual Maturity, Loving Grace, and organic Co-creative Power,
as conscious representatives of Source in a fundamental re-affirmation of our
common connection to a Sacred Creation.

Of course, each of us, with the best of our spiritual intention, can affirm all
we like, any way we choose … but it really is a "no-brainer" that if we hope to
create anything new, `better' or of lasting substance, if we are really serious
about re-affirming our active, conscious, connection to Source-Creation, then
that must presuppose a reasonably detailed knowledge of the workings of Divine
Substance so that the all essential question of our personal, conscious,
informed accessibility to the stuff of creation can be reliably and successfully

In other words, if we don't really understand how Source creates, how the
creation framework functions, what our genetic relationship to that process
contains, what forms of energetic obstructions exist to compromise our best
intentions, then we simply cannot, in all honesty, expect to manifest anything,
of any lasting significance, in Divine Right Relationship!

The FT's explain, in detail, that the connection between Science and
Spirituality, the relationship between Energy and Consciousness, between Light
and Sound, is the basis of all Creation. If we do not understand the basic
mechanics of Creation, of ourselves, of our world and other-worlds, we cannot
possibly expect to manifest much of anything ourselves, let alone create
anything which is consistent with the organic nature of the framework within
which creation-manifestation processes are expressed.

If this simple reality of First Creation cannot be understood and respected,
then that which is created can only be inorganic in terms of the original, and
continuing, Creation Ethic, and will therefore prove harmful to self and others,
on some level, and at "some point in time". It is in precisely this way that
much harm is, and has been, created in the name of "good". And it is also
through this same lens of naïve understanding that the limitations inherent to
certain contemporary approaches to both the concept and expression of "Christ
Consciousness" can be better understood.

Understanding these things is what will set you free, not 'assumptions' or
paradigms that teach you little about your true power, abilities or potentials…
and nothing about who you really are or why you are here …

It is true to say that the FT's are unique in these respects, simply because
such questions are addressed with depth as well as integrity; and so, we can
begin to comprehend the tangible reality of ourselves as manifest in Time and
Space on multiple levels simultaneously; and what that really means in terms of
the potential of human evolution inherent to Crystal Body integrity and
associated DNA Template activation, together with the central fact that any
meaningful relationship with these aspects of Self presupposes conscious
connection to the Primal Life Force Currents emanating from Source. This, in
truth, is one of the most important of the Sacred Keys; and, has thus been
amongst the most forbidden of forbidden knowledge.

The FT's explain the difficulties associated with the lack of such knowledge
through historical and anatomical DNA Template data, showing that progressive
genetic degeneration, through intrusive or self-inflicted mutation, has imposed
an immense practical spiritual limitation within the realm of human evolutionary
optimism. The root of this human issue, the planetary and the many related
species issues, date back to a time 950 Billion YA. This is the span of history
in which the "biblical Fall" has actually been occurring, in corresponding Earth
Time. The "Fall" is actually a detailed and continuing process of the natural
consequences arising from the inappropriate use of Free Will Choice on many
levels of Creation, of Karma on a Cosmic Scale, totally eclipsing the notion of
"Adam and Eve". The FT's reveal a cohesive account of these phenomena, the
actions of certain race collectives and their impact on the cyclical mechanism
of a Creation in perpetual motion, ever striving to evolve, ever desirous of
higher expression.

By imbuing the Reality Framework with the right of Free Will Expression, Source
implicitly risked the consequences of expressions inorganic to the organic
Divine Blueprint. In doing so, and with the full cognition and agreement of all
individuated manifest expression, Source provided for a cyclical mechanism by
which evolutionary and species balance would be naturally and lovingly
maintained, as an organic, non-judgmental expression of the fundamental Laws of
Source-Creation. This implies that Source provided for the possibility of a
critical mass development of inorganic energetic accretion, within the reality
framework, that would or could risk the fundamental destabilization of the
experiential Universes as well as the Creation Framework itself.

The common link between all species and this cyclical pattern of renewal is the
critical link between Primal Life Force Currents and the condition of the
structural templates which connect, and support, the energetic architecture all
life forms. If the condition of the templates contains an imbalance of inorganic
structure and accreted detritus (true karma) then the templates cannot hold the
frequency infusions which flow through Peak Cycles, such as the one approaching
in 2012-17. And so, many humans and other life forms are unlikely to be able to
successfully participate in the forthcoming evolutionary leap. As the FT's
reveal, there is a very sad and immense irony associated with the present human
condition that is embedded in the heart of the evolutionary leap unfolding at
this time. This is because humans, and especially those that hold an Angelic
Human or Indigo DNA Silicate Matrix, were originally created, and have continued
to incarnate, as a healing force within this Cosmic karmic scenario. Angelic
Humans were created as a Guardian Race, to facilitate healing on many levels
and, literally, in terms of this irrevocable Stellar Activation Cycle ("SAC"),
which is what the 2012-17 Peak Cycle is properly termed.

As representatives of Source preferences, and by virtue of the special nature of
their genetic composition and co-creative potentials, the Indigo's and their
extended Angelic Human Race Line Families have represented a major obstacle to
those races who preferred to follow an inorganic agenda. Consequently, and as a
result of the loving innocence of the Healer races, these races encountered
progressive genetic mutation, and sometimes total extinction, as a result of
their attempted healing interactions with other races across a period of many
billions of years. The technical aspects of the FT's explain what such DNA
mutation looks and feels like, what to do to heal that at Core Template Level,
and how that process is inextricably connected to Earth Grids, its resident life
forms, and other key locations, such as Star Gates and Crystal Temples, within
Universal structure.

You may, perhaps, understand the basic (!) scope of the FT's a little better
now, and you might understand, also, that our use of certain words like
`spiritual potency', `practicality', `empowerment' and `maturity' carry a very
special, as well as deeply genuine, connotation. These characteristics are
important in terms of the task which forms the embodiment of our purpose. The
current Cyclical Peak ("SAC") presupposes our focus on the absolute necessity of
"realigning" the sub-atomic elements of our personal bio-energetic fields, and
thereby achieving significant restoration of the organic condition of our DNA
templates, spin condition of local and extended Merkaba fields, Crystal Body
restoration, as well as other key elements of our multi-dimensional anatomy…
and, therefore, the corresponding elements of Planet Earth. It is only in this
way that we are once again enabled to assume progressive co-resonant
participation, and all that that implies, with the increasingly intense flow of
Primal Life Force Currents moving through Earth crust and core, or emanating as
Solar Frequencies, as these frequencies drive the mechanism of the forthcoming,
and now irrevocable, evolutionary leap.

"Indigo Children" and "Angelic Humans" were created specifically with precise
organic abilities to assist in the healing processes represented by the scenario
I have introduced here, as embodied within the Original Divine Blueprint, and
thus the Original Law of One. We uniquely share the intrinsic genetic capacity
to do so. We share a genetic responsibility, as well as certain "high
agreements" (Contracts), to represent `millions' of races and `billions' of life
forms from our "pre-destined" and special location here on Earth. Together with
the Eieyani of Inner Earth we respectfully invite you to consider in more detail
what the FT's have to share. We hope that you will find sufficient
encouragement, in what I have tried to explain so very briefly, to take a step
beyond what you think you know, toward the Guardian birthright that awaits ...
clicking the button below is the doorway to our collective World of Wonder,
Self-restoration and Divine Right Expression.

We honor your courage and welcome you with open arms.


[ The Freedom Teachings are also known or referred to as: MCEO Teachings;
'Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order'; 'Voyagers'; 'Guardian Alliance';
'Inter-dimensional Association of Free Worlds'; 'Azurites'; 'Indigo's / Indigo
Children; 'The Law of One'; 'Kathara Healing'; 'Keylontic Science'; `the
Eieyani' amongst others ...]