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28th June 2010, 03:38
Documentary on Crop Circle made in 2009. Truly well made and interesting. "An invitation to think differently".

I didn't know where to put it, so I've chosen the general discussion section...

Enjoy ;)


Namaste, Steven

28th June 2010, 04:27
Excellent link. I'm looking forward to having enough free time to watch it.

29th June 2010, 00:11
You will enjoy it all 1984. Here is another very good documentary on the phenomena: "What on Earth? By Suzanne Taylor"

Link to the official website is here: http://www.whatonearththemovie.com/flash/#/intro

The dvd is 25$, but its worth every "centimes".

By the way, Bill, if you are here, an interview with Suzanne Taylor would be just awesome.

Namaste, Steven

29th June 2010, 01:06
Great Steven! Thank you.

29th June 2010, 11:41
You're welcome Caren! To me, the Crop Circle phenomena is one of the most inspiring and unavoidable evidence on Earth.

Namaste, Steven